Wu Yao – A Powerful Healing Asian Herb

Wu Yao, also known as Lindera Root is a Chinese plant that has very powerful healing properties. It is recommended particularly for people in their 30s because it slows down aging. Besides this ability, Wu Yao is good to maintain a healthy body and it is said to help people with diabetes, bladder problems or other diseases. Let’s go deeper into analyzing this herb.


Where does it come from?

Lindera roots grow in China, Japan and Korea. Wu Yao plants are 3 to 9 feet in height and they have red berries. The root is the part that has medical purposes. After they are harvested, the roots get sliced and dried out.

There are a large number of plants and medicines that come from the Far East and which have incredible healing capabilities. Unfortunately some of them cannot be found on Western markets. Lindera root is one of those Asian herbs that can cure a wide range of diseases and strengthen a weakened body.

Blood pressure and circulation

Increased blood pressure is a disease many have to deal with nowadays because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Recent studies have proven Wu Yao’s capabilities to adjust blood pressure and enhance cardiac function.

Overall fatigue

Feelings of exhaustion are very common amongst those individuals who suffer from depression. Lindera acts as anti-depressant due to its stimulatory effect on the cerebral cortex.

Anti-inflammatory effect

This shrub reduces pain and swelling. Therefore, it can be used as a natural remedy for arthritis and joint issues.

Frequent urination and enuresis

Lindera is famous for being able to provide adequate bladder support and to enhance bladder tone thus healing urinary system disorders. When used together with gangal it is said to give the best results. Many bladder medicines available on the market have lindera root as a main ingredient.

Digestive problems

Ulcers and gastritis are caused by inadequate alimentation and bad habits like alcoholism or smoking. Wu Yao is a great treatment for digestive issues including stomachaches, ulcers and gastritis.


Wu Yao contains a mixture of antioxidants (honokiol, magnolol, apigenin, etc.) which have a wide range of positive effects on the human body. Its capacity to decelerate the aging process is probably the most impressive. In addition, antioxidants will help one’s body to dispose of free radicals and repair damaged DNA portions.


The recommended dose is 3 to 10 grams a day, depending on how severe the disease you are trying to cure is. Lindera roots should be boiled slowly and the beverage resulted should be drunk on a daily basis. Another alternative is the oral administration of pills, capsules or powders containing this substance.

If you don’t suffer from anything and you just want to stay healthy, you could replace the morning tea with a drink containing Lindera.

Combining this wildly growing shrub with other Chinese medicines is a great way to speed up the healing process of abdominal pain, hernia, bladder issues, bloating, enuresis, etc.

Other considerations

The treatment should not be longer than 10 days. For some individuals it may work better than for others, so if results are not as expected, make a small pause of a few weeks and then resume the treatment for another ten days. It is essential to combine Lindera with other medicinal plants in order to maximize the results.

Also, people following prescribed medicines for blood pressure should consult a licensed health care practitioner before starting any sort of natural treatment.

Side effects

No side effects have been recorded. However, even though there is no previous evidence of side effects caused by Wu Yao, pregnant woman should stop the intake of this medicine until they give birth.


5 Top Reasons For Low Conversion Rate In Your E-Commerce Business

Are you running an online store? Do you have problems trying to increase your sales? If the answer to the both questions is yes, then, you are reading the right article. You will be happy with the conversion rate in your e-commerce business as long as you don’t experience that losing end. To some people a fairly common conversion rate would be either 1% or 2%. Here are the top reasons why you are experiencing low conversion rate.


Low Quality Product Images, Descriptions, And Product Videos

In every e-commerce business, one must know the perfect angle of the product and the perfect resolution to give your photo a catchy and vibrant color. Buyers normally purchase a product mostly because it looks good and of course, it has good quality. People tend to get attracted to images and they want to see what exactly are they getting or purchasing. No matter how good the quality, if the image is not appealing to the eyes, buyers would normally result to other options.

Use a high-quality camera and take a picture of the product’s every angle so that the customer can see it as if he is looking at it personally. If you can add an image wherein the product is zoomed in, it will be much better.

In matters relating to the description of the product, it is only wise to know every detail so that you can include it in the description section. Curious buyers tend to focus more on the description of the product; thus, you need to make a statement that can be very appealing to them. You need to put in all the advantages and the benefits they will acquire if they purchase this certain item.

Enough information of the product will help convince the curious customers to purchase the product because it is the right thing. Clarity of the product usually leads to persuasion of the customer. There are guides on how to write the best sales copy that will surely attract your customers into your business.

In writing your product description, you must have a concise version, as well, as, a long version. Place the concise version on top of the long version, so that customers who are in a hurry or those who hates reading long paragraphs can just read the concise version.

If you have more time and you really want your conversion rates to tremendously rise, you can include product videos. A lot of people get attracted with teasers or short videos and would most likely result of buying or purchasing the product based on the videos or teasers being presented.

Images may contribute greatly to your sale, but videos work miraculously. Through these videos or teasers, the purchasers will be able to actually feel and see the results of the product.

If You Can, Customize And Don’t Charge For Shipping

Tons of people like originality. Everyone wants to be unique in whatever manner they can. Therefore, customization of your product will help entice your customers to buy. Aside from the fact that it will attract your customers because of the product’s uniqueness, it can also be fun on your part. You enable yourself to test your creativity skills and you can create some kind of ownership in the products you are selling. It will make you feel better because you know that you have worked hard on it and you made use of your talent.

Most interested buyers do not purchase products online because of the high-cost of shipping fee. If you can find ways on how to eliminate it, do it. You can even just include the shipping fee in the prices itself so that it will not be that visible in the eyes of the buyers.

Experts in online business even consider shipping fees as a conversion rate killer. Purchasers are normally driven away from it because they are not willing enough to pay for the charged fee, even if they are very much interested in the product you are selling.

On the other hand, according to Chris Anderson in his book “Free”, there was a time where Amazon had implemented a free shipping offer. The sales of Amazon amazingly went up in every country. But, despite of these advantages, it is you who can judge whether you will implement a free or cheap shipping fee for your customers.

No Sales And Specials Section

This section will aid your customers in looking into the new and trending products you have. It will make the life of those customers who are always fond of following the trend. According to the E-tailing group study, there are about 42% of the total online buyers who would buy products which are discounted and about 62% of them will buy from sales and specials section.

It is always good to see when you can determine easily the products which are on sale so that when your buyers are tight on their budget, they only need to look at the sales section.

No Shopping Cart

Allow your customers to have a shopping cart so that they can easily scan the products they have decided to buy when they were short on their budget. Most individuals who shop online tend to have a shopping cart in every online shopping site they visit.

You can also provide for a setting like “save the cart”, so that when the products contents in the shopping cart have expired, what your customers need to do is just to revisit their shopping cart.

Limited Payment Options and No Suggestion Section

Never limit the payment options for your customers because it will only drive them away. Payment option aside from credit cards such as PayPal and Amazon Payments will help you gain more customers. The reason for this is that customers with credit cards don’t normally type in their details in order to avoid any scam. It is hard for them to trust an online site because once the amount in their credit card is stolen; they know that they will have a hard time getting it back.

You need to give high importance to your customer because without them, your online business would be nothing. It is important to show to your customers that you care for them and that any suggestions or criticisms will be gladly accepted. It will also provide a venue for you to realize your mistakes and think of better solutions to improve your online business.

When Videos Sound Like Success: 5 Tips To Find The Right Voice-Over Talent

Are you into video marketing? Do you love creating videos and present it to the public? If yes, you need to think about or scout for the perfect voice-over talent. No one should underestimate the true power of voice-over because it will truly make a difference. It will take you more time to tweak or edit the audio of your video if you don’t have that right voice-over. Time, effort, and money will have to be wasted. You don’t want to do that. It is better to be sure or precise with your intent rather than risking all of that. Here are some of the 5 tips to find that right voice-over talent.


Decide What You Want

From the very beginning, you must decide on how your video project would sound in order to avoid any time consuming editing or tweaking of your audio. Choosing the kind of sound for your video project is never a knee jerk decision. While you are in the process of writing down the script for your project, it is highly recommended that you should start thinking of the right sound that can make your video unique and breathtaking to the audience.

You can also provide a lot of choices, from there; you can decide which sound is best for your project. Sending of samples to your friends and family will also work to your advantage. You will be able to acquire several feedbacks to improve the type of sound.

There will also come a time that you will hear the right or a perfect voice immediately. But, sometimes you won’t. Thus, it is important that you should never give up, especially when you can’t find any. Don’t worry, it will always come after the long search.

Pick An Appealing Voice

As what was said, there will come a time that you will right away hear the perfect voice. If not, narrow down your demographics to achieve your target. An example would be, if you are targeting a male demographic, what you need is a female voice, and vice versa. You need to address your audience with the right appealing voice.

Audio And Format Matching

In finding the right voice-over talent, you need to match your audio with the right format. Viewers can be very choosy. They choose the video they want to see depending on their expectations which are normally coupled with different formats. It is not only wise to disregard this matter.

Some viewers like it when the videos sound a bit of educational at the same time interesting. For website animations or demos, the viewers tend to choose or divert their attention on male voices. It is also noteworthy that you use a consistent voice every time you create a video with the same series or styles.

Free Mind

Open your mind to all the possibilities and criticisms. Although you already decided to stick to that perfect idea you had from the moment you started, your idea may be changed when you hear another voice.

If you want your video to stand out, you need to adapt a different and a more classic and original voice. A different or new video will attract more viewers compared to those which are cliché. Production of videos has a lot of competitors because numerous videos become viral nowadays and it is all because of their uniqueness and distinct performances.

There are also individuals who are looking for videos which are traditional or can bring back the culture they once had. You must see to it that the voice-over actor you chose will give the viewers what they want.

Don’t Forget That You Are Working With Talent

When you are working with talent, you have to make use of it. Let him read the script over and over again until he gets it. You also need to bear in mind that they are just humans and humans are never perfect. Give them a chance to show off their talents and to reach your expectations. You may have a lot of options, but these options often run out if you do not know how to handle individuals.

Be considerate and understand every concern as you can in order to help him, as well as, your production. By aiding and teaching those who strive hard for the success of the video production will absolutely lead to your advantage.

Need a Domain for Your Next Project? Check Out CompanyName.com

For a business, one of the most important branding factors is the business name. Name, for any business, serves like a face. The name conveys the message of the business, aware people about the business and serves as the first, and perhaps, most effective marketer of the business. The name is the first branding of your business that creates first and very impression. Now it depends on the name that what sort of branding it creates and what message it conveys.


Choosing a Right Name for Your Business

Choosing a right name for your business can be painful process. If you do not know your way around words, there are good chances that you will choose a not-so-great name for your business. A perfect business name appears from the intersection of word skills and knowledge about the business being named. If you have both skills, the pain for finding a perfect name is worth taking; if you don’t ask someone like CompanyName to come up with an excellent name.

As the name suggests, the CompanyName eases the process of name selection. Not only you are freed from the process of learning word skills and thinking philosophically about your business, you also get well-researched name that you can pick at the instance and start branding your business with the name.

Parameters Associated With Business Name Selection

There are certain parameters associated with business name selection as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in business naming. CompanyName provides the new entrepreneurs with a wide range of names. As the collection is huge, there is surely a perfect name for your business listed there. Whether you are tech start-up, a florist or an artist with unique creation, you can find your perfect branding with the CompanyName. They have a stock of more than 1400 great names. Surely, a name will check all your checkboxes for a perfect name.

An additional facility with name is the premium ‘.com’ domain that you get with your business name. In fact, sometimes, the importance of this premium domain name surpasses the business name. Brilliant online presence for a business has more importance than offline presence and branding in the contemporary times. And, in the online presence, a ‘.com’ domain extension with your business name is the best branding.

Often is the case that businesses cannot find the exact name in ‘.com’ domain extension. There might be some alternatives to this domain extension but that alternatives can never get the same authority in online presence as ‘.com’ does. CompanyName also gives you the luxury of getting both the excellent business name and the privilege of a premium domain extension in one place.

There is more in the store for you with CompanyName. If you are a wanna-be entrepreneur and has the energy and capital to start business but looking for a killing business idea, browse through the name lists in CompnayName and do the business start-up process in the other way around. If you find a name that suggests you a business idea, search for the feasibility and your aptitude for that business. If all go right, pick that business name with premium domain and start working your dreams out.

List of Sites Offering Free WordPress Themes (2015)

WordPress has turned out to be the platform of choice for a lot of novice bloggers or for people who are trying to garner an online presence. Usually, making of wordpress sites takes professional web developers who charge quite a large sum for making wordpress themes. But, if you are short on budget, you should seriously consider free wordpress themes. There are a lot of websites these days which can offer such facilities free of cost.


Template Monster

One such website is http://www.templatemonster.com/free-wordpress-themes.php where one can get both premium and free wordpress themes. The website has been offering its services for fourteen years and has turned out to be a popular website since its inception back in 2002. They have about 30,000 themes available in their collection and add about 450-500 new themes monthly.

Anders Noren’s Free Themes

Another popular website is http://www.andersnoren.se/teman/ where all the themes have been designed by a Sweden based professional named Anders Noren. One has the option of either downloading free themes from this website to directly incorporate the design in their wordpress site or get in touch with the professional himself to make the design. You can get a variety of free themes here which has been developed carefully with a view to serve a broad audience of bloggers or small business institutions.

Theme Isle

The website http://themeisle.com/downloads/category/free/ also has a decent collection of wordpress themes. It was started back in 2012 and since them, their collection have been regularly updated and thoroughly tested .Though they offer free themes but the entire collection can only be bought by paying $99.00, which is remarkably cheap compared to the amount charged by professional wordpress developers.


Wpexplorer has tons of wordpress themes for anyone willing to create a wordpress site for themselves. The themes found in this site are fully responsive and functional. Portfolio themes, business themes, personal blog themes and various other categories of themes can be found here. The gallery of free themes at wpexplorer is frequently updated. One can view the themes and download them free of cost by simply visiting this link http://www.wpexplorer.com/top-free-themes/.


Woothemes offers free wordpress themes for business, personal and e-commerce purposes. The storefront theme that can be found here is very useful for someone who is willing to set up an e-commerce platform at no extra cost. The themes at http://www.woothemes.com/product-category/themes/free-themes/ are also easy to customize as per as the requirements of the user.

Other than these, there are other popular websites like https://www.gavick.com/wordpress-themes/tagwp,free-WordPress which is both a Joomla and a wordpress developing website. This company GavickPro’s is a Poland based company and has been in this business for seven years. Another website called https://colorlib.com/wp/themes/ is also offering a very diverse collection of themes. Colourlib was founded in mid-2013 Aigars Silkalns. They claim to have 900,000 page views per month and that their themes have been downloaded more than 600,000 times. Also, they are hiring professionals who can make their website more robust and functional.

Tips to Improve Your Fitness Fast

Are you fit enough for that perfect event? If not, you need to consider reading this article. Getting fit is not that easy. You need to have utmost discipline and perseverance in order to attain that perfect fitness you are longing for. Taking care of your body is a great deal. It is important to look into your health from time to time for you to have a productive day. Performing in numerous daily activities can give you a heads up to your fit and healthy life. Here are some ideas on how to stay fit and healthy throughout your lifetime.


Balanced And Healthy Diet

Every individual must know their food intake in order to track down nutrients and minerals and to avoid diseases or other body disorders that will harm the body. A balance and healthy diet is one factor that determines your fitness. Do some research on the healthy foods you need to take. The right food for the perfect exercise routine can bring you a long way.

Rest And Relaxation

An individual has never been built as a robot. No one can sustain doing something strenuous and vigorous without any rest from time to time. The human body needs to rest and relax everytime it undergoes hours and hours of activities. Life today is very hectic and most people nowadays even forget to get back to their loved ones and reconnect. It is always important to spend time with your family and friends despite of your busy schedule.

Be positive. Never dwell on something for too long. Always make sure to think of the perfect solution and when you can’t think of anything, it is necessary to ask for some help and socialize with others. Give more time to clear your thought, in this way; you will be able to think of something new.


To those who don’t want to have strenuous exercises, aerobics will do the trick. You can allot at least 20-30 minutes of your time performing different routines. Aerobics helps your body to elevate its oxygen intake. You can do a simple brisk walking, running, jogging, biking, or other activities. Aside from the elevation of oxygen intake, you will be able to focus more on what you are doing and it can burn fat and help you lose weight.

When you have your free time, you can get out of the city and perform other activities like mountain climbing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. You can invite your friends or families, in this way, you don’t only get to improve your health, you even managed to socialize and reconnect.

You can also do resistance training. Researchers say that one of the fastest ways to lower a person’s metabolism is to lose muscle. Resistance training does not only talk about weightlifting; one must learn to know the contraction of the muscles.

The productivity of a person as well as his fitness depends on his health, fitness, and thoughts. You need to take good care of these three for you to reach the success you aspire.

Why You Need These Clean, Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium in Your Life….Like, NOW!

Calcium is oftentimes disregarded by some individuals mainly because of their busy schedule or lack of financial capacity. In understanding the reason on why calcium is very important, it is essential that you should know the answer to the question, “What can calcium intake do?” Scientists would agree that 90% of calcium is primarily stored in your bones and teeth. The intake of sufficient calcium in your body will help other functions of your body to perform like exocytosis, and muscle contraction. It will also play a crucial part in the nerve conduction, formation of the body’s cell membranes, and the regulation of the enzyme activity.


Bone mineralization is the process wherein the calcium takes its part in the bone formation. Calcium Phosphate is one of the most mineral complexes that a body needs in order for the process to be as effective as it can. Calcium phosphate also helps in strengthening and building the structure and density of the human bone.

Effects Of Calcium Deficiency

A deficiency in your calcium will give your body numerous complications. The first sign when you have calcium deficiency is that your teeth and bones would deteriorate. The reason for this is that the body is trying to pull out calcium from the bones, as well as, the teeth. Health problems like rickets and poor blood clot are also caused by lack of calcium in the body. To women who are already in the stage of menopause, it is very important to consume diets with calcium content because without this content, there will be a higher possibility of developing osteoporosis.

Sources Of Calcium

Apart from taking supplements which are rich in calcium, you can add calcium into your body by simply incorporating certain foods into your healthy diet. Although many individuals think that milk can be a very good source to improve calcium deficiency, huge intake of these products will increase the possibility of developing cancer. It is better to think of other options aside from consuming merely milk in order to give your body the sufficient calcium it needs. Yogurt can be a great source of calcium because it contains at least 40% of calcium compared to milk. You can also add to your diet the following: kelp, broccoli, almonds, okra, quinoa, sardines, and blackstrap molasses.

The top 5 dairy-free foods that is a good source of calcium are white beans, black eyed peas, dried figs, chia seeds, and greens.

If you consume only 8-9 dried figs, you will already supply yourself with about 107 milligrams of calcium. While dried figs can offer 107 mg of calcium, chia seeds can give your body about 179 mg of calcium. For greens, you can consume collards, turnip greens, kale, mustard greens, and boy choy. A 3-5 servings of these greens will already be sufficient to supply your body with the right amount of calcium intake.

It is also important to know whether or not you are already calcium deficient. There are a lot of symptoms to determine whether your body lacks sufficient calcium intake. Some of which are muscle pain, numbness or tingling sensation in either your feet or hands, muscle spasms, and bone fractures. Once you encounter these symptoms constantly, immediately consult a doctor or you can just take calcium supplements or foods which are high in calcium.

Few people would know that there is a possibility of calcium overdose. It is important that you should only limit your calcium intake with only 3,000 mg per day. You will know that you are already consuming too much calcium when you experience fatigue, lethargy, bone pain, constipation, vomiting, nausea, and depression. It is always good not to overdo things, but it is also as important as not to deprive yourself.