What You Need to Remember to Deal With Loss in Life


A loss in life is a part of life. It is inevitable and can never be foreseen. Loss in life can be compared to a “fortuitous event” which means that it is an event or occurrence which cannot be foreseen, and if foreseen it is inevitable. The lack of healthy measures in coping loss in life can be very exacerbating, especially when the loss one experiences is so drastic that his life is dependent on the one whom he had lost. Below are some of the ideas you need to remember when dealing with loss in life.


Adapt And Move On


It is never made arguments that once a person lost someone or something, he will never completely gets over or forget about it. Because of the fact that someone deer to you is no longer within your reach, you will always remember the thought you had before. However, the best way to do is just to collect all those memories, store in a special place, adapt to the environment without him, and move on with your life. Just bear in mind that life will never wait for you. Don’t waste a moment dreading at something or someone.


Focus On Yourself


Remember that the person you cared about whom you just lost doesn’t want that you harm yourself in whatever manner. Dreading over your loss for a day is enough. You need to program your brain before sleeping that you need to move on the next day because nothing will happen if you just sit in front of your television eating the whole box of ice cream.


Do what you love. Go out of your comfort zone, invite some friends, and do an adventure. You need to explore something new in order to get your mind off the grid. You can take some “time off” from your work and enjoy the wonders that the world can offer you. Release all those stress you have been collecting for several years and build a new life for yourself and for the benefit of your loved ones.


Opening Up Is Not A Weakness


Opening up the topic of you have to lose someone is unavoidable and someone who doesn’t want to listen to you does not deserve you. Just remember that you bring up the topic only once in a while. Embracing the loss will help you overcome and move on from it.


Eliminate Further Conversations


Although you really want to talk about the experiences you had before, you must remember that it is really okay no to want to talk about those experiences. Reminiscing the past is sometimes helpful because you get to recall all those happy memories, but, it is never healthy to reminisce it all throughout the day. Life is a roller coaster; you have to deal with the ups and downs.


Friends Till The End


Your friends will always be your friends no matter what. Don’t forget to ask comfort from them. Never be afraid to reach out because you will never know that what you need to move on is just them.





How To Budget Your Student Loans And Make It Alive To The Other Side

A student loan, which originally aims to help students pay for their university tuition, living expenses and other mandatory stuffs such as books and stationeries, on the other side may cause heavy burden for the aforesaid students even long after graduation. Student loan debts have gotten worse in the recent years that New York Fed economists have issued warning that such burden of student loan debt may cause stilt customer spending especially with people within the age range of 20-somethings. In a bigger picture, it may hamper the recovery of housing markets and the economy.


If you do not experience from having such debt, or if you do not have even the slightest idea on how much money these students could owe, just be sure that it is massive. Student loans can go higher than a 100 thousand dollars in which the debt causes suffering in their lives. They have to plan carefully in paying the money back in a way that does not interfere with how their life should progress. If you are one of these students who are burdened with a massive amount of student loans, here are some ways to budget your student loans and how to make it alive to the other side:


Know About Your Loans


In order to be able to set up a proper strategy to budget and repay it, you need to understand well about your loan. It starts with knowing the exact party whom you owe the loan to, and how much you owe, and further you should also know the exact terms and conditions of your loans. You need to find out which repayment plans are allowed to be applied in your loans, and whether or not your loans are eligible for an unemployment deferment or an economic hardship deferment. In addition, you also need to know about the interest rate for each loans in which it can help you in considering other things, such as a loan consolidation in order to obtain a lower interest rate. Listing down all the things you know about each and every one of your loans may help, because then you will be able to see more clearly about which loans should be prioritized first or whether you are able to save some money before putting it all to pay your student loans.


Start Early And Get Used To Pay


Student loans actually give you a certain amount of time before you need to start paying loans after your graduation. If you are still in the aforesaid stage, you may want to make use of this time to contemplate about your loans and the options which follow. Save whatever you will be paying on your loans and put it into a savings account to initiate your emergency fund, as it will provide you with the money to fall back on if you lose your job or face costly unexpected expenses. As an added bonus, you will be used to putting aside a certain amount of money which include your loan repayments so that when the time comes you will not face any difficulty in budgeting the repayment and putting some money aside.


Choose A Repayment Plan


Different repayment plans are available for different types of loans, and therefore you need to identify which loans belong to which repayment plans. For instance, an income based repayment plan is applicable for federal loans in which the monthly payments are lower compared to the regular Standard Repayment Plan. If your total debt is bigger than your annual salary, you have a higher chance to qualify for an income based repayment plan. The income based repayment plan is also tailored specifically to your income and your family size, causing it to be more manageable and flexible compared to repayment plans which is not customized. Additionally, enrolling to the income based repayment plan will help you to avoid delinquency and default, although at the end of the day you are likely to pay more compared to what you would pay on a Standard Repayment Plan since you are lengthening the time period of payment.


Consider Consolidation For Your Loan


One of the ways which can cause your student loans debt to be more manageable is by getting a consolidation for your loan. Consolidating your loan will get you a lower interest rate, and as a bonus it will also help you by making things such as bookkeeping and planning easier because your multiple loans become conjoined into one payment. As a result, you will less likely to forget your payment deadlines which may cost you late fees as well as credit issues. However, you must also remember and take note that there are certain borrower benefits which may be lost due to consolidation, such as the opportunity to claim for loan forgiveness, deferments or even an income based repayment plan. For that reason, a lot of experts actually warn you to never consolidate your private loans with your federal loans. As a conclusion, consolidation is worth to consider however make sure that you understand all terms and conditions as well as the consequences thoroughly prior to deciding.


Stick With Your Budget



After careful calculation of how much you will need to save and spend in order to pay for your student loans, you should give your best effort to stick with it. Avoid spending too much and decrease costs wherever possible. Share an apartment with a friend, take carpool to work, walk whenever possible and be ‘cheap’ with your cellular phone and electricity bills. Although it may feel like you are continuing to live like a broke college kid who you used to be, but decreasing your budget and sticking with it will actually help a lot when it comes to paying off your student debt.



Sign Up For Other Services To Get Benefits


There are services which you can sign up for to obtain certain benefits with regards to your student loans. One of the services which is beneficial for you and your student loan debt would be the auto debit. Signing up for an auto debit will actually offer small reduction of your interest rate. Although it is not significant, but it may be worth signing up for. Signing up for an auto debit service will also prevent you from paying late and getting costly late fees or negative effect to your credit report. Another service which can give you benefits would be Upromise; however, this only applies if your loan is serviced by Sallie Mae. Upromise links directly to your loans in which it will help to pay down existing debt. For each time that you shop (online or in-store, and even when dining and traveling), you can just click through their links and obtain a small percentage of cash back to be used directly toward your student loan. You can also ask help from your friends or family members to register their cards as well, because it will increase the money which is applied towards your debt.


Learn About Loan Forgiveness Options


Student loan forgiveness option is basically a method to make your student loan debt ‘forgiven’. If you have spare time to volunteer, you can join the federal program which allows you to obtain forgiveness for your student debt loan in exchange for assistance for those working in public and often non-profit service jobs. Not having the time to volunteer but actually considering to move? You may choose to move to Kansas or Detroit which offers added incentive to your loan forgiveness option if you fulfill a certain criteria when you relocate there. Furthermore, if you have always been into military trainings and army, you may consider to pursue a serious career there because it comes with many opportunities for student loan forgiveness.


Find A Job Which Pays Off



If your budget is still very tight to meet your student loan payment, consider to take overtime hours, part-time jobs or even freelancing if it is not possible for you to search for a job which gives higher salary. Many of career streams which come with the highest amount of student loan debt also comes with an opportunity to get the aforesaid loans canceled by working in certain jobs. Different with a loan forgiveness option, some employers may give the offer of student debt repayment as part of the employment incentive, and if not there are various opportunities in law enforcement, education, or non-profit organizations which offer a student loan cancellation option.


Be Aware Of Consequences


Bear in mind that ignoring your student loans can cause your credit score to be bad, it can garnish your wages and tax returns and if it is so severe it can cause you to deal with debt collection agents as well as receiving lawsuits. Once a loan is in default, you can lose a lot of your borrower benefits forever. If you are really having a hard time to pay it, apply for a deferment option or call your private lender to see if you can negotiate an alternative payment plan.


Setup Your Personal Finance Goals – Especially If You R A Freelancer

Being a successful freelancer really requires the ability to manage money and finances because not only you will have to do your own bookkeeping and record each one of your tasks, you will also need to stay on top of your finances also. Reaching the point where income flow is steady will take a lot of time, in which until then you will need to make a habit to be in control with your money. For that reason, you will also need to set out detailed personal finance goals for yourself aside from setting other goals for your business to develop and thrive. Do whatever it is that you need to do. Whether you are more comfortable with brainstorming with flowcharts or with dot-points, or whether you want to do anything else in planning and setting your targets as an aspiring freelancer. Set realistic and achievable goals, and if you still do not have a clue about what you want to put in your list here are some personal finance goals which are applicable for your finance management as a freelancer:


Continuously Saving Money


It is important to save money mentioning the nature of freelancing job which lacks in stability and predictability. Push yourself to do it, and make it uncomfortable because if you are still comfortable with the amount that you are putting aside for savings chances are you are not saving enough. Set goals to increase your savings rate by a certain amount for every month, and if you cannot do so you may want to review your passive income sources. Having other passive income sources will definitely help in tackling your uncertain freelancing income, in which if you do not know what to do you can sell things that you no longer use or need in order to increase your savings amount. Make sure that your passive income stream is distinguished from your freelance income streams, because you may need to allocate different income streams for different needs. The most preferable option would be to allocate your passive income stream as an emergency savings account whereas your freelance income stream would serve as the source to pay for your daily expenses.


Decrease Expenses And Invest Instead


This is a no-brainer, but actually making a goal to decrease your expenses will actually help significantly because people lose a lot of money in their spending and miscellaneous investments without realizing it. Rather than spending your money into something that does not have a selling value, make sure that you put your money into valuable investments with a low risk at hand. Never be tempted to listen to those investment agents which promise a fast and huge return on certain investment, because you may in reality be walking towards a high-risk investment. Browse through different investment plans and return scenarios to get a clearer idea of what you can obtain. You can read different articles and books on finding low risk high return investments, but be aware that low risk investments usually result in a lower return since you are not exposed to that much of a risk from the beginning.


Save For Particular Purposes



Aside from saving money regularly and start decreasing your expenses, you can also list down specific targets which can contribute to your personal finance goals. This includes plans to buy a new house, intentions to pay for your children’s college tuition fees, or lifelong dream of going on a major extravagant vacation in the Bahamas with your loved one. In order to make the goal realistic, put it down in a list along with the estimated amount which you will need as well as the target due date for the amount to be already collected at hand. Consequently, you can calculate how much money you should set aside per month or per week in order to meet that target. If the target due date is scheduled to be several years from the planning, you can also choose to put the money into investment accounts in order to get more interest rather than just leaving it in a regular savings account.


Keep Track Of Targets and Performance


Setting up targets will be useless if you never keep track of how far it is for you to achieve such targets. It is vital to identify a target which keeps you focused, and it is also important to review your current performance against the aforesaid target. You can set up targets which reflect your own achievement; however, you can also set external targets such as your competitor’s achievement or for example the NASDAQ index. In monitoring your target fulfillment and performance it is also important to focus on the scalability of your business as a whole rather than just one-time profit or revenue. Focusing on one-time profit income will be inefficient and unwise. For that reason, by monitoring your current performance as well as incoming opportunities and reflect it with your target’s due date and direction, you will be able to focus more on your businesses profitability in the long run.



Pay Off High-Interest Debt


Ideally, you should deal with any other debts or loans which require you to pay more than 10 percent interest as soon as possible. Different strategies may be applied in paying these loans because if you are not careful it may end up taking all of your money away in such a short while. If you happen to have several different loans or debts at the same time, never pay them all at the same time. What you can do to handle all these loans or debts would be to rank them in accordance with the interest rate that you are paying. If you are not sure about the interest rate of these loans or debts, there is a high chance that you will find them in the lending contract, or else you can always call your provider and have them explain the terms to you. Consequently, start off by paying off the loan which has the highest interest rate and keep on pushing on that one. At the same time, pay the minimum amount on the remaining loans and debts until the first highest one is settled. Once you have finished with the first one, move on to the next one on the list and continue to move down through all of the listed loans or debts until you got every single one of it paid off.


Arrange A Retirement Plan



If you do not realize it yet, retirement will be really costly even though it is still a long way away if you are still in your twenties. Building up an emergency fund which covers six month worth of your living expenses is difficult especially due to the nature of your freelancing job, now imagine that you have to plan for at least ten to twenty years worth of living expenses in which you will not be able to work much more and as a result the responsibility lies in the younger you. On a similar note, old age most likely comes with a lot of diseases and health problems which will be very costly but necessary at the same time. So as a result, you would want your retirement period to be happy and relaxed without all the economic hardships which you may have suffered when you were younger, and therefore you really need to plan it well.

Open special accounts such as the Individual Retirement Arrangement if you live in the United States to really prepare for your retirement. In a lot of countries, these special accounts are also featured with tax breaks as well as other financial incentives and as a result you will be able to feel its benefits in the long run.


Minimize Tax Payment


You need to set a goal to minimize tax payment if what you are paying for taxes is roughly the same as what you are saving annually, if not more. It is not easy to minimize your tax payment; it definitely requires some effort and time. There are a lot of options which you can choose in order to minimize your tax payment as a freelancer but different options may be available in different countries. For instance, if you happen to reside in the United States, you can obtain the maximum amount of your 401K or an Individual Retirement Account and put as much money as possible into it to get a tax cut. You can also opt to make use of the mortgage interest shield. Furthermore, since United States consists of 50 different states, you may also consider to move to a tax friendlier state if there is really no other way out. Another method would be to take advantage of the tax incentives, in which the applicable example would be United Kingdom’s Individual Savings Account which allow you to save a huge sum of money by having a year completely free of tax. Learn more about different tax payment systems in your country, and minimize them as much as you can.








Adele Should Be Everyone’s Best Friend and Role Model!

The sales of Adele’s latest album release called “25” have skyrocketed, reaching a historical 3 million copies sold within one week. Besides being an extraordinarily talented singer, Adele is also a model of determination, passion and authenticity. Reflecting upon her words of wisdom can shift one’s perspective on how to live a fulfilling life. Businesses, marketers and regular people alike can benefit from studying Adele’s road to the top of the charts. Let’s see what valuable lessons we can take from her success.


Embrace failure

Even though, at some point, you didn’t succeed, at least you tried your best. There’s no reason to dwell on your past failures as long as you’ve put all the time and effort into achieving that particular goal. There’s always room for improvement.

Our choices define our lives, so we should not be ashamed of them. Even when we make wrong decisions that affect our lives profoundly in one way or another, we need to draw conclusions from those unfortunate situations and regard them as opportunities to grow.

Value people

Adele’s lyrics reflect her out of the box mindset. Society encourages us to value material possessions more than people, so it’s very easy to fall into this trap, especially when you are struggling with low self-confidence and constantly seeking the approval of others.

Adele backs the idea that each one of us can make the world a better place by spreading love and kindness. We all have the power to bring about positive change, just that we are too afraid to walk down this path.

Be yourself

The truth is that it takes a lot of courage to stay unique in a world where everyone strives to be exactly as the rest. Trying to adapt to society’s expectations is plainly wrong because you consciously limit your creative capacity. Not attempting to stand out from the crowd will cease personal growth and affect your career negatively.

Have you ever wondered how, unlike other artists, Adele makes millions of people purchase a hard copy of her music? The answer is simple: her singing reflects authenticity because it actually comes from deep within. Through her songs we gain insight into her past experiences and we resonate with them.

This is the number one rule for entrepreneurs who want to propel their businesses forward: do not follow the trend. Seek to break the mold. That’s why start-up companies who place emphasis on innovation are often successful.

Take action

Dreaming is beautiful, it can provide the necessary motivation to get you back on track, but when you spend most of your time absent-minded, longing for things that are never going to happen if you don’t put in effort, you risk to lose focus of the bigger picture.

Adele’s career is the ultimate proof that being driven by passion is the only way you can achieve greatness. When you engage in activities that are in alignment with your joy, you are the most productive. Follow your instincts and do not seek permission from others to reach your dreams.




9 Reasons Why Working for a Start-Up Leads to Career Success

College graduates are often faced with a dilemma: should one aim for a corporate job, or should he focus his efforts on landing a start-up job? At first glance, entering the corporate world is a great idea because of the financial security provided by high paychecks, but you should also take into account the long-term benefits of working for a start-up. If you are willing to put in hard work, being a start-up employee will pay off in the long run. You will gain a set of skills and qualities that a big corporate office won’t teach you.


1.You perform different tasks

A startup employee will most certainly have multiple roles within the company, some requiring ingenuity and unconventional thinking. This will teach one with little to none previous work experience how to see things in perspective. On the other hand, a corporate environment involves having to focus on fewer responsibilities. Your role is narrower, so once you get used to everyday routine, your creativity won’t be pushed to the limit anymore.

Also, wearing different hats and taking part in various kinds of projects will broaden your horizons and qualify you for a wide range of other future careers.

2.You have influence

Those with a degree in management tend to have unrealistic expectations regarding the authority they will be given within a multinational company. The truth is that your influence will be inexistent, so you will have a hard time climbing the career ladder. If your boss is the CEO, chances are you will never reach that position.

Stat-ups lack hierarchy, so your business ideas and opinions will weigh a lot more. Also, more freedom of speech and action generates meaningful, out of the box ideas.

3.You will be surrounded by visionaries

People who have the guts to start their own businesses stand out from the crowd with their open-mindedness. Within a start-up company you interact directly with these sorts of individuals, so you can take note of how they approach difficult situations.

4. You learn how to live on a budget

Indeed, money is tight when you work at start-up. This shouldn’t bother you too much because you will have more time to focus on personal growth, rather than overspending on expensive stuff we are tricked into buying.

5.You improve social skills

The misconception that success is achieved alone dominates most people’s mindsets. Maybe, at some point, you will want to change careers or start your own business. Being a people’s person is a crucial life skill that you need to display in order to achieve the high status you aim for.

Start-up companies are great places where one can enhance teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills.


Individuals who exhibit sigs of reluctance to change are those who succumb to society’s expectations and seek the approval of others. Working for a startup business requires fast adaptability to new ideas, technologies and situations.

7.You understand the true meaning of hard work

At a start-up, success depends solely on a small group of people. For that reason, the whole team needs to put a lot of time and effort into moving the business forward.

8.The work environment is awesome

You get the chance to be yourself. There are no written or unwritten rules with regard to clothing. From this point of view, you do not get to do things that are not in alignment with your joy. A structured environment, such as the corporate one, will shape one’s personality in a bad way.

9. You will take pride in what you do

The money incentive is so powerful for some individuals that they give up on their happiness. Corporate life equals routine, which is exactly what those who want to lead an exciting life should strive to stay away from.







8 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Pixar Movies

Beyond clichés and scenes that are meant to make us laugh, some Pixar movies are actually full of words of wisdom that can inspire children and grown-ups alike. If you overlooked on the message they try to convey, watch the movies again and reflect.


Disney cartoons have repeatedly proven that sometimes they manage to teach valuable life lessons that regular movies can’t provide. Parents should try harder to instill those principles into their children. Here are a few examples of thoughtful Pixar movies and what they teach us.

Defeat is not an option

In “Finding Nemo”, Dory, the blue fish, is a model of positivity, dedication and determination. Just as the sea is full of sharks and all sorts of other dangers, the road to success is packed with obstacles we need to overcome. Successful people fight their way out of rough situations no matter how hard things get.

Don’t dwell on the past

Edna from “The Incredibles” teaches us not to let our past anchor us down. Betrayal, loss or major failures can affect one’s capacity to focus on the present. Unfortunate past events are sometimes so difficult to let go of, that can even lead to suicidal thoughts. However, self-discipline is crucial when it comes to overcoming a painful past. Don’t let a series of bad experiences get in the way of personal and professional growth.


“Up” is a movie that those who are fed up with everyday routine should watch. It offers a very practical advice: be more adventurous. It seems like the modern man forgot how to make his life more exciting. Having a routine is good because it provides structure, but you need to strike a balance: break free from it when you feel like you’ve had enough monotony.

Keep learning

Even though at the present moment you are not able to perform a specific activity, if you put in the effort to improve, progress will occur. Humans need constant mental stimulation, that’s why continuous learning is an essential part of self-development. In the cartoon movie “A Bug’s life”, Flick’s sayings are full of wisdom: when you lack experience and skill, keep bettering yourself and at the right time you will be able to overcome any barriers you couldn’t manage to get over in the past.

Embrace hardships

The truth is that we like our comfort zones more than we should. Running away from difficult situations makes us insecure, fearful, and weak. With no hardships to overcome, progress can’t be achieved. This is exactly what the Chinese Emperor from “Mulan” referred to.

Believe in yourself

Self-doubt can make one feel miserable. Maybe he has the necessary skills, but due to a lack of belief in himself, he will never end up doing remarkable things. Pooh used to underestimate his abilities, but Christopher Robbin taught him a meaningful life lesson: each one of us has the potential to climb mountains, but you just need to have a little more faith in yourself.

Be yourself

Trying to adapt to society’s demands will limit your creativity and prevent you from living a fulfilling life. In Pixar movies the protagonists always try to change their mindsets because of powerful external influences .However, in the end, the main character is lead to a very interesting conclusion: it is not worth to change your personality due to other people’s preferences.

Have courage

Merida, the feminine protagonist from “Brave” has proven that each one of us decides his own fate. Sometimes a little bravery to take matters into our own hands is exactly what we need. Not listening to your inner voice and doing things half-heartedly will never bring happiness.










10 Ways To Let The Bud Of Creativity Blossom In Your Mind

Creativity seems to be something some people are born with and others have to work diligently to find. We’ve put together a list of 10 ways that you can use to help boost your creativity for any project, whether it is for fun, for a job, or for other aspects of your life. Check them out below!


  1. Learn From A Child

Kids have no abandon when it comes to play and they tend to be incredibly imaginative and creative. As an adult we are reserved and it is harder to be creative and truly open. Take the time to learn from them and incorporate it into your creative output.


  1. Daydream

Instead of filling those empty moments in the day with your phone or other technology, let your mind wander. Put your head on your palm and gaze away into nothingness, let your mind go where it naturally does.


  1. Write Your Thoughts

Take the time every week to just write. Don’t have a plan or a goal; just write your thoughts until everything that was in your head is on the paper. You can read it later and critique it, but most importantly, just keep writing.


  1. Have A Purpose

Unless you are purposely writing about whatever comes to mind, have a purpose in mind. Make it crystal clear to yourself about what you are trying to create. Even if you are working on a large project, define a goal for that one sitting and make sure you accomplish it.


  1. Challenge Yourself

This is an important one. Staying within your comfort zone is great, but it doesn’t push you to be better. If you stretch yourself and work on things you might not be so good at, you’ll see the improvements and know that your hard work is truly paying off. You should still practice those things you’re good at, just not all the time.


  1. Distraction Free

Working while you are continuously distracted or disturbed is difficult. You cannot get into the right mindset where the creative juices are flowing if you constantly have to turn the volume down on the tv or you are answering phone calls. Unnecessary interruptions ruin your creative state of mind and bring you out of whatever zone you have created. Work to minimize those distractions.


  1. Make It Personal

When you work on something creative, instead of it just being for the sake of doing it or for a job, find personal value in the work. What does this work mean to you? The motive doesn’t need to be complex, but the more you are invested into it, the more you will enjoy creating something that is worth being there.



  1. Have A Handy Notebook

Keep something with you that you are able to take notes in, jot down an idea that comes to you, or when you see something you might be interested in. Write it down in your notebook and give it a little context. That way when you go back to look at it, you know where you were sort of heading and you can easily fall back into that creative state.


  1. Lists

Try making lists of things that go together or things that share one or two items in common. Give the list a theme or make it lead from one place to the next. You’ll generate connections between items or ideas that you might want to use later for the basis of something.


  1. Give Yourself A Conducive Environment

The next time you are at a work meeting, try to be creative in something other than work. Difficult right? The best environment for creativity is one that fits you personally. It will take some time to develop, but with some practice, you’ll find an environment that boosts your creativity.