Upgrade Your Mornings With This Philips Wake-Up Light, Now Cheaper Than Ever


Everyone knows that the hardest part of a morning routine is waking up, having an alarm clock is quite stressful, waking up and banging that snooze button repeatedly again is really just damn annoying, the least stressful way to start off your mornings, so hear me out here and consider this a special announcement: A light-up alarm totally changed my mornings, and well I think it can help yours, too my friend.


Zeal Howen here and now I’m going to introduce you to the beauties of the light alarm concept. As we know Humans have been waking up in the midst of the sun for countless years, and trying out innovative tactics to harness the timed illumination since the early 18th century. But now with the advancement of human technology there are now quite a few reproductions on the market (that doesn’t include flint-locks and candles ), when I first heard of this I was skeptical. I couldn’t believe the fact that one of these devices—particularly this Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light—would be in the least be more useful than my smart phone or my alarm clock.


Here’s a little secret that I want to share with you all, I’m actually a, really deep and heavy sleeper especially when it comes to cold mornings where you just want to roll on your bed and never mind waking up. May it be a 15 minute nap or a strait eight hours at night; I would never sleep unless I have my alarm going. I know this is completely outlandish; but once I flow into that river of dreams, I’m out COLD. Mornings for most of us are, naturally, the worst.


For the inexperienced, here’s how Philips wake-up light works: First, you set the time when you want to wake up, that’s when the Wake-Up light begins beeping at that specific time—gently at first, but then it gets louder after a minute and a half if you don’t respond to it. Nothing really special at first, it functions like all standard Digital Clock. BUT! Here’s the catch! A half-hour before that gentle beeping sound, a replicated sunrise has already in progress, transforming from a faint glow to a 200 lux at maximum brightness. By the moment the sound plays in, and there it is: Your room is all brightened up like its early on afternoon. It felt amusing the first time I used it, In fact I was so amazed that I forgot that I had an alarm clock and a smart phone. The wildest thing that happened was that when the time came, that I didn’t need any alarm at all. It was still dark outside my room but the light kept me awake as my eyes just gradually opened and I just laid there in my bed and I was like: “AMAZING.”, Because that experience has never before happened to me.


For a few months now I’ve been using it non-stop and I’m still like: “Wow.” That’s why I want to share with you all my wonderful experience with this device, and if you’re interested to buy one here is a list of models and its price. And remember don’t let this special opportunity slip away from you, that sweet, gentle and precious wake up is waiting for you! Be a man and pick one up!


For The Price and Models Here is The Line-up:


Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light, yellow sunrise



Philips Wake-Up Light with Radio in White, Silver, or Black

$89.95 – $96.41


Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light, yellow sunrise



Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light, colored sunrise simulation




iOS 9’s Low Power Mode Is Perfect for Vacations

Going on a vacation often brings up a whole new dilemma about a lot of things, which may include bringing which types of gadgets and also bringing plug in and portable chargers. With the rising trend of action camera selfie heroes, one cannot put aside their mobile phone even though they essentially have brought a camera to take their vacation pictures. Nevertheless, mobile phones are equipped with better and better cameras for one reason: people will still take pictures with their mobile phones and their other cameras may only be complementary.


Taking pictures with a mobile phone has a lot of advantages if compared to taking pictures with a separated camera. One obvious reason, posting pictures to social media will be made easier if the pictures are taken with the mobile phone itself in which there will exist no need for picture transferring from one gadget to another. Nevertheless, constantly taking pictures with your mobile phone will significantly drain the battery and to be honest who has the time to charge their phones when they have a limited time of exciting adventures ahead of them?

Good news for iPhone users, iOS 9 is now handling this problem with the Low Power Mode feature. The Low Power Mode feature will really help you to conserve a certain amount of battery life after it drops below 20 percent. How can this be possible? The Low Power Mode feature will minimize power consumption by terminating needless functions like the automatic downloads, background app refresh, email fetch, Wi-Fi associations, visual effects as well as Hey Siri. You will notice that your phone is on its Low Power Mode when the battery symbol in the status bar becomes yellow. In spite of that, it is pretty much understandable that some features might stop working, or might take longer to complete once your phone is turned into the Low Power Mode. The Low Power Mode itself will automatically turn off after you have charged your phone to a 80 percent battery life or higher.

The Low Power Mode can make your vacation more enjoyable because you do not have to carry all those extra portable chargers in your really small waist pack. More often than not, turning off the automatic email fetch and auto update will actually reduce distractions which may take your eyes away from the gorgeous view in front of it to the small square frame of your phone. If you do not know how to turn it on, just go to Settings > Battery and from there you will be able to turn it on. Almost like for every other tasks in your iPhone, Siri can also turn the Low Power Mode on for you.

As a conclusion, despite of all its greatness, too much of something is never good and turning the Low Power Mode all day long will definitely reduce your iPhone’s usability because a lot of its features are being disabled. But do not worry; an iPhone on its Low Power Mode will be your perfect traveling companion because the camera as well as the map and tour guide features will work just as fine.


5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand in 2016

Getting people to immediately recognize your brand is definitely one way to create a successful business. However, you need to employ the right strategies to build a personal brand because it will offer a specific way which your customers can recognize and trust you and this, at the end of the day will increase your total revenue. It will also open ways to different opportunities that you may never have access to before. As a conclusion, here are five strategies which you may choose to establish your personal brand in the recently starting 2016:


Establish Your Expertise

Personal branding is really about letting people know what you are really good at and which unique points that you are offering to them that they cannot find elsewhere in other similar businesses. To start doing this, you need to really contemplate on what you want to be recognized for, and this needs to be as specific as envisioning the words that people will automatically state after they hear your brand’s name. Identify what your strengths are, and turn your expertise into your personal brand.

Find A Platform

Another thing to know about establishing your personal brand would be that it will require hard work. In establishing your personal brand, you should find the most suitable platform that you think will be most apt for your business and double down your efforts in it. Even Gary Vaynerchuk who runs VaynerMedia had made more than one thousand YouTube videos before he gained his own brand, and for that reason you need to decide on the most suitable platform because there exist a wide range of choices from blogging to YouTube videos or even through pretty Instagram pictures. The most important thing would be to create an impact, influence your audience and keep on striving towards success.

Join Other Uprising Platforms

In line with finding the right platform, it will be much more beneficial for you to not only stick to one platform but also joining another emerging ones. You should pay attention to different emerging platforms because you will have less competition in the beginning and you will get the opportunity to present a disproportionate voice to that platform’s early adopters. Furthermore, it will really help you with building a strong brand as evidenced by Jerome Jarre who gained his success through Vine which allows him to score million dollars deals for his own personal brand.

Maintain Honesty and Authenticity

Honesty and authenticity is really important because you will establish a personal brand, by which you really need to showcase your identity and be transparent. This is really vital because you want to build real connections with real people at the end of the day, and you will not be able to do that if you are being dishonest because eventually they will find out and they will feel betrayed. Being dishonest will also tire you out at the end of the day because it will be really tiresome to keep on playing a certain role where you can also get followers and fans by being your true self. Honesty and authenticity have a lot to do with the way your followers and customers will continue to be interested in you, so it will be advisable to show who you really are and what your business is really all about from the beginning before it is too late.

Provide Multiple Touch Points

Last but not least, in line with finding out the right platform as well as joining another uprising one, sticking to only one platform will not be sufficient if you want to succeed in establishing your personal brand. You have to be active in several social media platforms because nowadays people require multiple touch points since they are also using several different social media.


Use Resistance Bands for Travel-Friendly Workouts

A unique aspect of the human body is its ability to adapt to certain demands placed on it. There is the body’s demand for exercise and it responds to exercise by providing you with improvements in its cardiovascular and muscular function, and by increasing the efficiency of the heart. Of course, as the body adapts to getting off the couch and becoming involved in exercise, it requires even a greater effort to produce further improvements.

When you’re travelling and you’re away from your gym, there is no need to give up on a good bout of exercise. The beauty about resistance bands is that they’re so travel-friendly, and you simply pack them into your bags along with everything else.


A Challenging Workout

Resistance bands aren’t just a ‘make-do’ kind of option – they can give you a challenging workout. They come in a variety of different thicknesses, tension and elasticity. They’re made with a robust, rubbery material with handles at the end. You can literally do just about any type of strength training exercise – bicep curls, squats, chest presses – you name it, and you can get moving right there in your hotel- or guest house room. You’ll be delighted at how much you can benefit from them when you’re out of your usual exercise routine.

An Affordable Exercise that Works

Most people, after they have used these resistance bands for travel-friendly workouts, even want to use them consistently after they have got back home from their travels.

Anybody who can’t afford to pay for a stint at the gym, needn’t despair, because resistance bands are affordable for anyone. Sometimes you can even buy resistance bands in exercise-kit form where they come with a DVD, giving you information, tips and advice on how to use them in different ways. You’ll get interesting information on exercises specific to the muscle group and the muscle strength you want.

People love them because they can literally be used for a full body workout where every muscle in your body is challenged.

Risk of Injury Unknown

Lightweight, taking up virtually no space, safe to use on your own, resistance bands can be used any time you want as they don’t require any set-up and the risk of injury is unknown. By hauling out your resistance bands, wherever you travel, you’ll be maintaining overall fitness.

Restore and Maintain Balance


Resistance bands are a wise addition to just about any strength training program you’ve got. Strength training improves muscle and bone strength, and when you’re a senior citizen, that can help prevent falls and fractures in the future. Regular physical activity can restore and maintain balance too, and that’s your cue to try new exercises and eventually a host of new activities. With easy exercises, not only will you be contributing to good bodily health, you’ll be benefiting from good mental health too.


See Who’s Mooching Off Your Netflix Account by Checking Its Recent Access


Netflix and Chill, a word now known to be loved by many is now one of the hottest trends today.

This trend has taken over the cyberspace because it lets you access on your most wanted movies and series to your heart’s desire. Your subscription in your account in Netflix can be used by a lot people at one time, may it be your girlfriend/boyfriend, roommates, or siblings might be using your account you pay hard earned cash for, but fear not there is still hope my friend, because it’s not that hard to know who has been using your account.


A Business Insider named Nathan McAlone, explains that one tour to your Netflix personal account in its activity page will give you an idea about who has been accessing your account. And here’s a step by step guide on how to find it:


  • Go to the home page of Netflix in your browser and log in your account.
  • Look in the higher right-hand side and you’ll see your account sign. Go over it, and then access “Your Account.”
  • Search down and access the “Viewing activity” connection.
  • Then access the “See recent account access”.


And easy as that you’ll see the site and device that’s been using Netflix with your personal account, and also the date and time used. You’ll almost certainly be able to construe who has been accessing your personal account from there. When you recognize who is mooching your account, you can tell them to contract their own subscription and or you can immediately change your accounts password.


And now that your account is safe from those pesky lechers, here are some ways you can improve your Netflix experience and to help you get the best out of your payment:


  • Discover Netflix’s “top secret categories.”
  • Netflix categorizes movies and series into a specific subcategory.


Most of it is associated with a number for instance; “Epics” could be found in category No. 52858. Now that you have entered that code, you now have to get a widespread list of the category, and all you have to do is input it into your address bar the word “genre,” as seen on this example: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/52858.


Learn Simple keyboard shortcuts so that it will ease your search. Here are some shortcuts you are supposed to be familiar with:


full screen                                = 1F
mute                                       = M
volume up                               = Up arrow
volume down                          = Down arrow
play/pause                              = Spacebar
rewind                                     = Shift + Left Arrow
fast-forward                           = Shift + Right Arrow
exit full screen                         = ESC


Watch Netflix with someone within the country.


Showgoers is an extension in Google chrome that syncs your video with a friend or spouse.

The extension makes a distinctive link for your screening session, which you can mail to your countless friends. Once you’ve sent them the link, you can just click “Begin sync” to start the movie session.

Once you are connected, any person with the link can start watching the movie at a similar place. And when someone stops or rewinds, the movie it does the same for everybody who is viewing.


Watch in full HD

The browser you use affects the quality of the movie being watched, and in some cases you might not be able to watch the movie in full HD or high quality (1080p). Here are some examples of browsers, according to Netflix’s support page:


Resolution: watch in High Definition if your connection wires Five megabits per second.

Up to 720p

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Up to 1080p

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Safari up to 1080p








Should you Always Dispute Mistakes on Your Credit Report?

When it comes to your credit, you might think it’s fine and not pay it too much attention until you need to apply for a loan or buy a car. Then your credit score will become very important to you. You have access to get a free copy of your credit report from all three bureaus once and year and you should use that opportunity to make sure it’s correct. If there are any mistakes on your credit report, then you should dispute them because they are effecting your score.


There are also free credit card monitoring websites out there you can use to check in on things from time to time. You want to make sure you are getting the most accurate report so that your score is the best it can be. Don’t just think this kind of inconsistency is going to go away. If it’s on your credit, then it will continue to be there until something is done about it.


When your credit is lower than you think it should be then you should look at your credit report for mistakes. These inaccurate things on your credit report can be the reason your score looks so low. You might wonder if you should dispute the wrong information on your credit report, and you definitely should. It’s worth getting the things that are wrong off of your record and raising the score for a number of reasons.


Monitoring your Score


It’s important to monitor your credit score and make sure everything on it is accurate. If there is something on any of your three credit reports with Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian then you need to contact each of them or the one with incorrect information and start working on changing it. This can be saying you paid something late or took out an account you didn’t.


This type of monitoring will also allow you to see if anyone has stolen your identity or is using your information to make any type of purchases. If someone has your information and you catch it in time you can prevent devastating financial problems and make sure you are only seeing expenses, you have personally made. If you are monitoring your credit regularly then the people trying to pretend to be you don’t stand a chance.


How do You Dispute Incorrect Charges?


When you are ready to dispute unfair charges then you should contact both the credit bureau the charge is on and the company that has the incorrect charges. This way you are directly in contact with the issue. The best way to dispute a charge is by writing it down. If you find a problem, then you need to write a letter. There is a form you can use to dispute the charges on the credit bureau’s website, but that is not the most reliable way to get things done. Make sure you hold on to all complaint information and any letters are copied so you have evidence in case you have to continue to dispute after the initial contact. This will give you a better chance of getting the incorrect charge taken off your credit.


It’s Time to Stop Eating Bagged Salads

You could say its the convenience that makes busy and rushed people reach out for bagged salads. After all, who doesn’t appreciate taking out washed lettuce leaves and peeled and cut carrots to eat immediately with your meal? No preparation required – just buy and eat.

But have you stopped to consider how these salads are washed? When you do research, you will find that over the years, a number of people have died and many have become violently ill from eating bagged fresh lettuce and spinach contaminated with E. coli bacteria. Bacterial outbreaks such as these highlight the potential dangers of eating bagged vegetables, and should come as a special warning to pregnant women.

The Treatment Process is Killing Us

It just happens that people are becoming more health conscious, and there is a demand for ‘fresh, healthy salads’ which are ready to eat. Salad however, is considered to be one of the products most likely to cause food-related illness. The reason for this is that they are often grown in soils full of insecticides, and many pathogens can only be killed by heat or strong detergents such as chlorine. Plain water just won’t cut it.

There’s is Evidence of Illness Everywhere


Recently in Ohio in the USA, there was a packet of salad contaminated with Listeria. The salads were sold under various brand names and were withdrawn from stores where they were being sold. Twelve people became seriously ill and were hospitalized, having been infected with genetically related germs.

It has been estimated that Listeria puts about 1,600 people into hospital each year and that many of them die as a result. People who are at risk are those with weak immune systems, the old and the very young and pregnant women.
If you have had the misfortune of eating bagged salads likes those hailing from the Ohio facility, you too might have experienced some of the unpleasant symptoms that come from eating contaminated food.

We’ve All had These Symptoms, but they’re Getting Worse

It is frightening to realize that symptoms can develop up to 2 months after eating contaminated food, but mostly they develop within a week already. Symptoms can include loss of balance, headache, convulsions, muscle aches and fever, stiff neck and confusion. When you consider that some of these salads are soaked in unhealthy levels of chlorine to get rid of bacteria, you can begin to understand why people are getting so sick.

Who knows what else goes on before they are bagged such as the cleanliness of the hands or the gloves that are used to cut up some of the fruits and vegetables that are bagged. Enough to make you shudder and immediately start looking at growing your own stuff if at all possible. Certainly you should be looking at washing these salads thoroughly yourself before eating them.