5 Powerful Laws to Achieve Anything You Want Faster


An individual’s speed at learning can determine the kind of life s/he lives. Anyone has a goal, have you imagine yourself achieving that goal you have longed wanted in just a matter of months instead of years. The key in achieving this is to learn how to do it and how to do it fast. There are countless researchers and experts have shown the public that it is possible to learn anything at an average and expected time. It is just a matter of following your framework; just make sure that it is a right and correct framework. I am not promising you that when you perfect this powerful law, a miracle will set in. There is no hard and fast rule in achieving something, especially in a fast pace. You always need to put in your effort, sweat, and work. Apply the learning process each and every day of your life.


Prime Your Mind


In learning, it is always best to start with your mind. It’s just like you have to warm up before your intense workout. You can do physical workout. Studies show that a 15 minute session everyday can help improve cognitive and memory functions in your brain. Since time immemorial, you always have to complement your exercise with a lot of water intake. Once you perform an intense exercise, drinking a lot of water is really recommended in order to increase your reaction time, overall mental function, and responsiveness.


You can also try meditation. Since it helps the mind rejuvenate, refreshes, as well as, clear the thinking process of your brain, it will allow you to reduce anxiety, sharpen your mind to learn fast, and even become more creative.


Model From The Top


No matter how successful you are there will always be someone who has achieved what you want despite of what you now have. Look for mentors or coaches who can help you learn more and fast. There are dozens of them; you just have to look for the right one.


Put In The Work


After you have properly prim your mind and found the best mentor or coach, putting in the work is the next step. This is a crucial part on how to achieve anything you want. Your determination will not matter nor will it bring you near in attaining your goals if you don’t put in the work. Nothing is easy nowadays. If ever you got or attained something the easy way, I’m sure that sooner or later, it will all fade away if you don’t put in the work. Just see to it that you are doing your best in order to attain your goal.




You can also try on experimenting new ideas so that you will be able to know whether or not there is still out there that can help you improve more. There will come a time that certain acts or events will go against what you believe in. It is important to know whether it will do you any good or not.




This is also one of the powerful laws in order to achieve anything. As what was said before, if you got something the easy way, without any persistence to work your ass off, sooner or later it will just disappear. Just bear in mind that quitting, procrastinating, and worrying will do you NO good.






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