How Explainer Videos Can Help Improve Your Blog Post Traffic

Living in a modern era like this has one of its biggest perks: technology. Compared to living in the 19th and 20th century, the current generation has the privilege to be assisted by technologies and developments which can make life easier and less complicated. However, keeping up with the continuously changing and improving technologies can be a pain in the neck. You can read the step-by-step manual of a gadget and still not understand it because it is too lengthy and complicated. You can also find written information online but at the end of the day it will be left clueless because you cannot imagine how will the steps be applied in real life.

These kinds of difficulties give rise to the popularity of explainer videos. Explainer videos are essentially videos – mostly animated – that are used to explain a product or service or to convey a message through a more vivid manner. Because letters and numbers can be quite overwhelming, the existence of explainer videos bring a breathe of fresh air to internet users because it is really easy to watch and understand. Additionally, online videos have been really popular for some time now and therefore, it will not be hard to get people to watch an explainer video. For that reason, explainer videos can help improving your blog post traffic and here’s how:


It Boosts Search Engines Rank

Explainer videos help boost your blog’s search engines rank through several ways. First and foremost, explainer videos can collect up to three times as many inbound links to your blog. In short, it increases your blog’s visitor count to up to three times the usual. Furthermore, current search engine algorithm give better rankings to blogs who are longer visited although this is not a major factor of a Google SERP ranking system because actually there are around 200 factors in total which includes domain age, content length, keyword density as well as Grammar and Spelling amongst others. By including an explainer video in your blog post, it will actually require your visitors to spend a longer time before moving on to another page. They will be tempted to watch your explainer video and hey, who stops watching a video in the middle of it?

The reason behind making the duration of visit to be one of the factors towards its search engine result page (SERP) mostly lies on viewer’s enjoy ability. Stale websites cannot be fully enjoyed by their viewer’s because they are boring and monotonous. Studies have found that blog visitors are 88 percent more inclined to spend longer time on a blog that puts a video on its page. Longer duration implies that the viewers are liking what they see so much that they do not want to close the tab or to move to another website and explainer videos as a matter of fact increases the probability of your visitors to stay in your blog and browse for more contents. Explainer videos can be considered as one method to please your blog visitors and if you maintain such high level of customer satisfaction, your blog will gain their loyalty and trust in which they will keep coming back to you.


It Simplifies Explanations

Written explanations are often confusing and difficult to understand because they are lengthy and sometimes too technical. Having explainer videos can help simplifying explanations and how-to guides. Explainer videos will get more people to understand things by actually showing them through animation or recorded demonstrations. Interestingly, the concept of an explainer video was first introduced in 2007 by a company called Common Craft to explain how to use Twitter, which was new at that time. Common Craft’s video “Twitter in Plain English” was viewed by millions of people whereas later it was featured on Twitter’s homepage to help the company explain on how to use their sharing platform.

From there onwards, more and more companies and business use explainer videos to help them explain things. People generally understand better when they see and hear other people explain while conducting a demonstration. As a consequence, companies and businesses chose to use explainer videos over a usual written guide because explainer video interacts and engages with the viewers while it is statistically proven to be a visitor-increasing element to most of the websites that are using it. Written guides can also lead to multiple interpretations of doing things, which at the end of the day can frustrate the customers.

Moreover, explainer videos help its viewers to understand explanations faster because it uses two senses at once whereas reading will only require one. By watching an explainer video, viewers will be able to learn by using their visual and auditory learning method. People have different natural inclination towards a certain learning style, hence people who are having a hard time understanding instructions given through a written text may not be a visual learner but they can be auditory or kinesthetic. Explainer videos increase the memory’s retentiveness in which the viewers will be able to remember what they have watched for a longer period of time. Memory retention after watching an explainer video is made possible because video is a two-pronged approach which accesses the brain through several different channels to enter the long-term memory section.

Average people only retain about 10 percent of what they hear but they will keep around 50 percent of what they see, as shown by a study done by Wharton Research Center. For this reason, an explainer video is one of the most effective methods because it combines both percentage and thus, it is more effective than any visual advertisement posting or radio advertisements experienced separately.

12.pngIt Encourages Social Media Shares

Explainer videos can be shared very easily. They are entertaining, fun and catchy and as a result people will not mind sharing them through their social media timeline. Great video content will be commented on and re-shared on the same social media platform, and if the cycle goes on your explainer video will go viral. Once your explainer video reaches a significant number of people through shares and comments, the traffic that goes into your blog will significantly increase. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can upload your explainer video not just into your site but also to video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo so that more people will be able to find them.

Furthermore, you will obtain numerous benefits by having your explainer video shared to a whole mass of crowd. You will be able to introduce who you are, what you do and why the video viewers should go to you for your products or services. It will be even better if your explainer video is set in such a way that it appeals to the viewer’s emotion. A similar approach is trending in Asia where Thai companies and businesses film their advertisements in the most touching and heartfelt manner possible. If you can apply the same strategy to your explainer video, it will be guaranteed that more and more people will share your content and ultimately you will get a whole bunch of new blog visitors.

It Showcases Your Personality

Brand personality is important, and you can integrate the process of promoting your brand personality together with developing your brand recognition strategies. Once your explainer video has gone ‘viral’, more people will learn about who you are, what you do and why you are really good at what you are doing. However they do not realize that after watching your video they will associate a certain personality and character to your company. If your video features pastel colors and girly-cute little drawings it may be the case that your video viewers will immediately recognize your girly and romantic personality.

Personality is also one of the things that motivate your visitors to come back. Even if you are not selling anything through your blog, by knowing your personality and characteristic your visitors will have specific reasons for going back and it would be really hard to find your substitute once they have reached this stage. Strong personality creates a tone that is assuring and trustable but at the same time warm and welcoming.

Last but not least, explainer video also helps to show your personality in a more lively manner that you will not be able to do only from posting static texts and images. A gallery full of photos or a slide show put in your blog is outdated, boring and unattractive. An explainer video, on the contrary, is full of elements which may include drawings, music, witty script, typography and a lot more. Explainer video has been known to be able to grab the viewers’ attention for a long period of time and it is very understandable that people can hardly be bored when they are watching an animated explainer video compared to when they are reading plain text with still images. So use explainer videos and experience the great success!



How To Create A Mobile Website Design That Google Loves

You know mobile websites have really become something significant when Google announced that mobile-friendliness of a website will be included as one of the ranking signals of Google searches. More and more people are using their tablets and phones for internet browsing, and as a result, it is extremely important to provide a mobile site that works well in any mobile phone with each of their platforms. In general, Google and SEO processes now really take into account sites that enable a great mobile-user experience. Here are a few tips on creating a mobile website design that Google will absolutely love:


Be Responsive For All

To start off with, one of the ways that can be used to make sure that your website is responsive to its visitors would be to use a mobile responsive theme. Instead of using the usual mobile plugins, you can design your mobile site using a theme that will work on various different sizes of screen. After its booming popularity in early 2012, the so-called Responsive Web Design is now endorsed as the best method to enhance mobile site’s visitors’ convenience and ever since was adopted as a central part of modern web designing process.


Responsive web design is also a term where the page uses same URL and same code regardless of whether the visitor accessed it through a desktop computer, tablet or a mobile phone. It basically refers to a setup where the server consistently sends equal HTML code to all devices where CSS is then used for the rendering process of the device’s page. It will be automatically detected by Google’s algorithmic system which can go through the page and all of its CSS, JavaScript and images. Using a responsive web design allows your mobile website to stay the same by requiring only slight adjustments to the device’s screen size. To be categorized as responsive, a mobile site needs to be able to adjust itself to different screen sizes while in the same time staying in one URL. Responsive design would definitely improve user experience in browsing through their phones, and Google definitely recommends it.

There are many things which may happen if you do not use the responsive web design system but the site’s visitor decides to access your desktop website through their mobile phone. One of the annoying things which can take place would be a displaced menu bar with a very confusing layout. This can also cause other things to appear disproportionate, such as your logo or your slideshows and contact info, which at the end of the day will possibly drive your visitors away because of all the clutter and mess that you display in your site. Most of the content will be hidden on the right side of the screen, and it will require constant scrolling and perhaps some zooming in to read through all of it. If it is not enough, the text usually becomes too small to read so that you need to continuously zoom out and zoom in to see it all.

By opting to use a responsive web design, you will be saved from the trouble of maintaining two versions of your site because it only requires one. In other words, you do not need to create both and only to provide a mobile website alternative for your visitors because your will already be sufficient for handling both desktop and mobile visitors decently. As a conclusion, a responsive web design may benefit both the user as well as the web designer although there are still pros and cons with regards to having a separate mobile website different from its desktop counterpart.


One URL for One Website

In line with its strong preference towards a responsive web design, Google clearly endorses the concept of having one URL for one website instead of separating into its mobile and tablet forms. As mentioned previously, both separating websites according to its platforms as well as having any kinds of gadget to access only one site has its own benefits and issues.

Viewing the whole process from the perspective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it will be very plausible to have one URL for one website instead of having the same site to be displayed through different URLs because each and every one of them may not rank high in search engines if separated. Furthermore, it will be much more difficult to maintain backlinks and SEO management on all of the different sites if you plan to have them separated, whereas having everything to be contained in one domain will make the SEO and backlinks management processes to be a lot simpler and manageable.

Additionally, you may argue that having different sites for different platforms and gadgets will make its creative processes simpler because you do not need fluid layouts as well as adjustments in all of its elements to provide the best display for all kinds of gadgets. It may be true, but think about all other things that will be made less complicated if you agree on using one URL for one website just like what Google suggests. One of the processes that will be made simpler would be social sharing. It will be more advantageous for you to pool up all of the social share into one website instead of separating the traffic into several different ones. Reversibly, if you use layouts that are fluid and accessible to every types of gadget, you will not have to provide different links for one piece of article in order for it to be viewed in different platforms and dimensions.

Speaking from a more technical point of view, you can also give signal to different browsers indicating that the page can adjust to all devices by adding a meta viewport tag to it. The tag will instruct the browsers on adjusting and scaling the page to make it suitable to their settings. Absence in such meta tag will cause browsers to render pages from their desktop screen width, in which it will try hard to make it fit by zooming into its text. Afterwards, it will either scale the content to match the screen’s size or it will only display the content partially because it honestly is the maximum amount that the screen can display. As a result, fonts will appear weird and inconsistent, and visitors would be required to zoom in order to really access the content.


Make It Mobile-User Friendly

Google does not only advocates towards the usage of a responsive web design but it also prefers websites that are mobile optimized upon displaying search results done through a mobile device browsing. As a result, to get Google to fall in love with your site you must make sure that it is mobile optimized and mobile friendly. To start off with, your visitors should be able to view your website’s content in a similar convenience level as they would experience upon seeing your site through a desktop computer. This means that you may want to choose a responsive web design to be applied to your website because it will allow various gadgets with different platforms and operation system to access it the same way. Using the responsive web design will definitely reduce loading time since your website does not have to redirect to its mobile or tablet counterpart when visitors access the default www form of your website.

Moreover, a website is basically a tool for content sharing. By having your site to be mobile friendly, it will be easier to spread any content that your visitors want to share with other people. This will attract a whole range of modern internet enthusiasts because a lot of people actually want both of their desktop computer and mobile phone browsing experience to be trouble-free. Visitors want to directly find whatever it is that they intend to find in your website and by having the site to be mobile friendly, you will assist them to accomplish their purpose in a quicker and more efficient manner.

A mobile friendly interface will be really helpful if you directly sell something through your website because ease of use in mobile shopping sites is considered to be the most important quality of a mobile site whereas it will give them more reasons to buy from you. A mobile friendly interface will still benefit you even if you do not directly sell anything through your website but rather facilitating other means of daily lives betterment – such as providing articles for them to read. Supporting your visitor’s aims and helping them in doing their tasks are the ultimate goals of your website creation, and for that reason, you need to really focus on how well the visitors can do it by the website that you are presenting them right now. As a conclusion, you should really consider to use responsive web design for your websites and if you still have any doubts on how to do it, you can always check Google’s mobile-friendly guide.




5 Steps to Take Control of Your Sales Process


Do you always get hot sales prospect and you tend to spend much of your time working on the perfect sales proposal? When you finally get a thank you email from your prospect and received a message that he or she will let you know if there are any questions regarding your services or products, it only means one thing; you just lost your control over your sales process.


In order not to lose control, consider these 5 steps to prevent it from ever happening again.




Never ever give your client the proposal of your business via email. Emailing your proposal to your walk-in client will only give you less control over your client because you already gave whatever he or she asks in one blow.


If you don’t have the ability to travel and meet your client head-on, there are numerous technology you can make use to give a proposal. The purpose of not giving immediately your proposal to your client is, you will be able to see the interests of your prospects when you are presenting it.


Reason To Submit Proposal


Begin your presentation with an honest summary of the reasons why your clients need the services and products. These should be your main goals. If you have identified your clients, why would you give a broad proposal and expect their preferred provider if were not able to identify your client’s key concerns? As your presentation is going through its course, try to verify whether your clients agree with the key concerns you have mentioned. This is the reason why the proposal should not be immediately emailed.


Determine The Decision Makers


It is important that you determine the decision makers in the room because it is only through them that your efforts will be repaid. Knowing where the decision makers will also let you know on whom you are going to focus when presenting the proposal. Also, don’t be deceived when your clients or prospects say that they are the decision maker because saying these terms are just easy as 1, 2, and 3. If they tell you that they are the decision maker, do a follow up question to determine the validity of the answer. It is never a wrong to make sure.


Determine The Seriousness


Make sure that you will not present your proposal unless you have your prospects settled down and instilled seriousness in the environment. This is the common mistake of most of the salespeople because they are too glad and thrilled to present their products and services without looking at their audience if they are ready or not. Keep in mind that there are other prospects that are not ready to purchase your products and simply want to learn what is going on in the marketplace.


Right Timing


Right timing is always good for the business. Apart from instilling a serious environment, it is also important that you know what your prospect needs. By knowing this fact, you will be able to determine when you are going to exert your full effort. Reserve your energy for the right time and the right time means; it is the time when you know in yourself that the prospects you are talking to are willing to purchase your products or services for a price.


You should never forget to prepare for your sales processes. Forgetting sales processes before you begin to submit your proposal is the number one reason why you lose control of your sales process. Thus, when you lose control over your business’ or company’s control, most likely, you will lose huge number of your sales.



5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Disney


The famous Disneyland theme park has celebrated its 60 year anniversary. It has made several kids, no matter what age, happy. Disneyland made a mark in the lives of several children and it had become one of the most recognized brands in United States of America (even across the world). Aside from making several kids happy, it can also teach entrepreneurs important lessons when it comes to businesses.


Treating Customers The Right Way


Have you ever been to the theme park of the famous Disneyland? If yes, you would know that the customer experience would really be different from any other theme park. Just as you enter the theme park, you will feel like you are a part of something special. The theme park is full of staffs in charge of taking care of the audience or visitors. Their top priority is to make those people feel special and give them the assurance to have a magical time.


The Lesson: Sometimes, most of the entrepreneurs move away from their passion because they are fueled by other interests. What makes the customers or client’s crazy loyal to your business is the passion you show to them.




Innovating the experiences of your customers or clients can draw more clients to your business. The Disney brand always makes sure that their offerings are continually innovated because Disney never wants it to stay stagnant. Nowadays, you can even download a Disney mobile app to help you check how long you will be waiting to ride or you can even skip lines.


Lesson: Even if you think that you are doing what is best for your customer, you should bear in mind that you do not rest until most of their concerns are satisfied. Continually ask for feedbacks or suggestions to improve their experiences.


Empowering Employees


Disney brand has been known to empower their employees. Disney teaches their employees to make reliable and valuable decisions in making their customers happy. The store clerks and other employees do not have to ask the managers or persons in authority to offer any replacement for a broken toy. The employees are already taught to do what is right, thus, most of the things are within their discretion. The customer representatives can even offer extras without asking permission from the managers every time the customer is unhappy.


Lesson: Giving your employees the power to act within their discretion and for the interest of the company will make things easier and can definitely acquire loyal customers.


Behind The Scenes


Disney allows the customers and clients to find out the castle’s secret. Revealing or going behind the scenes will not ruin the magic. It can even make your customers curious and become loyal to your business.


Lesson: Never be afraid to show the secret if it will give your customers happiness and stronger ties. Being frightened of revealing what your show’s secret will only be a burden to you and your employees.


Capture The Child’s Interest


If a business captures the child’s interest, the greater possibility that they will bring their kids. This method or tip may not apply to all business, but it will still contribute to the betterment of your business.


Lesson: What you should remember is to nurture the relationship of your customers in order for them to bring their friends, families, and other loved ones back to your business. If possible, you can also seek ideas to touch their inner emotions so that they will be more loyal to your company.


It cannot be denied that Disney has obviously got the right things and the success is improving every year. The reason for this is that they give importance to their customers, as well as, to their employees.




4 Marketing Metrics That Are Imperative for Any Small Business

Marketing a small business is a bit different than marketing a large established business. The smaller business doesn’t have the brand recognition, expensive advertising plan, and reputation of a larger business. This means they have to work a bit harder and approach things a little differently. These are four things that will help small businesses market. The metrics listed below are important because they show you exactly how and when new customers are finding you. If you aren’t tracking your marketing efforts, you are just throwing things out into the wind and hoping something sticks. With careful planning and tracking of data you can use every piece to your advantage.


Getting Referrals

When you do right by your customers and they leave completely satisfied they can become the best marketing you have available. Referrals from happy customers are a great way to get more loyal customers. People are often looking for reassurance that if they choose to go with you they will get what they need. Who better to tell them they can depend on you then their friends and family. Making sure your customers are satisfied is very important. Give them surveys and ask for feedback so you can keep making the experience better. Once you have the feedback of your customers you can make improvements based on their suggestions. A successful small business must be willing to change and grow with their customer’s needs.

Search Engine Queries and Website Visits

The next important marketing component is search engine queries and this leads to the third and fourth components which are visits to your website and visit to conversion rate. These three components are all tied together and have to do with search engine optimization. You want as many people to find you online as possible which means you have to optimize your website to show up when certain keywords are entered. If you aren’t sure how to do this, then there are people you can hire. The search engines are always looking through your site making sure the content is fresh and there aren’t a large number of keywords stuffed into it. Always have up to date interesting content on your website to keep people there longer and turn into a sale for your company.

Once you figure out the SEO needed to get lots of potential customers to your website you need to measure how many people are visiting your site daily, weekly, and monthly. You’ll need to determine where the traffic is coming from and how you are getting it there. Lastly you need to know how many of those visits are relating in sales.

Four Metrics Equal a Successful Business Model

These four marketing metrics are very important and you need to continuously monitor and measure them to see how successful you’re being. Looking at the number of referrals, customer satisfactions, search engine and website hits, and conversion rates will give you the perfect picture of your small business and show you where you need to make changes to bring even more people in to your business.


Are You Losing Customers Because of Business Misinformation?

If you think misinformation is just a simple problem in a business, you better think twice. Misinformation can drive your customers away from your business the least you can think of.


Harmless? Not.


Misinformation is sometimes or most of the time considered by individuals as an easy mistake to make. With the so much number of words to input in a single day, it is almost impossible to go through the day without committing any errors in your business’ tasks or documents. Although the notes of your weekly sales meetings are not really that big of a deal in so far as punctuations and other grammatical rules is concerned, you should give importance to the information being posted online. Always make sure that review your website information input before putting it out online.


For example, if you have ever experienced working in a building that was a house before and the your office is very different from that before but your company has retained the same phone number, you will absolutely understand how annoying and irritating it is to receive phone calls from people you just could not grasp that you are not lying when you answered the phone.

Because of the fact that your information can be accessed freely by anyone who is online or surfing the Internet, who doesn’t want to increase his business exposure more? But, the real problem arises when a not so good person messes your company’s information. If you look at it without studying or going thoroughly with the data, you will later on be shocked by the damage already done because of the mistake. It will end up pushing your clients or customers away from your business and you will end up losing all those possible clients.


Customers And Your Team Members


Since you have a company which is striving to reach and make a mark on the world, you must never allow misinformation to destroy your goals. Pieces of information on small details are really not a big of a deal, but you should always remember that the important information you post is correct and free from any form of errors.


The reason why you should avoid major misinformation is that your clients just simply could not find your business and there will be greater possibility that they will resort to a more convenient option, like going to a competitor with precise information. Another reason is with regards to the ranking of your search engine. The rationale here is that the more information you have in your website, the friendlier you site will be and it will boost up your name. On the other hand, the more misinformation you provide or list incorrect information listed about your business, the lesser aggregate information you will be getting from the search engine. Thus, resulting to lower rank and there is lesser possibility that you will be seen online.


Quick Correction


Fixing a misinformation is just as easy as sending your team members to a mission just to find, chase and change all the errors they can find. It is a task that would technically require few hours of your day. Also, the corrector can be given other tasks that can serve as one of the ways of expansion. While it is sometimes assumed that there are few company pages found on the popular review websites, the avoidance of making misinformation will give other sites lesser popular choices.


Although the lesson here is attaining perfection when it comes to the information of your business posted online, mistakes are inevitable. What you should remember is to make things easier, avoid making mistakes, and when it will exist, deal with it and move on.



3 Ways Good Sleep Makes You Wealthier


Good sleep can help you in so many ways. Few people even know that one can boost their finances while they sleep.


Impaired Cognitive Functioning


Did you ever try solving a simple math problem when you are exhausted? Whether or not it is a problem on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and other simple mathematical problems, it will be remarkably hard if you are deprived of your sleep. The reason for this, which most people know, is that sleep deprivation will really impair the cognitive functioning of your brain.


In fact, several researchers even found out that a single night of deprived sleep will increase the concentration of the NSE and S-100B molecules. These molecules are the ones responsible for the increase in brains after a person experiences a blow to the head.


Even though you are not behind the wheel when you feel exhausted, your wallet can still be affected by the cognitive impairment caused by sleep deprivation. There will always be a moment wherein you will overpay at a food stall or restaurant. You will also experience a blow on your grocery budget because you were not able to tally the purchases you have made. Another bad thing that would happen is that you will overdraw your check account because you forgot about the charges coming your way.


Decision Fatigue


There will be instances where you would probably notice that it is pretty much hard to get anything and accomplish it at the end of the week, even if you know that you have enjoyed the perfect night’s sleep before the day starts. What you are experiencing is the so-called decision fatigue. The human brain only has a limited bandwidth in making certain decisions. After you have made several small decisions throughout the day, these small decisions will be accumulated by your brain and you are normally left with a lesser mental energy to decide of big choices.


This so-called decision fatigue can be at its worst when you are tired, thus, coming to the term fatigue. Decision fatigue which is fueled by insomnia or lack of sleep will also result to the reduction of your ability to make good and bad trade-offs. The decreased ability of making trade-offs will only lead you to making bad financial decisions because of the fact that you are more vulnerable by that time.


Optimism Bias


There will come a time that you will sometimes feel irritable because of a bad night’s sleep, but your brain will not normally agree. A study made by the Duke University found that most people who lack sleep are more prone to experience unwarranted optimism. To be more precise, the lack of sleep gives your brain the experience of being burnout or sometimes primed in chasing rewards instead of avoiding losses. This is primarily called as “optimism bias.”


The Duke University study asked numerous participants to engage in numerous economic decision-making tasks. The study was done after a regular night’s sleep of the participant at the same time, after the lack of sleep. After sleepless nights, most of the participant made decisions as if it were a positive consequence. The participant also viewed the consequences which are in the negative as less of a risk.


Optimism bias is normally seen in casinos since this environment would tend to keep the gambles unaware their fatigue at the same time awake as hell. Instead of determining the consequences, they will keep on chasing the winnings instead as if they will reach it.


Let’s just bear in mind that gamblers are not the only ones affected by optimism bias. Every person who is chasing investments and changing their careers can be affected by it. Make sure not to make a wrong decision for you to avoid devastating effects.