5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand in 2016

Getting people to immediately recognize your brand is definitely one way to create a successful business. However, you need to employ the right strategies to build a personal brand because it will offer a specific way which your customers can recognize and trust you and this, at the end of the day will increase your total revenue. It will also open ways to different opportunities that you may never have access to before. As a conclusion, here are five strategies which you may choose to establish your personal brand in the recently starting 2016:


Establish Your Expertise

Personal branding is really about letting people know what you are really good at and which unique points that you are offering to them that they cannot find elsewhere in other similar businesses. To start doing this, you need to really contemplate on what you want to be recognized for, and this needs to be as specific as envisioning the words that people will automatically state after they hear your brand’s name. Identify what your strengths are, and turn your expertise into your personal brand.

Find A Platform

Another thing to know about establishing your personal brand would be that it will require hard work. In establishing your personal brand, you should find the most suitable platform that you think will be most apt for your business and double down your efforts in it. Even Gary Vaynerchuk who runs VaynerMedia had made more than one thousand YouTube videos before he gained his own brand, and for that reason you need to decide on the most suitable platform because there exist a wide range of choices from blogging to YouTube videos or even through pretty Instagram pictures. The most important thing would be to create an impact, influence your audience and keep on striving towards success.

Join Other Uprising Platforms

In line with finding the right platform, it will be much more beneficial for you to not only stick to one platform but also joining another emerging ones. You should pay attention to different emerging platforms because you will have less competition in the beginning and you will get the opportunity to present a disproportionate voice to that platform’s early adopters. Furthermore, it will really help you with building a strong brand as evidenced by Jerome Jarre who gained his success through Vine which allows him to score million dollars deals for his own personal brand.

Maintain Honesty and Authenticity

Honesty and authenticity is really important because you will establish a personal brand, by which you really need to showcase your identity and be transparent. This is really vital because you want to build real connections with real people at the end of the day, and you will not be able to do that if you are being dishonest because eventually they will find out and they will feel betrayed. Being dishonest will also tire you out at the end of the day because it will be really tiresome to keep on playing a certain role where you can also get followers and fans by being your true self. Honesty and authenticity have a lot to do with the way your followers and customers will continue to be interested in you, so it will be advisable to show who you really are and what your business is really all about from the beginning before it is too late.

Provide Multiple Touch Points

Last but not least, in line with finding out the right platform as well as joining another uprising one, sticking to only one platform will not be sufficient if you want to succeed in establishing your personal brand. You have to be active in several social media platforms because nowadays people require multiple touch points since they are also using several different social media.



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