How to Survive In a Big City: The Ultimate Design for a Tiny Apartment

Life in a big city like New York or Los Angeles can be expensive and may leave you without much money for fun. Rent in such big cities can’t be compared with rent in a small town. In order to stay afloat, you may want to get a smaller place especially if you are single or if your partner/roommate has the same living ideas as you do.


Vertical space is the new trend

The main thing to remember is that you have to think vertically. There is a lot of space above the floor that you are not using. You can have a hanging bed or you can put a mattress on your wardrobe if it is wide and short enough. Add a nice vintage ladder and you have a comfortable place to sleep. You can put furniture under the hanging bed.

Hang everything that can be hanged, you could actually install a clothing rack on one of your walls or even the ceiling, whatever looks better with the other design elements of the room. If you choose the right color, material and design you can install shelves in any room of you house. They are very useful in the bathroom and kitchen, but you could also put them in the bedroom and living room to store books, electronics and magazines.

Make your room brighter

Another thing that makes your place look larger is light. Make your windows as large as possible and choose light colored curtains. The same goes for the parquet floor color and furniture. Dark colors create the impression of small place. Add mirrors that bounce light around and go for glass coffee tables instead of hardwood ones.

Can I live without this?

The third rule to follow is to have furniture that is absolutely necessary. Do you really need a bed and a chair when you could aim for a beautiful sectional sofa? Install shelves wherever you can to maximize space. Smaller pieces of furniture are preferred over large ones in order to preserve space. Get rid of the classic nightstand and install two small shelves on the wall beside your bed.

Get a bed with drawers underneath and you gain a lot of storage space that would otherwise remain unused. You can put out of season clothes in there all year round in order to clear your closet. There is no need to keep sweaters in there during the summer right? If you don’t have a lot of clothes you could actually get rid of the wardrobe and use these drawers. Single men could definitely implement this suggestion.

Small kitchens are bothersome

You may want to get rid of the kitchen door and create an open living room that contains the kitchen in a corner. Getting rid of the wall that separates the two rooms makes even a bigger difference. Go for to-the-ceiling cabinets and use the inside of their doors to hang things. Use rotating inserts, pullout shelves and tilt-out bins to truly maximize kitchen space. You can install stainless steel bars on the walls and use kitchen hooks to hang cooking instruments and mugs.

Never compromise

If it’s not comfortable, you can’t call it home. Therefore, you should never give up on comfort in the favor of functionality and space. It can be quite hard to balance these two parameters but you will find a way if you put your mind to it. Create your dream house design and you will truly feel happy when you are at home. Otherwise, you would just build up frustration and all your effort will be pointless.


13 Websites to Make Extra Cash In Your Spare Time


An extra bit of money or income is always welcome, especially in this day and age. And the presence of the internet makes earning some cash on the side even easier. What follows is a list of 13 websites to help you boost your yearly income to enjoy or save for future investments!




Fiverr is a website where you can sell your skills and services for a small fee, starting at $5 as the name suggests. This freelance website is mainly for smaller projects, so you won’t be waiting weeks for your extra cash.




Upwork is the joint venture of Elance and oDesk, and is growing into the most popular freelance website available. Unlike fiverr, this tends to be for larger, more expensive projects.


People Per Hour


Yet another great freelance website where you can bid on jobs of all kind, from software development to novel writing to music production.


If you’re looking to invest in new and upcoming businesses, then is the website for you.




Weworkremotely is a website for jobs, mainly focusing on full time work but there are plenty of part time jobs available also. Using this website, you could find yourself working anywhere in the world!




Rype is a great website used for teaching languages, mostly through personal coaching. If you can speak more than one language, and have experience teaching, then this could be a great platform to make some extra money.




Handy is similar to other sites except for one main difference, it concentrates on professional home services. Cleaning, maintenance, repair, you name it. Obviously this is location dependent, but it won’t hurt to sign up.




Uber is the place to go when it comes to providing transport service and information. If you can drive, and are eligible with their terms and conditions, you could make some extra money as an Uber driver.




Clarity ranges in topics from raising money, marketing, designing, and most aspects that can affect any entrepreneur. If you believe you have the knack and the skill, sign up now and you could be earning by the minute.




Skillshare is an online platform where you could learn to do pretty much anything that you could think of. Classes about using Photoshop, learning languages and any other life skill you would want to learn. If you are talented or knowledgeable in a certain skill, why not set up classes today and earn right away?




Although this site hosts tougher competition, if you can offer premium services then it could be well worth the time and investment. Financial reward is greater, as it is used by top big businesses. But as mentioned, you need to make sure that you are at the top of your game to be able to compete here.


Freelance Writing Gigs


If you’re a decent writer, and are primarily looking for writing jobs, then this is a great website for you to check out. Updated daily with multiple writing opportunities, but you do need to prove your worth first.




If you have a talent for graphic design, logos and apps in particular, then 99Designs could potentially be a great income opportunity on the side for you. Be wary however, since there is high and tough competition here for you to compete against.

All Hipsters Need These Apps on Their iPhones

Hipsters are the type of people who live life on their terms, and are a subculture of women and men usually in their 20’s or 30’s. These people value counter-culture, independent thinking, progressive politics, creativity, an admiration of indie-rock and art, witty banter and intelligence. They like to get away from anything mainstream and when a band becomes popular, they don’t like it anymore. In a way they are trend setters, but they move away from any trend they accidentally set into motion. These apps are all those that a hipster needs to have in order to call themselves a true indie enthusiast.


  1. Rotary Dialer


The first one is more for nostalgia, but it definitely makes a difference in the way you call people. The app allows you to dial like you would on a rotary phone, turning it all the way to the number and waiting for it to spin back; will remind you of good old times of classical landline phones.


  1. Doughbot


Doughbot will find the closest donut shop where ever your nomad ways have taken you. Sometimes hipsters just need donuts. This comes in handy when you travel a lot.


  1. Snapchat


These pictures disappear after a few seconds and allow you to share your adventures with a few friends before they go away forever. Hipsters aren’t always down with other social media, but this one allows you to put things out there for only one person to see, and only if they’re quick. Makes the memories more special somehow.


  1. WaterMinder


You can track the amount of water you drink in a day. You can see by the graphic how much water you’ve put in your body. Hipsters are too cool to exercise the normal way, so they have to find healthy alternatives.


  1. Indie Guides

Indie Guides has hipster written all over it. It’s the app to go to when you’re in a city that will show you the hidden gems including the cultural and artistic things to see you might have to dig for or know someone to find without the app. This way no matter where you are you can find the cool things out about a town that not everyone knows about and that’s worth it.

  1. Filterra

Filterra allows you to edit all the great photos you take of waterfalls and festivals. You can change filters and fix up your photos without taking any time around from whatever hipster activity you’re doing.

  1. Hype Machine

The Hype Machine app has all the songs that an indie lover would like. Nothing too main stream but all the best new releases you can find once you read the Hype Machine app everyday to see what’s happening.

These are the best apps for those who consider themselves hipsters and so far they haven’t been discovered by that many people so they are still cool enough for them to use. Enjoy your adventures and living outside the box.

8 Things to Remember If You Love Someone with Chronic Pain


Many of us would rather experience pain ourselves than stand by and watch someone we love struggle and often lose the battle with chronic pain. We can feel helpless, powerless to relieve their pain and this may be deeply distressing. Pain is one of the things we can’t share with the person with whom we have an intimate relationship – it’s the permanently lurking demon.

Although, we can’t take on the pain, there are things we can do which support a partner, whilst also avoiding burnout ourselves.


1 The challenge


When we pledge our marriage vows, committing to love our new spouse ‘in sickness and in health’, we are almost certainly not fully aware of what ‘in sickness’ actually means. For many couples, loving a person with chronic pain can be a challenge. The healthy partners may be overwhelmed by a cocktail of anger, frustration, sadness, grief. And just to make matters worse, we can feel guilty or disloyal because we feel these emotions. Trust me, they are the normal responses of most human beings and it’s best to acknowledge them, not bury them.

2 Dependency

People with chronic pain will inevitably turn to their partners for all kinds of support – emotional, physical, and practical. They will probably feel bad about this, worried about the pressure they are imposing, feeling they ‘should’ be independent. Support offered graciously will make it easier for the person in pain to accept it without feeling guilty.

3 Emotions

Just as the healthy partner may be experiencing some difficult emotions, so too the person in chronic pain is likely to be feeling angry, frustrated, distressed, depressed. If we could wave a magic wand and make the pain disappear, obviously we would but, sadly, we can’t, nor can we fix our partner’s painful emotions. However, we can listen attentively, reassuring her/him, the feelings are normal. We should resist the urge to offer cheerful, but almost certainly false hope, like, ‘Oh I’m sure you’ll feel better soon.’

4 Communication

Right up there in the top 3 ‘do’s in any relationship is healthy communication. This is probably even more important if one partner is suffering with chronic pain. Not only can listening be a very powerful weapon against mental suffering but asking/checking in with a loved one about needs, desires, the extent of the pain, is vital. It’s so easy to assume we know what’s good for someone but we may have got it so wrong.

5 Pain varies

Talking of assumptions, just because someone is pain free and can walk to the shops one day, doesn’t mean the same will be true the next day, or the day after. For some, a pattern does exist but for other people, pain is variable and often arrives unexpectedly. Arrangements made on the basis of ‘mornings are always good’ may have to be cancelled because that particular morning, our loved one is doubled up with pain.

6 Fun

Remembering our loved one is so much more than a person in pain is crucial. She/he is still a human being who generally wants to continue as normal a lifestyle as possible. It might be tempting, during pain free times to do all the chores, like grocery shopping but building some fun into these times can really lift the spirits and put some of the mojo back in the relationship. For some couples, their conversation shrinks to perpetual discussions about pain and medication but this can get dull. There are so many other conversation topics to keep a relationship on the right track.

7 Advocate

When our partners are in great pain, it can be difficult for them to articulate their needs or feelings clearly, so we may have to be their advocate or spokesperson with medical practitioners or other professionals. Even well meaning friends who want to visit may have to be turned away or their visit curtailed, if a pain attack suddenly starts.

8 Delegate

Taking sole responsibility for meeting the needs of a partner in chronic pain can be tough. Talking honestly with our loved one about sharing the load can take the pressure, not only the healthy partner but also off the relationship. Are there friends/relatives/neighbours who could be relied on to help out?

Undoubtedly, maintaining an intimate relationship with a partner who’s in chronic pain can be challenging but who said marriage was a bed of roses? Facing this challenge together could actually deepen and enrich the relationship.



Work Smart: 6 Ways To Make More Money While Working Less

Most people seem to believe that someone must work hard and long to get a lot of money. However in reality, most successful people do the exact opposite instead by working smarter and not harder.


To try and apply this to your work habit, here are the six tips to get more money by working smarter and not harder:


Befriend People with Potentials

Most people with a huge financial success have come to the realization that they cannot possibly do everything alone, and therefore they surround themselves with people which potentially can help them to achieve their aim. Networking is important. If you actually know people who can join you and make your business better, you can actually delegate more important things to them while you take a break that you deserve.


E-Mail First Thing In The Morning

Contrary to a lot of articles which advise you not to check the email right away, it actually can help you to be more productive throughout the day when done correctly. For some businesses, half of the work is done by someone else while you are asleep, and since you need to monitor closely on the work of others it will be convenient for you to check it before you actually start your work to make sure that you are on the same page as everyone in your team. Dealing with important matters first thing in the morning will allow you to make quick decisions about whether you need to fix and revise yesterday’s load of work or whether you can immediately proceed to the next task that you have already had in line.


Nap More

Napping will make you take in and keep information better as it enhances your learning process by providing a better cognitive function, creative thinking and memory. Naps are also beneficial in avoiding burnout because research has proven that a burnout is your body’s way of screaming for some sleep, and until then it will not compromise to take in more information. The average human’s brain is only capable to focus for only about 90 minutes and before it can resume, it will require a short amount of break between 15 to 20 minutes. Thus, taking a 15 to 20 minutes napping break will actually make you more productive instead of forcing your brain to work all day long.


Prohibit Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a huge distraction to your employees, costing you the employee’s and company’s productivity at the end of the day. That being said, companies who want to work effectively and spend less time in the office while increasing their earnings should deliberately block any sites which can distract their employees from tasks which truly matter. Various browser plugins actually manage your employees and ensure that they only visit Facebook when it is for work purposes.


Spend Time Outdoors

Research has shown that spending time outdoor and enjoying the nature will actually turn you into a more efficient and motivated worker. Spending time is always better in nature because it lets your mind to fully rest and unwind much more than in a crowded city street where quite a high level of attention is required to walk through it.


Use Outsourcing

You can actually save time, money and energy by outsourcing administrative and less important tasks to qualified individuals. Tasks such as putting together the company’s payroll or inputting the data into a computer or the internet can actually be done by someone else, while you should spend time resting at home after a long day of work. This actually prevents you from making costly mistakes which often occur as a result of a very long working hours.



What It’s Really Like To Live With Type 1 Diabetes

When you say diabetes, most people think about obese people who are not allowed to eat sugar and take medication to lower their blood glucose levels. This is type 2 diabetes caused by the resistance of body tissues to insulin. Type 1 diabetes is pretty different and has a higher negative impact on the life of people suffering from this disease. So, what it’s really like to live with it?


What is type 1 diabetes?

Researchers are not entirely sure what cause it but there is evidence sustaining a hereditary etiology and environmental factors that destroy the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. As opposed to type 2 diabetes where the pancreas can secrete insulin but can’t do it enough, type 1 diabetics have no insulin in their body. This causes blood glucose levels to spike and the risk of a diabetic coma is imminent.

This is actually the case of a 13 year old boy who had a glycaemia of 927, when the normal value is 70-100 depending on the method used by the laboratory that performs the test. It is actually a miracle he didn’t drop into a coma by then. The boy was not diagnosed until this point and was rushed to the hospital to get this blood glucose level lowered. He survived and is now living with type 1 diabetes.

What are the symptoms of type-1 diabetes?

It all started with a frequent need to urinate (polyuria) and an everlasting thirst (polydipsia). The boy actually said that during a 50-minute class at school he had to go to the bathroom at least once. He lost weight very rapidly, a point when his parents took him to the doctor.

After several investigations, the huge glycaemia was revealed and the life of the boy was saved. Apart from this hyperglycemia, the doctors have probably found glucose in urine too. This compound should not be present in urine. If he went on living with this much glucose in his bloodstream, he would have definitely fallen into a coma in a week and he would have perhaps not survived.

Administering insulin

This type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependent because you have to administer insulin into the subcutaneous tissue several times per day to keep your glycaemia in check. 15 years ago insulin pumps did not exist and patients had to stick themselves with very fine needles for at least 4 times a day. The injections are usually done in the abdominal fat.

The parents of pediatric patients must be instructed on how to do this. If the child is old enough to understand, he may do it himself but not from the very beginning. Doing it wrong can have fatal consequences.

Nowadays, there are insulin pumps that can administer a high dose at mealtime and maintain a basal level of glucose between meals. A pod with insulin is placed on the area and a small needle is inserted into the skin very fast through a small plastic tube called a cannula. The patient doesn’t feel much and he doesn’t have to carry syringes around all the time. The pod comes with a device that measures insulin and tests the blood glucose.

Keeping a food diary

Patients with type-1 diabetes monitor everything they eat in order to count the carbs, not only the sugar. The amount of insulin administered varies depending on what you eat, how much you eat and the level of physical exercise.

Administering insulin when there is no need for it can put you into a hypoglycemic coma that is worse than a hyperglycemic one because the patient usually dies or comes back with severe neurological deficits. The brain is very sensible to drops in blood sugar.

Patients with type 1 diabetes are free and humane

This disease is no longer a sentence to death or a long stay in a hospital bed. You can be as physically active as you like as long as you monitor your meals and glucose. It is not easy but advances in medicine and technology have given them the chance to a life as normal as possible. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet for type 1 or for type 2 diabetes.

In 2012, there were 3 million Americans suffering from this disease and 80 new cases are diagnosed every day, not to mention how many cases fall through the cracks. These patients should have our support and it would be a shame if their social integration should suffer due to this disease.

Scientist Finds Unexpected Benefits Only People Who Love To Write Experience

If you are the kind of person who would normally turn to writing compared to other people, you will fully realize how clarifying, relieving, and enriching writing down your thoughts can be. If you write down your thoughts regularly to get your personal objectives, you will find yourself feeling so anxious because you have this urge to finish your work so that you can get home and finish your write-ups. Numerous thoughts and ideas flow through your mind every single day and it can be very persistent sometimes.


Researchers in New Zealand conducted a study which is biopsy-related in the year 2013 with 49 seniors (from 64 up to 97). The control group recorded the daily activities, as well as the condition of the room during the conduct of the study. The instruction was to write about upsetting, dreadful, and traumatic personal experiences in the past. The experimental group wrote for almost 3 days (20 minutes each day) in a row. In order for the negative feelings to arose, the researchers waited for 2 weeks before performing a biopsy.

Here are some of the benefits which people who love to write experience.

Fewer Problems

You will notice that most writers experience fewer problems when it comes to diseases and other ailments because it would often fade away. Writing gives them the venue to express what they felt and the best part is that it helps them overcome the obstacles. Also, writing helps those to move on when there are no more left to be done.

In the New Zealand Study, the patients who have cystic fibrosis, asthma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and arthritis have experienced a very noticeable and long-term improvement when it comes to their diseases.

Lower Levels Of Stress

People who normally write tend to experience lower levels of stress because they are able to channel their stress through writing. Elizabeth Broadbent, the co-author of the New Zealand study, found out that expressly writing about something which upsets a person enables that person to find a greater value of their feeling and the result of this is that they reduce the stress which surrounds them.

Health Levels Are Higher

Regardless of the medical condition, people who constantly write have better health than those who keep their emotions to themselves. A professor of psychology, Dr. James Pennebaker, has been working on with expressive writing as one of his focal point of study since he finds it valuable nowadays. People who work with him even found out that in expressing your emotions, the best way to do it is make it in writing. Aside from you will be able to express it; you will also have a record of your thoughts. Some even found out that the works of Dr. James has discovered no limits to the numerous conditions wherein expressive writing can help a certain individual.

Organization Of Thoughts

Writers are good at organizing their thoughts. There is no clutter or mess in their minds since they are able to express it in writing and organize it the way they want it. Aside from the fact that they are able to organize their thoughts, most of them even has the capacity to easily let go of the horrible and traumatic past they had.

Dr. Pennebaker even recommended that a person should write about their critical and deeply personal emotions for a period of 20 minutes without the advent of stopping and repeat this method for about 3 to 5 days a week. You can never deny the great effects that reflective writing can offer to a single person. It will help you find yourself when you are lost, relieve the stress, and ease the pain.