I am going to quit on pizza

I have a confession to make. I am badly addicted to pizza. what can I do? I just can’t help it when I pass by any pizza place and smell that lovely smell of fresh dough and cheese I just have to grab a tray and eat it all by my self.

I am posting here for the last time some pictures of my favorite pizzas (at least the way that I like to see a pizza) and this will be the memorial of my pizza eating days. I read enough that it’s really bad for you and even that it is addictive in a way. something about casa morphine in the cheese that makes me hooked on it.

Now I am sure you have heard about the guy who survived on pizza for 25 years!

This guy used to be my hero but actually I realize now that on this one guy there are so many other people who suffer from high cholesterol because of this habbit. and besides that’s lazy food and I am on my way of becoming to lazy anyway. so this blog post will be my commitment to you. dear readers (even though I still don’t have to may readers whatever).

Anyway my mother always told me that when you want to make a promise to yourself make one in front of more than one person so they will remember it and you will be more motivated to go for it.

So here it goes rest in peace pizza box or rest in somebody else hands but not in mine!




Thanks to these guys for the pictures:

Navin Rajagopalanhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/navin75/1415492210/

Joe’s Pizza Texas A & M University Campus,

pizza king albany