Normal Blood Pressure Leads To Normal Death Causes – You Want Better Than Normal

High blood pressure is one of the most popular causes why people die in an early stage. But what really causes the blood pressure to rise up? There are a lot of reasons or contributory effects that can raise your blood pressure level. Below are just some causes.


High Blood Pressure, Causes

Hypertension, commonly called as high blood pressure, is caused by so many factors in life. It may be caused by chronic stress, age, sedentary lifestyle, weight, unhealthy diet, toxic body burden, smoking, genetics, thyroid disorders, or other contributory factors. Because of these factors, hypertension was even coined with a title “silent killer”. The reason for this title was mostly because this disease progresses without even giving the person the chance to know the symptoms.


In order to avoid this mishap, it is important to take a periodic test on your blood pressure. This is to constantly trace the symptoms, if there are any.


High blood pressure is also closely related or normally associated with sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, dementia, kidney disease, blindness, aneurysms, and other conditions.

Lower High Blood Pressure, How To

First and foremost, you have to take a look at the kind of diet you are having because the things you eat are one of the major factors that triggers to raise your blood pressure. When you have a busy schedule, you can keep a food diary in order for you to trace the food contents you are consuming. Add to your diary a list of good and healthy food to eat.


Boost your potassium and be a smart buyer when it comes with everything you purchase. While you boost your potassium intake, lessen or reduce your sodium intake. A small sodium intake can lower your blood pressure about 3-8 mm Hg.


For those who are heavy drinkers and chain smokers, quit already before it is too late. Think about your future, think about the future of your child and think about everyone you care for. On the other hand, to those who are coffee lovers, you also have to cut back on your coffee. Limit your coffee, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Moderation is the queen of all.

Aside from your food intake, another way to lower your blood pressure is to lose some extra pounds. Do an exercise routine and you will soon realize that the risk of a higher blood pressure will no longer be in your dictionary. Make sure that your weight will not increase because as long as it increases, your blood pressure also increases. Also, see to it that you avoid stress. Fatigue and stress must not enter your vocabulary in order to live a healthy and happy life.

Research shows that most normal values of blood pressure today are already considered moderate risk for heart disease and stroke, consider the ways on how to achieve a low blood pressure level in order eradicate those causes of death. Be as healthy as you can and live your life to the fullest. Carpe Diem, seize the day!


Stop Smoking While It’s Still Early Enough

Whether you are a chain smoker, a pack-a-box smoker, or a teen smoker, quitting it can be very tough. The more you get to know about the options that are laid down in your doorstep for you on how to quit smoking, the easier the quitting process gets. All you need is just a right and precise game plan in order to line up your needs, break your smoking addiction, manage those urges, and you can be one of the millions who have attained that victory.


You should also bear in mind that when you quit smoking, you will undergo different withdrawal symptoms which may last for at least 2 days after you quit smoking. These withdrawal symptoms are, but not limited to, dizziness, anger, impatience, Feelings of frustration, Sleep disturbances, boredom or Restlessness, Trouble concentrating, Irritability (2-4 weeks), Anxiety, Depression, Headaches, Increased appetite, Constipation and gas (1-2 weeks), Tiredness, Cough, Weight gain,  dry mouth, nasal drip, sore throat, slow heart rate, chest tightness, and the like.

Game Plan In Quitting

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself the reasons why you want to quit smoking. Think of reasons that will truly help you quit. Get it from the heart and don’t just look for these reasons in the internet or from other persons. It must come from within in order for it to truly help you.


Determine your smoking routine, you have to carefully trace every moment you have the urge to smoke. By doing this, you will be able to know the time for you to resist and thus, making you prepare for it. You also need this in order for you to break this routine. By breaking your smoking routine, the urge will slowly go its course in a different direction.

A specific date wherein you can determine that you have really quit smoking is important. Deadlines are important. It gives you the thought of hurrying things up in order to reach it. You also need to tell your friend, family, and other companions of your plan in order to lessen temptation. To make things easier, you can look for a quitting buddy, in this way, you have someone to help you get through those rough times.

Be prepared at all costs. You need to prepare yourself, especially when the withdrawal symptoms come into the picture. You need to prepare everything and make sure that everything is in line with your plan and make sure that you can achieve it before your deadline.

The main reason why it is hard for most individuals to quit smoking is the presence of nicotine in tobacco. Smoking can be both a psychological and physical addiction. Getting out of this addiction is a challenge where some people don’t have the courage to take. Once you can stop this addiction at the age of 25, there is a greater possibility of getting out of the risk zone within 10 years.  But never mind this drug or addiction, all you have to do is to focus on your game plan, destroy your smoking routine, and the reasons why you want to quit.

Hampton Creek Creates Vegan Mayo That Tastes 100% Like The Real Thing

Vegan food and Hampton Creek

Everyone wants to have quality food which is nutritious, toothsome and really very healthy. People always have a shortage of time; therefore, they have to compromise with the food that they eat. A single mother who is also a working lady will definitely want her kids to have the best food, but, the shortage of time has always resulted in getting packed food which is of poor standards and thus causing health ailments.


Hampton Creek is one such company which has devoted all its mission and passion in finding ways and processes to make food with the utilization of plants. Joshua Tetrick, the CEO, founded Hampton Creek in 2011 and has its head quarters in San Francisco. Hampton Creek has vested into making food without the usage of MSG and Trans fats. The company’s scientists are looking forward to take out protein from millions of plants so as to find the parallel of a chicken’s egg. This company has focused on eliminating eggs from the foods which have them currently in the market.

The line of product which Hampton Creek sells is Just Mayo, Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. Many people have appreciated the efforts taken by the company so as to remove eggs and butter from their products which will make them fat free and purely vegetarian. This article is a short review of the company’s mayonnaise: Just Mayo.

Just Mayo

Just Mayo is Hampton Creek’s first ever product.  It is not a conventional mayonnaise where a lot of egg yolk and other oils are used; it is rather made via organic plants and methods of making mayonnaise. It tastes much better than other conventional mayonnaise and also has a much better nutritional and ingredients list.

Here are the ingredients which you get with this product:

  • GMO free Canola oil (Expeller pressed)
  • Pure water
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Around 2% of the following ingredients: Salt, pea protein, apple cider vinegar, organic salt and sugar, food starch, garlic, spices, for preserving freshness calcium disodium EDTA and Beta-carotene.

As you can see Hampton Creek has nowhere used eggs as the base ingredient of this mayonnaise therefore all the vegans have a reason to eat this and also people who do not want an over protein and fat rich product must consider going for this. The other characteristic feature of this product are: it is soy free, gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

The consistency of the mayo is amazing, you do not get that sour taste unlike you get in those typical mayonnaise. The fact that it does not have eggs makes it cholesterol free, which means that you can indulge in having it without any guilt! The price of the product is also cheap; therefore, you need not worry about buying an extra pack or two. You can consume it even after two months from opening; just keep in mind to refrigerate it immediately after opening.

Stephen Hawking Says The World Is On Its Way To A Catastrophic Ending

Stephen Hawking through his writings and speeches says that the world is heading towards a sudden catastrophic end. This should not be an alarm bell to make you get worried. His findings and declarations are very true in deed. However, they will remain true if you and I do not change how we do our things. The declaration that our planet may be headed towards a catastrophic end is aimed for our own good. If you do not know where you are headed to, you won’t be able to correct your misdoings and boost on your strengths.


World bank CEO Mr. Mark Clacker proclaims that for the world to be able to feed the 9 billion projected population by 2050, we need to produce more than twice the food we are producing now. The greenhouse gas effect that results from agriculture today is so enormous that production of anything more than what is being produced now can be a real catastrophe. Unless we revert back to the climate smart traditional agriculture, we will not be able to save the planet but instead plunge it in to a catastrophic ending.

Below are some of the four obstacles enumerated by the World Bank to be solved if saving the world is our priority:

  1. Decades long agreements on Climate change haven’t saved the planet

All along, the talks on climate change have been neglecting the agricultural sector. We need an agreement that touches on agriculture and this would give a triple win on this war. This would lead to Reduction of greenhouse gases, more food production and poverty reduction especially on women and the youth. Sadly enough, these are aspects that are highly being fought by some capitalist cartels and ideologies.

  1. Technological Advancement: Silicon Valley Technology responsible for failing agriculture & food production

Silicon technologies that involve the mobile telephony, cars and other machineries are what many capitalists are interested in. as a result, all the big money are spent on such sectors of technology. Capitalists are no longer interested in the agricultural sector like they did in the 18th, 19th as well as the 20th century. As a result, there are no technological advancements in agriculture. This needs to be improved as we are in great need of very modern agricultural technologies. By the present trend, it is Hawking advice that we start looking for more human space.

3. Carbon emission leader in killing the planet earth: Regulation is paramount

If laws can be enacted where one has to pay for the amounts of carbon their firms and farms release to the environment, many will seek for better and greener farming methods. This would absolutely save the planet from the greenhouse gas effect that we are being faced with today. Otherwise, those Big Oil executives, billionaire car company owners, bankers among others will lead the planet to its catastrophic death bed.

4. Water: 25% of CO2 emissions is as a result of excessive use by agriculture

Too much of the 70% of the fresh water used by agriculture goes to a waste. The agric water is responsible for the generation of 25% of greenhouse gases. By this trend, we will neither be able to feed the 9-10 billion people by 2050 nor have an inhabitable planet.

Scientists and other people a like need to wake up and fight for change or else as Stephen Hawking says, the earth will be on its death bed in the very near future.

5 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Black Beans

Not only do black beans ferry protein goodness, these little legumes also pack a load of other nutrients that are not that well known. Unfortunately, only a decreasing section of the American population is enjoying the health benefits of black beans. Consumption of black beans, and other legumes, continues to tumble as more people opt for fast-to-cook, “more-delicious” fast foods.

black-beans-14522_640 (1)

A Food Science and Human Nutrition study conducted by Michigan State University sufficiently indicates an “inverse relationship” between consumption of black and navy beans and colon cancer. There is more to black beans than first meets the eye.

In this article we examine the nutritional advantages of regularly including black beans in your diet.

  1. A Source of Good Protein and fat

The American Heart Association (AHA) cites black beans as a very good source of low fat and good protein. Compared to other sources of proteins such as meats, black beans supply a good 8 grams of protein and only 1 gram of fats. In fact, for every cup serving of black beans, you get a healthy supply of 213 calories, 14.47g protein and 0.7g fat. So you can eat more and worry less about your waistline.

However, seeing that black beans are a plant-based source of protein, you’ll need to supplement your plate with other protein sources to get all the essential amino acids you need for great health, according to the American Cancer Society.

  1. Act as antioxidants

Until recently, only brightly colored fruits and vegetables were considered to be great detox foods. This is due to their rich phytonutrients content that gives them their bright color. It is now clear that phytonutrients are responsible for the deep dark color on the surfaces of black beans.

Phytonutrients help flash out waste products and give vitality to body tissues.

Also, turtle beans (as they are also named), contain Vitamin C, a natural antioxidants. In fact, a single cup of black beans supplies your body with the full daily recommended intake amount of the vitamin.

A “clean” body means there are less free radicals roaming around cells, effectively putting out possibilities for development of cancer. The presence of resveratrol also helps prevent premature aging and cognitive function decline.

  1. Stimulate your immune system

Black beans (cooked) help improve your body’s defense system to ward off potentially risky infections and downtimes.

One cup (about 170g of black beans) packs 20% iron. Iron deficiency leads to anemia and body weakness since iron helps build hemoglobin, the blood component responsible for transporting oxygen to body tissues. They also consist of B vitamins, phosphorus and manganese which further protect the body against infection.

  1. Protect against cancers

Recent studies on the health benefits of black beans particularly point to colon cancer prevention. Thanks to their 64% foliate and 60% fiber and antioxidant properties, black beans harbor potential for multiple cancers prevention.

Foliate is the nutrient responsible for maintaining healthy DNA, sufficient amounts of which guard against adverse gene mutations – a major cause of cancer growth and development anywhere in the body.

Fiber, on the other hand, promotes healthy bowel movements in the lower gut region, stimulate proper water retention and absorption in the colon, thus preventing dehydration and stimulate optimal working of gut bacteria.

Scientists are currently considering the potency of the bean extract, IP6, for use as a cancer deterrent.

  1. Good for your heart

The high fiber content in black beans acts as a natural appetite suppressant to curb over-indulgence in food. This happens because the human body takes quite a bit to break down fiber, meaning you are likely to feel full faster while eating and thus less likely to pile up many calories eating more food. Also, the fiber in black beans is the soluble type, which recent studies attribute to preventing build-up and actually lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

The less the calories you have to deal with, the better your chances of keeping excess weight and all its complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure, at bay; and the better your heart health.

In short

The National Cancer Institute recommends a weekly serving of 3-4 cups of cooked black beans for good health. That translates to a daily recommended intake of half a cup, according to the 2005 Dietary Guides for Americans.

Fortunately, black beans can be accompanied with a variety of other healthy foods such as rice and spinach. A half cup of black beans a day will surely help keep the doctor away.

Getting many Colds and Flus in the summer?

Here is why you are experiencing more Colds and Flus this summer

Getting a cold or having the flu sucks; especially if you are experiencing it during the season of summer. There are a lot of different reasons as to why you can end up with either a cold or the flu but it happens more than people care to think about.


And on top of that most people who do get sick don’t take care of themselves properly and they also don’t know what really works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting better quicker and even with preventing it.

With that being said it is very important to know that phlegm is very thick in the first place and this is the same thing as the mucus that you find dripping down the back of your throat. This is exactly why a doctor tells someone who is sick to stay away from dairy products and to not drink a lot of milk because it can make the phlegm a lot thicker.


When the phlegm is thicker than it is a lot more irritating to the throat which is worse but one good thing is that is doesn’t cause the body to actually make more phlegm.

Even though milk can cause the phlegm to thicken up and become temporarily worse, other kinds of products that contain dairy are not that bad to consume when sick with a cold or suffering from the flu. In fact, dairy products such as soups that are based with a cream, pudding or even ice cream are good to eat when sick because they are able to provide calories to the body in which the body may not get otherwise because when one is sick, they are lazy and don’t want to eat; and it helps with soothing the throat.


However another aspect that you should be aware of when it comes to dairy products and colds or symptoms of the sinuses being inflamed is that it could be the development of sinusitis. The best way to notice if you or your child has this is to see if there is a flare up with the sinuses or an infection in the ear after consumption of the dairy. Sinusitis is otherwise known as a dairy allergy and if this is something that you believe you may have or that your child may have you should get it checked out as soon as possible.

Overall avoid milk if you have a weakness with dairy or if you are prone to allergies in order to avoid being sick in the summer. Other than milk you should be fine when it comes to dairy products, just keep up with the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essentials to the body in order for it to work properly and to fight off infections and diseases. Eating right and drinking plenty of water are the main basics of staying healthy and not getting the flu or a cold.


SLS Shampoos Are The Reason For Your Bad Hair

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate popularly known as SLS is a detergent, emulsifier and surfactant used in a lot many cosmetic products as well as many of the cleaning agents which we use in your bathrooms and kitchen. SLS is present in almost all products like hair color products, scalp treatment products, shampoos, body cleansers, bleaching agents; make up products, soaps, detergents, toothpastes and others.


SLS is a natural product as it is originated from the inside of a coconut but the problem that comes with SLS is when the manufacturers use the ethoxylation process which results in the contamination of SLS with a cancer causing by-product known as dioxane. SLS is used for its high foaming capacity. You must know that there is another similar product known as Sodium laurite ether sulphate (SLES) which is less harmful than SLS but still can cause damage. SLS is mostly consumed when we shampoo our hair because that is quite frequent in nature. Shampoos containing SLS can cause a lot of damage. We will take you through multiple reasons of why you must avoid using SLS shampoos:

  • IT is the main reason behind your skin irritation when you shampoo. Dandruff sores and dermatitis is mainly caused due to SLS shampoos.
  • The shampoo which drains out after usage contaminates the ground water and is highly toxic to aquatic animals like fish and then these fishes are consumed by us later on.
  • We use a pesticide for shampooing because SLS has been categorized as a pesticide for organic farming. It is hazardous for environment.
  • Taking shower in hot water makes SLS shampoos emit sodium oxides as well as sulfur oxides which are highly toxic in nature.
  • SLS is capable of eroding proteins and fats which are necessary for our skin and hair.
  • If used for a longer period of time or maybe a longer term then these SLS particles can permeate our skin, brain and tissues causing serious damage to us.
  • Cataract in adults and poor visual capacity of children is attributed due to SLS products, this is why after a long term of usage of SLS shampoos many women start to develop cataract at an age of 50 and above.
  • SLS is the primary reason behind hair fall and dandruff. Manufacturers claim that SLS shampoos will help penetrate anti dandruff elements inside your scalp but this isn’t the truth, it actually enhances damage caused to hair.
  • SLS make our body cells highly vulnerable to elements which can later on penetrate our body with ease.

These were the many reasons why SLS containing shampoos cause damage to your hair like excessive dandruff, premature graying, greasiness etc. You must rather prefer going for SLS free shampoos which are completely organic in nature and do not cause any harm to your hair, skin and environment. Such shampoos are easily available online and are highly recommended for people who are suffering from hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall etc. These shampoos can be used regularly without any such side effects and are more effective than those SLS containing shampoos.