5 Sites That Offer Flat Design Icons And Logos

Over the last decade, the application of flat designs has gained much ground in the design world. Much of this can be attributed to do the special effects and beautiful interface it creates while still being simple and readable to users. This is a much desired feature by designers and developers today as opposed to skeuomorphism which embraces the use of conventional 3D in design. Flat designs are gradually replacing the crude intricate designs associated with three-dimensional elements that were in use for a very long time. In fact, the current trend these days is Flat Design; skeuomorphism is gradually fading away.

Flat designs basically refer to design patterns and styles that combine flat shapes and icons to create brilliant design effects. Instead of using the normal 3D shapes, plane figures like rectangle, circles, square, semicircle, triangles and similar 2D flat shapes are used to create designs that are void of certain elements like gradients, feathered edges, shadows, and strokes common with 3D designs. It is a well-developed concept that works without embellishment. Apart from many other applications, these designs are particularly useful in creating numerous logos and icons that are not only stylish but well adapted for websites, businesses and other needs. As earlier indicated, the flat design concept represents a more desirable choice among designers and developers. Though without any special integration of elements, flat design icons and logos work very well on websites with a well defined arrangement of flat or 2D elements to create a better interface and experience for users. The uses of these graphic tools are increasingly gaining ground.


There is a considerable number of websites that offer flat designs and logos but not all of them are really good enough for all your design needs. If you are one of those that have been looking for sites that have very interesting and beneficial flat design icons and logs offers, then this article is especially for you. It does not matter whether you are a creative graphic designer, developer or just an ordinary person looking for various ways to add more importance and value to your website, business or maybe personal needs through the use of icons or logos. Below is a collection of carefully selected websites that offer not just flat design icons and logos but with the best offers you can find around. There selection is based on their creditability and professionalism in over the past few years in either producing highly effective and unique design icons and logos or providing a platform for creative graphic designers and developers. The design logos and icons that are offered on these 5 sites can be used for so many different applications, of which the common ones include: adding vibe and color to your social media images, making your business cards more eye catching, improving the experience of visitors to your website through pop ups and menus and so much more. The following 5 sites represent some of the best sources for finding outstanding icons and logos offers.


Sample icons



Flaticon is one of the most popular sites when it comes to flat designs. They provide users with lots of designs that are not common anywhere. Their achievement so far in producing professional graphics is commendable. With over a hundred designers, they employ vector tools that can be manipulated to achieve high quality logo and icon designs. There designs are suitable for both personal and commercial use. A special feature that can be found on this site is the use of both free and premium business model, making many of their designs and resources accessible to many users, most of which are without any cost. However, when using their free resources, you will have to attribute the illustration to the company, but the premium plan allows you to use all their illustrations without having to make any attribution to them. Another wonderful feature is that their designs are subject to modification based on your need. They also allow scaling to different sizes which is very useful for anyone hoping to personalize the designs. All these can be done without altering the crispness of the design logo or icon. There resources are also available in various formats such as SVG, PSD, EPS and CSH. Some of the popular companies that make use of their flat design icons and logos are Google, Adobe, Speckyboy, Sitepoint etc. Flaticon is a website that is definitely a top player in the design world.


Flaticons website offers royalty free flat icon designs that can be integrated on your web pages seamlessly. They are basically a free icon maker. They allow you to direct your creativity into making something unique. With more than two thousand icon shapes available, you are sure to create any kind of design icon or logo suitable for your need. There are several icon categories available that can be used for many applications, and these categories include: banking, brand identity, data, education, election, gadgets, landmark, food, medical, office people, science, signs, shapes, transport, wildlife, sports, technology, networking, mobile apps, emotion, data, and so much more. It seems the list is inexhaustible. Thus this makes the website very useful especially for creative designers and developers who are looking for the best offers at no cost.


Icons8 is a resourceful site very popular among developers and designers all over the world. The website offers both free and premium business plans. The special thing about this website is that unlike many websites offering flat design logos and icons that publish designs from numerous sources, they boost of offering icons that are exclusively designed and developed by a team of four designers and five developers, thus making their designs uncommon and unique as well. That is why the company does not give away every format available, even though this has attracted some criticisms. However, they are still one of the best sources you can find that offers flat designs for your icon and logo need.


Branded as a company that cares because of their careful attention to detail, Logobee is a website that is particularly useful for meeting your logo needs. Apart from design logos, they also offer flat designs in areas such as websites design, printing design and brochure design. The company boost of a team of resourceful project coordinators that are very attentive to your design needs and specifications. A good thing about them is that their designs are not generated from template; they are all generated online on the website by a team of professional designers and developers, thereby making them a good choice especially when you desire something unique. Over the years, they have produced many professional flat logo designs much evident of their array of creative designers and artists. They currently do not offer any free business plan or model but the prices they charge are relatively fair enough compared to the creative designs that they produce.


Pixeden is a great performer in the design industry. Apart from quality flat design icons and logos offered, the website also offers very useful tools relevant to any modern day designer. They also have both premium and free packages available for users. The premium services can be assessed with just $6 a month which is very attractive. However, you will have to register as a member to gain access to various support services that can be used to modify any logo or icon design of your choice. The website is also known for its simplicity and is definitely one of the major players leading in digital graphic designs and trends.

Sample logo


Finally, it is no longer a news that flat design logo and icons have almost completely replaced their 3D counterparts, much of this being attributed to its simplicity and usability. Flat design works (especially in creating logos and icons) not only add artistic and better effects, but also come with several technical advantages. Once it comes to design logos and icons, so many trends and styles have been used and dumped due to several inconsistencies but with the introduction of flat designs. In the design world, the future of graphic design can never be better especially in their application in creating better and more effective logos and icons. The only challenge encountered most times by either ordinary users or creative designers has always been that of finding websites that offer flat design logos and icons and also provide enough resources and services to users. This is because of the growing importance and relevance of flat designs and as a result, almost everyone is bracing up to the trend and ultimately embracing the concept in meeting their design needs and sometimes that of others. In order to meet these challenges, a proper idea and understanding of various sites and the kind of flat designs they offer is necessary. The above mentioned 5 websites, for sure, will always remain a good place to start when it comes to creative works with flat design trends.


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