5 Best Free PC Tools to Protect User Data

The majority of people seems to be aware of the fact that a lot of things that they have posted online, including their personal information and data, can be discovered by companies and online service providers. This is a big dilemma for everyone that has online social media or even shopping accounts where they are required to input their full name, address, telephone number, birthday and many more in order to use the services that are provided by the aforesaid site. On one hand, they have to provide their data in order to access the service but on the other, they may not want to disclose their personal information to unknown parties.


Furthermore, companies are able to do so much more than just obtaining your personal data and information. Twitter has been found guilty of uploading their clients’ address books to their server, and apparently a lot of other companies follow every single one of your online activities to gain insights about your browsing habits and preferences. But worry no longer, because there are tools that you can use to protect your data from unwanted visitors and here are some of them:


One of the most prominent antivirus programs ever created, Avast provides so much more than just the regular virus protection. It can also be used to protect passwords as well as protecting integrated data parts. The anti virus protection that Avast provides is very important to protect your data since viruses and malwares can be used for stealing your address book contacts, your social networking sites as well as your vital personal data. Even though hackers can also hack directly to your online accounts or computer, they can also lure you into opening up a malware to provide access to your system. This way, they will get access to the names and numbers of your address book contacts, your social network logins, your credit card number, your bank account information, and many more. Installing an anti virus will also help to fix the damages made by an already opened malware in your computer, and hence it provides not only prevention but also cure that are important for your data protection.


KeePass is a free and open source application that can help you manage all the passwords that you have stored in their database. This is important because you may have numerous online accounts in different websites and social platforms, and to increase security you may give each of them different passwords. Furthermore, your password database will be protected because it can be locked with a key file or master key, and hence you will only need to remember one password that matches the key file or master key.


Even though McAfee is also known for its antivirus software in the past, it also offers data loss prevention app which protects the system data as well as different parts of data in your network from threats. It optimizes security management by way of analytics as well as real time visibility, where it also ensures compliance and anti malware functions to further provide protection for your data.


VeraCrypt is a plate encryption programming that can protect your frameworks to become insusceptible to new advancements. It works in all types of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux and it addresses numerous vulnerabilities and framework security issues as well as bugs and mistakes that can be solved with its assistance. In other words, it enhanced your system’s security by way of playing with your system’s algorithms and encryption partitions to create an immunity against new developments in brute-force attacks.


Most people nowadays tend to own a large volume of data files, where a lot of them can be considered as very important inventories even though they are not business or financial in nature. Wondershare helps securing these data by way of their video and music tools, data recovery tool, mobile utility tool as well as PDF tools. It can help you to for example recover deleted files which will provide a safeguard for your personal data as well as for your iPhone, Android phone, flash drive, and computer system.



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