To Get the Tastiest Parm for Your Money, Buy Close to the Rind


Most people think that the as long as they are able to buy the real Parmigiano-Reggiano, they think that they are getting the best parmesan they can buy with their cash. However, few only know that the best and tastiest parmesan turns out to be those closest to the rind. The secret here and the reason why the tastiest parmesan are located closest to the rind are found in the tyrosine crystals. It is said to be so since the cheese here is formed for ages.


It is not only the because America’s Test Kitchen good folks count so many crystals found on the outer pieces, the testers of the taste of the cheese found out that these pieces of cheese are pleasantly crumbly, nutty, and complex all at the same time. On the other hand, the tastes testers say that cheese which are found or taken from the middle of the wheel have a plastic-y texture and taste milder and smoother.


Commandments On How To Handle Cheese


Below are just some of the commandments which you can consider in buying cheese close to the rind so that you will preserve its taste.


Never Return Partially Exposed And Unwrapped Cheese


It is a big no – no to return the partially exposed or unwrapped cheese into your refrigerator. Never leave those edges exposed when placed on your fridge. The moisture content of any cheese, especially the special ones, are carefully composed and the moment it entered your home you might want to try and give the cheese the same storage condition it had before you bought it from the closest rind. Leaving it unwrapped and edges exposed are a recipe for a hard as a rock, dried-out, and flavor sapped rind. Also, when you expose the edges, it will be prone to absorbing the flavors or scent in your fridge.


Do Not Plastic Wrap It


This is a common mistake of cheese lovers. I know that this commandment is a pretty tough one but it will do your cheese some good. According to the author (Stephanie Stiavetti) of the famous Melt: the art of Macaroni and Cheese, “Cheese is a living, breathing thing, and without proper oxygen, it will suffocate. And your best bet is to wrap it in a finely porous material, such as cheese paper, parchment paper, or breathable plastic wrap made especially for cheese.” Research on some tips regarding cheese storage so that you won’t have trouble in letting your cheese stay tasty and fresh.


Never Freeze Fresh Cheese


A lot of people know that placing their cheese in the freezer will only destroy the taste, freshness, and essence of the cheese. When you place your cheese in the freezer, it will gather certain form of moisture made by ice crystals which can surely disrupt the protein structure that your cheese has. If you really want to preserve your cheese in the freezer, just make sure that you wrap it with a paper, then a plastic, and followed by a tin foil.


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