iOS 9’s Low Power Mode Is Perfect for Vacations

Going on a vacation often brings up a whole new dilemma about a lot of things, which may include bringing which types of gadgets and also bringing plug in and portable chargers. With the rising trend of action camera selfie heroes, one cannot put aside their mobile phone even though they essentially have brought a camera to take their vacation pictures. Nevertheless, mobile phones are equipped with better and better cameras for one reason: people will still take pictures with their mobile phones and their other cameras may only be complementary.


Taking pictures with a mobile phone has a lot of advantages if compared to taking pictures with a separated camera. One obvious reason, posting pictures to social media will be made easier if the pictures are taken with the mobile phone itself in which there will exist no need for picture transferring from one gadget to another. Nevertheless, constantly taking pictures with your mobile phone will significantly drain the battery and to be honest who has the time to charge their phones when they have a limited time of exciting adventures ahead of them?

Good news for iPhone users, iOS 9 is now handling this problem with the Low Power Mode feature. The Low Power Mode feature will really help you to conserve a certain amount of battery life after it drops below 20 percent. How can this be possible? The Low Power Mode feature will minimize power consumption by terminating needless functions like the automatic downloads, background app refresh, email fetch, Wi-Fi associations, visual effects as well as Hey Siri. You will notice that your phone is on its Low Power Mode when the battery symbol in the status bar becomes yellow. In spite of that, it is pretty much understandable that some features might stop working, or might take longer to complete once your phone is turned into the Low Power Mode. The Low Power Mode itself will automatically turn off after you have charged your phone to a 80 percent battery life or higher.

The Low Power Mode can make your vacation more enjoyable because you do not have to carry all those extra portable chargers in your really small waist pack. More often than not, turning off the automatic email fetch and auto update will actually reduce distractions which may take your eyes away from the gorgeous view in front of it to the small square frame of your phone. If you do not know how to turn it on, just go to Settings > Battery and from there you will be able to turn it on. Almost like for every other tasks in your iPhone, Siri can also turn the Low Power Mode on for you.

As a conclusion, despite of all its greatness, too much of something is never good and turning the Low Power Mode all day long will definitely reduce your iPhone’s usability because a lot of its features are being disabled. But do not worry; an iPhone on its Low Power Mode will be your perfect traveling companion because the camera as well as the map and tour guide features will work just as fine.



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