See Who’s Mooching Off Your Netflix Account by Checking Its Recent Access


Netflix and Chill, a word now known to be loved by many is now one of the hottest trends today.

This trend has taken over the cyberspace because it lets you access on your most wanted movies and series to your heart’s desire. Your subscription in your account in Netflix can be used by a lot people at one time, may it be your girlfriend/boyfriend, roommates, or siblings might be using your account you pay hard earned cash for, but fear not there is still hope my friend, because it’s not that hard to know who has been using your account.


A Business Insider named Nathan McAlone, explains that one tour to your Netflix personal account in its activity page will give you an idea about who has been accessing your account. And here’s a step by step guide on how to find it:


  • Go to the home page of Netflix in your browser and log in your account.
  • Look in the higher right-hand side and you’ll see your account sign. Go over it, and then access “Your Account.”
  • Search down and access the “Viewing activity” connection.
  • Then access the “See recent account access”.


And easy as that you’ll see the site and device that’s been using Netflix with your personal account, and also the date and time used. You’ll almost certainly be able to construe who has been accessing your personal account from there. When you recognize who is mooching your account, you can tell them to contract their own subscription and or you can immediately change your accounts password.


And now that your account is safe from those pesky lechers, here are some ways you can improve your Netflix experience and to help you get the best out of your payment:


  • Discover Netflix’s “top secret categories.”
  • Netflix categorizes movies and series into a specific subcategory.


Most of it is associated with a number for instance; “Epics” could be found in category No. 52858. Now that you have entered that code, you now have to get a widespread list of the category, and all you have to do is input it into your address bar the word “genre,” as seen on this example:


Learn Simple keyboard shortcuts so that it will ease your search. Here are some shortcuts you are supposed to be familiar with:


full screen                                = 1F
mute                                       = M
volume up                               = Up arrow
volume down                          = Down arrow
play/pause                              = Spacebar
rewind                                     = Shift + Left Arrow
fast-forward                           = Shift + Right Arrow
exit full screen                         = ESC


Watch Netflix with someone within the country.


Showgoers is an extension in Google chrome that syncs your video with a friend or spouse.

The extension makes a distinctive link for your screening session, which you can mail to your countless friends. Once you’ve sent them the link, you can just click “Begin sync” to start the movie session.

Once you are connected, any person with the link can start watching the movie at a similar place. And when someone stops or rewinds, the movie it does the same for everybody who is viewing.


Watch in full HD

The browser you use affects the quality of the movie being watched, and in some cases you might not be able to watch the movie in full HD or high quality (1080p). Here are some examples of browsers, according to Netflix’s support page:


Resolution: watch in High Definition if your connection wires Five megabits per second.

Up to 720p

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Up to 1080p

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Safari up to 1080p









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