Make Every Vacation Count: How You Can Travel Around The World Without Quitting Your Job

Quitting your job has negative consequences for anyone, but people with families suffer the most. You can’t just pack up and go see the world without a dime in your pocket. What about your children, your spouse? Are you willing to take them with you?


The kids can’t just „quit” school. Besides, maybe your spouse wants to have a career and has no desire to wander the world without any money sleeping where you can and eating what you can find.

So, you can’t quit your job and go unless you have lots of money or you are responsible only for yourself. If any other souls are involved, it just can’t be done if you are being rational. Does this mean you will never get to travel because you don’t have the necessary time? Absolutely not.

There are plenty of people working a full time job who have seen more countries in a year that you have seen in your entire life. Let’s see how all of this is possible.

3-day weekends

These are your escape ticket. Whenever you get 3 days in a row off, take advantage of it and hit the road. Choose 1, 2 cities at most. Otherwise you will spend most of your time in a plane or car instead of enjoying the beauty of the places that you want to visit.

Make the most out of business trips

If your job requires you to travel, you are a lucky man (or woman). Still, the tight schedule might not allow you to visit the surroundings much. In this case, take an extra day if possible or benefit from nights.

Most big cities are very lively at night and it can be a truly rewarding experience to know them when the sun sets. The advantage is that you are no longer on the job and you can drink how much you want. Let yourself have some fun!

Travel off-season

This is particularly important for people who can’t afford the costs of high season traveling. Who wants to deal with big crowds anyway? If you travel off-season you will pay less for transport, accommodation, restaurants, touristic attractions etc. Many businesses make their prices according to how many people visit that location.

If you don’t like the winter for traveling, you could try the shoulder season. This is the time between high season and off season periods. For example, mid-November is a great time to pack your bags and go. It’s not as cold as in the winter and the crowds of summer have long gone home.

Responsible budgeting

Ask yourself this: how important is traveling for you? If you were on the verge of quitting your job just to see the world, it’s very very important that you travel. So, take appropriate action.

Every month put a certain sum aside just for this. Set a specific goal like “I want to go to Paris this winter.” Calculate the costs and split them on the remaining months. Then, save a specific sum each month and don’t go off your goal.

Another idea is to combine your love for traveling with kicking a bad habit like smoking or eating sweets and beverages. Every time you feel the need to smoke put $20 into your travel account. Every time you smoke punish yourself by saving $40. Remember that this is on top of the sum that you said you will save each month for your upcoming trip.

So, there is no big secret on how to travel while keeping a job. It’s about careful planning and the ability to stick to your plan.


Dog Lovers Understand These Things When Their Dog Passes Away

Losing a dog affects a dog lover in so many ways. The feeling of losing a dog is just like losing someone in your life. Thinking of all those memories you have spent with each other will always break your heart. You will no longer have your daily routine of cuddling your dog while you are watching the television and talking in the room even though there is no one in your place. What is important is that you have memories to cherish and you can find comfort because you know that your dog’s life has been worth it.


Below are just some of the things that only dog lovers can understand when their best pal pass away.


For some individuals, having a funeral for your pet is unnecessary and irrelevant. But, you know in yourself that it will help provide peace and closure. In having the right closure when your pet dies, it is crucial that you should give your best pal a proper ceremony and invite only individuals who can relate to your grief. During the funeral, you can even share all the good memories you had about your dog. It is also noteworthy that you must ignore all the feedbacks or comments of individuals who cannot relate to your grief.

Grieving Without Being Recognized

Disenfranchised grief is usually what others say when you grieve over your dead pet. This kind of loss is often not recognized by most individuals, especially when they don’t have a pet at home. Your loss when it comes to your dog’s death is not something that every individual can relate with. It is best not to mourn over your pet in the public because some will just even laugh at you. Only few people can understand that losing your dog is somehow likened to losing someone in your life because of the attachment you had.

Daily Routine And Special Days

Despite of the loss you experience, you know that you still have to keep up with your daily routine especially when you have other pets. It might be hard to go for a walk without your pal, but you know that it is essential to keep your daily routine going.

Also, you know that you have to celebrate on special days even if your pal is no longer by your side. It is always important not to forget the special days.

Getting Rid

You know that it is important you should get rid of any objects or toys that will remind you. Just keep the photographs of you and your dog in a box and hide it under your bed so that you will have something to remind you whenever you want to feel your pals’ presence. You have to get rid of your dog’s chew toy because it will only remind you every single day.

No Replacement

Whether you get a new dog or not, you will always know that a new dog can never serve as an alternative nor will it replace your pal. Although a new dog can bring a new start and can bring joy, you will always have a thought in your mind that your old dog can never be replaced.

Support Groups Help

Although only a few people know that there are pet loss support groups, you know in yourself that it will greatly help you overcome that feeling of losing your dog. There are animal rescue organizations that offer different meetings without any charge in order to cater every pet lover who have experienced loss.


Just like when someone loses a friend or a family member, guilt will always be present. You will think of the different time you were not able to do during the last days of your dog. The regrets that you have will be rushing in your thoughts.

8 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Your Terrible Bosses

If you had the “pleasure” to be employed, you most likely had some pretty bad bosses by now. While they made our life a living hell, they also set negative examples. At least we know how not to act when we are in a position of power. We will now reveal 8 lessons about leadership that will make you a better boss, moreover, a better human being.


Keep your promises

If you promise that everyone will get a bonus this Christmas, make sure this becomes reality. Be truthful to your words and you will gain the respect of your employees. Otherwise, you will be target of their negative feelings.

Pay attention to your employees concerns

Few things are worse than working for someone who doesn’t care about what you think. If employees are complaining about the broken radiator, call someone to fix it. If they say more personnel are needed to accommodate the work volume, don’t ignore them. If you know how to listen, you will be aware of the company’s problems so that you take appropriate action.

Don’t abuse your power

A boss that abuses his power is pretty much hated by his employees. Favoring one employee over another, not paying the salaries on time, and making salary cuts while increasing workload just for the sake of profit is wrong, not to mention illegal. Use your power to ensure a productive work environment because happy employees are at the basis of most big companies.

Be the change you want to see in others

If you preach dedication while you go home early, you are not setting an example. You will be taken as someone who sees the wrong in others but not in himself. If you want your employees to be punctual, be punctual yourself. If you want them to abide to deadlines, don’t be late with their paychecks. This is the way things work.

Teach employees to never settle

The purpose is not to keep your employees at the same level. The goal is to make them evolve. It is ideal if the company is able to support the costs of continuous training courses. Also, if you have an overqualified employee, encourage him to find a job suitable for his training and abilities. That man will not forget your advice.

Show appreciation

Let your employees know when they did a good job. If the success is really big, give him a bonus or a raise. Also, make sure to reward your senior employees with a promotion. Don’t outsource managing posts from the outside.


Micromanagement will kill your business and will take you to burnout fast. Why did you hire people if you are going to do everything yourself or if you plan on checking everybody’s work? You must be able to trust their abilities to do their job well.

Don’t tolerate misconduct

Misconducts at the workplace tensions work relationships and can diminish the overall productivity. If you close your eyes to things like discrimination, harassment and abuse, your company will suffer.

How to Email Busy Bloggers and Get Response

It is a daunting challenge to become known as a blogger. There are millions of bloggers out there about whom nobody has ever heard. Why? Because they did something wrong. If you want to slowly build your audience, don’t make the same mistakes they did and let us show you how to convince other bloggers to link to your own blog. Get ready to send lots of emails if you want some positive answers.


Build a rapport

In order to gain exposure you must reach to famous bloggers in your niche. If the blogger is good, there will be many other people just like you trying to catch his attention begging for a link or a chance to write a guest post. There will be hundreds of emails daily in their inbox. If you were a busy blogger, what would you do with all these emails? Yes, you are right, you would ignore most of them.

But, think about this. If you skim through the emails that you received and you suddenly see a familiar name, what do you do? You are suddenly curious to see what’s inside. This is the key to getting a response from busy bloggers. You have to make them know you. It’s much easier to get an answer from someone you know than from a stranger.

Start small but think big

Don’t suddenly ask bloggers to let you guest post. They have no idea who you are and what kind of content you write. Therefore, start by asking for a tweet or Facebook like if they enjoyed your content. Make sure to include a link to your post in the email.

If you manage to get a tweet, next time ask for a Facebook share or for his opinion. Pose as a big fan who tries to become as good as his idol and ask for a sincere opinion about your article. You gain two things: one, you get feedback from a professional blogger, and two, he will definitely remember who you are.

And last, ask for a link or for the chance to leave a guest post on his blog. Make sure to attach the article to your email so that he can see what you want to post.

What do bloggers love?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make them open your email. First, keep subject lines short and interesting without sounding like you want to sell something. Don’t use capital letters because this doesn’t help you, it actually turns them off. Personalize the subject line by using names and keep it under 60 characters.

Start your email with a simple Hi <name of the blogger>. If you address people by their names it is easier to build a rapport. Always use a call to action at the end of your email. Be friendly and try to make it sound like there is a win-win situation. If the blogger gets something in return (probably money), he will be more inclined to listen to you.

12 Tips for Navigating Chrome Like a Boss

One of the commonly used web browsers around the globe is by far Google Chrome. Huge numbers of individuals use this web browser for work, past time, or other purposes. Just like any other routine, you are performing in your day-to-day life, knowledge on how to navigate Google Chrome will help you be more productive and it will make it easier for you. Below are the 12 tricks that will help you navigate Google Chrome easier and productive.


Image Browser

Few people know that Google is also an image browser. You can simply drop or drag an image in Chrome and it will do the rest.

Tab Pinning

You need to pin your tabs for it not to occupy a lot of space in your browser.

Chrome Commands

Type chrome: //chrome-urls in your address bar so that you will be able to know the different Chrome commands to ease up your search and improve your productivity level.

Hidden Treasures Of Omnibox

The CEO of SkyChildCare offered the public a tip. You are given the option to click the star found at the upper right of the omnibox so that a bookmark list will be presented to you. You can use these bookmarks for easy access on the different websites you usually go to.


When you use Google Chrome as your default search engine, there is no longer a need for you to copy and paste the phrase you want to look into the web since you can simply highlight and drag it to omnibox.

Event Adding


With the use of Google Calendar, you can add the different events so that you can keep track of it.

Tab Browsing

You can simply click ctrl+Tab if you want to browse the web through the different tabs. There are no restrictions and this process can be repeated a lot of times.

Task Manager

In using Google Chrome, make sure that you will be using the task manager so that you will have the option to stop any process you are doing in order to save that precious memory of yours.

Tab Organizing

You can simply move you tabs by clicking CTRL and dragging a single tab to wherever you want it to be. You can even create desktop shortcuts by just going to “Tools” and look for “Create application shortcuts”.

Omnibox Unit Converter

Unit conversions may be performed with the use of the omnibox unit converter without even switching your way into Google search. You can simply type “1000 meters =” and the omnibox unit converter will give you the suggested conversion rate.

Omnibox Calculator

Aside from the converter, omnibox also have a calculator that will help you calculate any problem that goes your way. The browser has the capability of solving math problems as fast as your handy calculator. But, the rick can only work when Google is your default search engine.

Accident Tab Closing

If you ever close a tab accidentally, you don’t have to worry. You can simply press Ctrl-Shift-T in order to access the tab you accidentally closed. Another way to reopen your accidentally closed tab is to right click on the title bar and simply select the option on “reopen closed tab”.

5 Unexpected Ways SEO + Web Design Can Give You Better Results

Most bloggers and website owners invest a lot of money in web design and SEO hoping that they will significantly improve their revenues and exposure. We are going to reveal the 5 goals to keep in mind when you want to improve these parts of your website.


Better communication between the two teams

The ones responsible for web design and the ones who take care of SEO have to always communicate because these two fields heavily influence each other. Some web design elements can improve or worsen SEO. If you make changes to the HTML and CSS code, you impact how the search engine spider crawls your website to index it. SEO friendly web design is mandatory if you want to improve your SERPs.

Improve page loading time

If a page takes too much to load, it’s sign you have to change something about its design. You might have put too many files that load slowly or you might have used images with very high resolution. Although high resolution elements look great on the page, it makes it load slower. Google announced that page loading time is taken into account by their algorithm, so be careful about this matter.

Be relevant

Staying on topic and using relevant keywords are essential for search engine optimization. However, don’t fill the entire page with keywords especially if they are not relevant to your content. Let’s put it this way. If you have a coffee shop, would you be interested in people who want to buy toothpaste? No, then why advertise for toothpaste when you are selling coffee? It is a total waste of time and money.

Emphasize the most important things

You should make sure that the visitor sees the most important piece of information first. If you fail to do so, failure awaits you around the corner. The above the fold section should be occupied with very important info such as calls to action, discounts and promotions, subscribe forms, basically anything that you absolutely want to tell to your client. Be careful not to give too much information though. When you display many things as being of utmost importance, you are stripping them of their meaning.

Improve technical performance

Here we are talking about broken links, redirects and the general navigation structure of your website. There is a rule saying that everything should be reachable in maximum 3 clicks. If it’s not, rethink your website structure. It is crucial to make your information available to whoever visits your website.

Broken links have a negative impact on SEO and on user experience. Users tend to get annoyed when they click a link that doesn’t work. You may also want to check if all the images are displayed correctly. An image that is supposed to be there but isn’t makes people think that the content is not up to date.

Also, take a look at your temporary redirects because they affect your SEO performance and organic search traffic.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bench Press Right Now

Monday is now popularly known to be the National Bench Press day. This only justifies the fact that bench press nowadays is very popular. If you walk right into any gym every Monday at around 5 in the afternoon, I can guarantee you that most of the bench press stations are preoccupied. While the bench press is widely known to all individuals who go to the gym to work out, it is also one of the exercises wherein people usually get it wrong. Most individuals do not even know the right execution of doing a bench press. Right execution is very important because it is only through this method that you will surely get the desired result. Here are the 5 simple yet effective ways of improving your bench press exercises.


Squeeze Your Butt

In performing a bench press exercise, the key is to give tightness to your muscles and increase the tension in your body. The tightness will help your joints because without it, your joints will move and would probably cause injury to your muscles.

This is also the reason why you need to activate your glutes and keep them in action the whole time during your exercise. Once you squeeze those glutes during your entire exercise routine, it will help in the locking of your pelvis, spine, and whole body so as to ensure a safer and better transfer of force.

Feet In Place

Another way to improve the performance of your bench press is to keep your feet in place. If you observe thoroughly those people who perform different bench press exercises in the gym, you will often see that their feet are moving and only little foot pressure is being exerted. Some people say that your whole feet must be flat on the ground, but the important thing is that you have control. Whether it is your whole feet on the ground or just your toes, it is worth remembering that it should be in place. You should give more tension to your legs when you are performing bench press.

Away You Go

In bench pressing, you must always remember that you should press your body away from the bar and not the other way around. Pressing your body away from the bar will contribute to the tightness of your muscles. This will also decrease the risk of injury and can increase stability.

Crush The Bar

When you crush the bar, what your body should do is to tighten up all your muscles, in order to have control and to avoid any risk of injury. Crushing the bar has a lot of benefits such as: it will help you tighten your muscles and it will also send signals to your brain that you need to exert more force in order to recruit more muscle fibers. It is also worth remembering that the bar should be located in the heel of your hand and not your fingers. Placement of your hand is important because it will eliminate the possibility of bending your wrist to a direction that will cause injury.

Pack And Tight

When you perform a bench press, it is crucial that you should know how to pack your shoulders. You also need to tighten them up during the exercise. A lot of people allow their shoulders to spread out and be passive across the bench by simply laying their shoulders flat. Once you do the pack and tight you will be able to acquire a stable base for you to transfer the force through the bench. When you pack your shoulders and tighten them up, you will be able to have control with your shoulder joints and avoid those joints from sliding during the exercise.