How To Become A DJ

Are you in to music? Do you love mixing different songs and making a whole new remix? If yes, you should try becoming a DJ. People say that the more you love your job, the more you become successful. So why not engage yourself in something that interests you. Strive to become a famous DJ and make the night of every individual who goes out at night for fun.  But before jumping into something, it is always best to know what it is, how it is driven, and what are the things needed to be a successful DJ.


DJ is an abbreviation for the word “Disk Jockey”. The person who usually mixes recorded songs or music for the crowd in a club or just a simple gathering is a DJ. This title normally connotes to their profession and the kind of music they play.

What Do DJs Do?

The most famous DJs are those who are normally playing in the nightclubs, bars, and other disco places. Each bar or club has a distinct feel, audience, and reputation wherein it would also mean that these areas would vary depending on the type of musical selection being played in that area. Most of the time, the core job of the club DJ is to keep the dance floor full with people having fun and enjoying the beats.


There are radio DJs who normally introduce and plays the music which are broadcast on FM, AM, internet, or digital radio stations.

Also, there is this so called Mobile DJs. They are the type of DJs who travel with a portable sound system and plays different recorded songs or music at several events.

Determination And Experimentation

Bear in mind that in every dream, it is important to know why you want to achieve that dream. There can be a whole lot of reasons why you wanted to become a DJ. Be honest with yourself and determine the reason why you want this. Never hide under your comfort zone. Just explore your environment and test your limits.


If the only reason on why you wanted to become a DJ is to have a lucrative income or you want to be famous, then this will not work for you. Being a DJ is a tough job, you have to learn how to mix the music and blend it with other sounds to make a perfect piece. You need to discover something that can hold your dream in place because this is very important when things go rough.


Since a lot of people are in to music nowadays, you have to test your limits and stand out from the rest. Standing out from the crowd is a very big challenge. Thus, it is important that you have to love what you are doing, if not, it will only give you an instant feel.

You also need to get your brains, hands, and ears working. Try looking for the perfect software. Do not buy an expensive one, try the free versions first and when you start to like it, purchase the whole software.

Some of the famous and recommended software for the beginners is the Virtual DJ Home, Mixxx, and Traktor Pro 2 and it is also recommended to gain some sound mastering experience. The Virtual DJ is free and can be a very functional piece for beginners. It can support a lot of decks that you want and also includes whistles and bells. Mixxx is also another perfect option and can give you a friendly taste of what a DJ feels like. It can support time code control, it is well-featured, and has an open-source feature. The Traktor Pro 2 can also be your personal choice when you want to become a DJ. Although it does not have a free version, it can provide for a free and a very functional demo. It has the perfect quantization, syncing, and effects.


It is also important to learn the basic skills when aspiring to become a DJ. You need to learn how to mix, EQ, phrase, beatmatch, and prep.

In beatmatching, you need to be able to mix 2 tracks that you are playing in order to create a single tempo and phase. It can help tune or develop your ears in order for you to know what to listen to. On the other hand, phrasing needs to be perfect. You need to mix your tracks in a single point which can make music with more sense.


EQ is short for equalizing. This is the dropping or the boosting of frequencies in order for the tracks to be combined in one piece. Try to look for training videos in order to help you improve skills.

The perspective of choosing to become a DJ is very appealing in a whole lot of reasons. You can be free to do something you want, you are performing something you love, it will not bore you, it may be lucrative at some point, and other reasons that can make you feel alive. Being a DJ is sometimes a tough job but, as long as, you are doing something you love, you won’t have to compel yourself in doing something you don’t love.


Genius And Crazy Goes Together

Most of the world’s greatest geniuses are at times crazy. Most of them act strange and unnatural than other human beings act. These scientists even have personalities or characteristics that can be attributed to why and how they become geniuses.


For some time, people see craziness as it is, but some people see this craziness as one of the factors that a certain person will soon become a genius. Dr. Alfred Barrios even mentioned that most people have this wrong notion that geniuses are born and not made, when in fact, these traits of geniuses is developed through the years.


Characteristics Of Geniuses

Dr. Barrios listed down some of the characteristics which are common to geniuses.  Below are the few known characteristics.


  1. Drive – they all have a strong desire to achieve their dreams by working their asses off for a very long time. They are willing to give everything they have just to fulfill their dreams.
  2. Courage – in every aspect of life, it is always important to consider something that is impossible. This trait makes a genius the way he is. He tries to do something extraordinary and disregards what people thinks.
  3. Devoted to their goals – Geniuses have a good grasp on what they want and when they have a plan, they go after it with all they’ve got. Just like the characteristic of a driven person, they control their lives and follow their schedules.
  4. Knowledge – They never stopped learning. Every second and every minute they find something new to learn that will contribute to their success.
  5. Optimism – Every genius is optimistic. No matter how much they fail, they still find a way to make it better. Focus is their best asset in achieving their dreams.
  6. Ability to judge – They don’t judge something until they have thoroughly understood the reason why it became like that or why it resulted to this effect. Possessing an open mind in order to evaluate things is something to be admired of.
  7. Chance taker – Geniuses take their chances. They love to risk just to get what they want. A person should never be afraid to take chances as long as in the end, he will learn from his mistakes.
  8. Persuasion – Although some do not possess this characteristic, most geniuses do. It helps them get ahead of everything else. Believe in what you are trying to achieve and persuasion will be a piece of cake.
  9. Patience – Expecting more of yourself in doing something you want is one thing, but being patient with others is another. Geniuses have so much patience and because of this trait, they are able to attain their desired dreams.
  10. Curiosity – this is another trait wherein most people have but normally do not bother to push through it. Geniuses have this trait, the only difference from normal human beings is that they find a way to satisfy their curiosity.

Crazy And Genius People


Pythagoras, the famous Greek mathematician and the one who discovered the Pythagorean theorem, has crazy ideas which has not flourished through the years. He had this philosophy of vegetarianism, but prohibiting the eating of beans.

250px-Tycho_BraheTycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer and known for his eccentric death and life, lost his nose when he had a duel in his college years. He loves to party and would normally show his guest a tamed elk and a dwarf named “Jepp”. During his party, he even insisted to stay on the table when he needed to urinate because according to him, leaving the table is a sign of bad etiquette.

220px-Tesla_circa_1890Nikola Tesla has an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). He also became obsessed of the number “3”. He usually walks around the structure or building 3 times before he enters it. Also, he would normally use exactly 18 napkins right after he finishes his meal until the utensils are sparkly clean.

220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild183-R57262,_Werner_HeisenbergWerner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist and the one responsible for the quantum mechanics, nearly failed his doctoral exam due to his the lack expertise in experimental techniques. There was even a time where his professor asked him on the matter on how a battery works, he did not even have an idea.

240px-JROppenheimer-LosAlamosRobert Oppenheimer, a physicist and fluent in 8 languages, have problems in comprehending the limitations of people that surrounds him.


Buckminster Fuller, the one who created the geodesic dome, wore 3 watches just to tell him the several time zones while crossing the globe. He updates his diary every 15-minute interval just to make sure.

Scientists are crazy most of the time, but without their craziness what would the world be like? It is something to have the courage to show the world that you are different. Pursuing your dreams in a crazy way is something that should not be ashamed of. It is better to be crazy and to achieve your dreams rather than being normal and do nothing to make your life better.

Juicing Is Dead, Smoothies Are Back

Juicing or smoothie, which is which? Ever wondering which is healthier between the two? If you don’t have any thorough understanding of the advantages of both juicing and smoothies, you will think that the two are just similar and both have similar effects. But, nowadays, studies show that smoothies are healthier than just getting the juice out of the fruits or vegetables.


Pros And Cons Of Juicing


The process of extracting the nutrients and water out of the fruits and vegetables is called juicing. It also discards the fiber, which is indigestible to some people. Your body does not have to digest harder than the usual in order to absorb the nutrients or break down the food. It makes the food and other nutrients from the fruits and vegetables available to your body. Juicing is very helpful to those who have a digestive system which is very sensitive or undergoing an illness or disorder.


Also, the freshly juiced vegetables contribute to the detoxification and healing program because the nutrients found in these products are very nourished, rich, and can restore the cellular level of the body.

The drawbacks in juicing are: it can increase your sugar level and juices have neither fiber nor protein.

Pros And Cons Of Smoothies

Smoothies, unlike juices, consist of the entire fruit and vegetable. The skin and the fibers found in the vegetables and fruits are also included which makes it hard for those who have a sensitive digestive system. Another drawback is that smoothies are not normally made with vegetables, only fruits with high-fiber content. However, this process is healthier than juicing because it contains the complete nutrition that can be found in certain fruits and vegetables.


It is faster to make compared to juicing. You don’t have to peel off the skin of the fruits and vegetables; you just have to put it directly in the blender. Because of the fiber in your smoothies, the volume of the drink will increase.

In making a smoothie, aside from retaining the fiber in your fruits and vegetable, you can also add omega-3 fatty acids which are heart-healthy and other beneficial fiber. For a more nutritious smoothie, try to mix your fruits with other vegetables, which can complement your drink. You can even maintain your weight and help lose some of the excess fat because smoothies are heavier that juices and, thus, makes you satisfied until your next scheduled meal.


In the last few years, there was quite a huge trend in the juicing industry because the wellness communities prefer it that way. But it turned out that fruits and vegetables must be eaten as a whole and not just its juices. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are far more nutritious than those being juiced. When you make a smoothie, you get a lot of nutrients, vitamins and fiber that you miss on juicing. Thus, it is just the right time to sell your juicer and get yourself a good blender to spice up your healthy meals.

Meditation as a way for peace

We live in an increasingly digital world. Our phones can not only call people, but they can also play music, movies and games. Schools are replacing blackboards with computer screens and we now have the ability to rewind, pause and fast forward through shows on TV. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and stress levels are increasing. But there is something we can do to put the brakes on our hectic lives and replenish ourselves emotionally. Meditation.


Meditation can look different for different people, and not everyone will meditate the same way. Some people like to meditate at home, in absolute silence or with gentle music playing. Other like to go out into nature, sit under a tree and listen to the singing of the birds. Whatever your method for meditating, there are some key benefits that you might or might not notice.

Decreased blood pressure

Stress can increase your blood pressure, making your heart beat harder, faster and sometimes irregularly. Anxiety, a constant worry about situations, can also increase your blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to problems like heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease. Meditation causes you to focus on your breathing, slowing down your heart and lowering your blood pressure.


Decreased pain

Anyone can tell you, after a long stressful day at the office your neck muscles are usually sore, your back might feel stiff and there’s the possibility you might also have a headache. Meditation can help alleviate all these problems. Tension can cause all sorts of issues in your body, from ulcers and insomnia to anxiety attacks and tension headaches. When you meditate you practice relaxing your muscles, letting go of tension and allowing your body to align naturally, without forcing it into a certain position. This alleviates the stress that accumulates in your muscles and joints, helping you to feel better.


Improved mood

Meditation increases the production of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a chemical substance that is responsible for regulating the transmission of nerve impulses from your brain to the body and back. It not only regulates how you perceive pain, but also affects your mood. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, anxiety and increased irritability, making day-to-day interactions difficult and aggravating. An increase in serotonin will make you feel more at peace with yourself, will improve your relationships with others and give you a brighter outlook on life.


Increased mental capacity

Far from being a mentally passive activity, meditation actively engages your brain while you focus on your breathing, your heart beat and relaxing your muscles. This type of mental exercise can help to sharpen memory, increase concentration and even stimulate intelligence.

There are countless benefits to meditation and you don’t need to be a secluded monk to benefit from them. Even if you’ve never done it before, just find a quiet spot where you can be alone with your thoughts, let go of all the problems and worries that have been building up during the day and just say Om.

Can 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Change Your Life?

Is it a myth or fact that this many glasses of water can make you healthier? There is a difference between quenching your thirst and drowning your cells in an over-abundance of water. Yes, there is indeed such a thing. First, let us look at the facts…


  • If you have a speedy metabolism – either you are young and your active cells burn energy more efficiently or you just have the right genes that keep things going for you – you will need more water than those with lower metabolic rates.
  • Hotter equatorial climes see people in need of more water in their system than those living in cold, cool, or snow-ridden areas. Whether you feel thirsty or not, your body uses more water to compensate for hotter climes anyway.
  • Water is a fluid and it can be found in foods as well. Yogurt, ice cream, apples and other fruits, all contain water and add to its content in your system.
  • A heavier more obese person needs extra water than a lighter slimmer person. In fact, even if you are bulked up on muscle you are still technically bigger than the average person is and your cells therefore need more water.
  • How much activity is you involved in everyday? For instance, if you happen to take long walks thrice a week you will require less water than someone who runs two miles a day. The more strenuous the activity, the more water intake is required.


Wat-er Fact!

  • Gulping slows you down. You can best see this in marathons where sips of water are leagues more effective than downing a large amount in a few seconds. Over-drinking water can result in Hyponatremia, further resulting in nausea, lethargy, headache, confusion, even seizures; these are all rare, though, so not to worry.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not the same as bona fide water. The former quickly passes through your system and exits through urination. The latter lingers on for much longer, needless to say the health benefits are light years better with good water than good alcohol.
  • On a slightly similar note, flavored water is good for you. Adding natural citrus extracts, or other fruit flavors, or even cucumber extracts make for a healthy drink of water.

So, 8 Glasses Or No 8 Glasses?

Whether it is sweating, urinating, bowel movements, or even breathing your body loses water in these and other ways. Replenishing its natural store keeps your body functioning at optimum levels.


According to an ace study conducted by the Institute of Medicine, using all the simple facts you learned above and some complicated ones…

  • The adequate intake (AI) of water for men is approximately 13 cups (or 3 liters) of water a day.
  • The adequate intake (AI) of water for women is approximately 9 cups (or 2.2 liters) of water a day.


The common consensus has been to drink ‘eight 8-ounce glasses of water’ each day. This is just a memory-trick to remember the number of glasses to drink (8-8) but at 1.9 liters it is not much different from the Institute’s recommendation.

The main change you need to make in your water intake is to change the word ‘water’ to ‘fluid’. As you learned above, water is found in plenty of diverse sources. If you get enough of them in you everyday you can honestly look forward to a healthier future.

Eat Your Broccoli—Your Body Will Thank You

Your mother was right: you’ll eat your broccoli if you know what’s good for you. Broccoli is one of the most nutritious foods you could possibly choose to eat.


Vitamins and Minerals Powerhouse

The cruciferous vegetable is an absolute powerhouse of vitamins and minerals—just one cup of broccoli contains the recommended daily amount of vitamin C needed to prevent colds, repair muscle tissue, and protect against heart disease. Broccoli’s beta-carotene, zinc, and selenium provide additional immune support. Your bones and brain will also benefit from broccoli: one serving of broccoli is packed with as much calcium as is found in a glass of milk—enough to help to keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. In addition, the potassium contained in broccoli is necessary if you want your brain and nervous system to function optimally. If these benefits weren’t enough, broccoli also contains a carotenoid called lutein, which helps to prevent both macular degeneration and thickening arteries. Meanwhile, the  vitamin B6 also found in broccoli benefits your reduces your risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

The beauty Factor

Broccoli can even provide you with a beauty boost, as the antioxidant it contains (glucoraphanin) helps to protect, detox, and repair your skin after free radical exposure. With its high fiber content, broccoli also aids in digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, and curbs over-eating—it can even help you with your weight loss goals!


Need some more?

Still not convinced of broccoli’s superfood status? The selenium found in broccoli helps to ward off not only colds, but cancer too. In fact, broccoli is one of the most effective foods in the fight against cancer. Sulforaphane—found abundantly in broccoli—reduces your risk of cancer by drastically increasing the activation of certain detoxifying enzymes in the liver. Broccoli even fights existing cancers: sulforaphane has the power to selectively target and destroy cancer cells while leaving normal cells entirely intact. Studies have shown that the cancerous tumors of those who eat diets high in sulforaphane grow significantly more slowly than the tumors of those who had no sulforaphane in their diets. Broccoli is so powerful in the fight against cancer that you don’t even need to eat that much of it to notice its powerful effects—a few sprouts per day is enough. Emily Ho, associate professor of Exercise Science at Ohio State University, calls the compound found in broccoli “one of the strongest cancer fighters we have.”


Consuming a full serving of broccoli at least two or three times per week is guaranteed to improve your overall health. Try to choose fresh broccoli instead of frozen whenever possible, as broccoli’s sulforaphane-forming enzymes can be destroyed during the freezing process. Overcooking your broccoli also can destroy these enzymes, but this doesn’t mean you have to eat it raw. If you prefer your broccoli cooked, steam it for no more than four minutes in order to ensure that you enjoy all of its nutritious benefits in full.

The Great Plastic Removal Program – Time To Clean The Oceans

We are taking back the world and making it clean. Whoever dirtied it to begin with is probably also helping because with a movement these grand chances are the whole world is going to catch the wave of change.


The Mind Unleashed has reported on a 2016 plan to clean up the oceans, all oceans everywhere, of plastic. Synthetic debris (aka plastic, weighing in at 269,000 tons, estimates say that is 5.25 trillion plastic pieces) is one of the top three reasons to support the fact that we are slowly killing the planet we call home.

  • As ironic and counterproductive as that deed should have sounded back before the pollution began, it is time to look forward to global change and on a large scale too.
  • Any debilitating change to the oceans means a change in climate and increase in natural disaster rates. This certainly affects us but not before a good number of sea life is drastically hurt in the process. 1,000,000 marine mammals, including a solid 100,000 sea turtles, are being affected by plastic; not to mention plant life under the waters that will sooner or later be subject to the taint of plastic.
  • If these species go extinct, and they will at the current pollution rate, whole ecosystems that depend on them can blip out and thereby result in a wave of negative natural change.
  • A few years ago an ingenious teenager designed an ocean cleanup array. From 19 to his current 21 years of age, Boyan Slat stands proudly at the helm of his own company. The Dutch-registered nonprofit organization called The Ocean Cleanup has announced their plans for 2016.
  • It will begin off the coast of Tsushima, an island between South Korea and Japan, where one of the biggest ocean plastic dumps have been found.
  • Slat’s system is a floatation structure of 2000 meters (the longest in history) and it will literally sweep the ocean clean of plastic.
  • Estimated to operate for 2 years from start-date, this anchored interlinked network of floating barriers is going to rely on the ocean’s own currents to help fuel its movements and collect all synthetic debris on the surface.
  • Once collected, a processing system is waiting to recycle all that harmful waste safely.
  • 5 years from then The Ocean Cleanup plans to use a 100-kilometer long system after the same design and introduce it to the waters between Hawaii and California.

Boyan Slat himself said it best: “Taking care of the world’s ocean garbage problem is one of the largest environmental challenges humankind faces today. Not only will this first cleanup array contribute to cleaner waters and coasts but it simultaneously is an essential step towards our goal of cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.



This is the plan set in concrete and ready to go. How are they certain it will work? Detailed computer modeling has shown ample proof of success. What Mr. Slat has dubbed the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is being cleaned up one-way or other. In less than 10 years, history is going to be made as plastics accumulated for decades longer are going to finally be taken out, making the Earth a safer more livable planet for us and the generations to come.