Make Your Own Tonic Syrup for Better Tasting Cocktails

If you are looking for something to spice up your cocktail game, here is an easy to make tonic syrup. You can even customize it by simply adding different ingredients you deem special. One thing you should remember is that tonic goes great with vodka and gin. Chad Eschman of VinePair shares a little secret on his method in making killer and enjoyable tonic syrup for your cocktail game. What you will need is 1 and ½ cups of water, 1 and ½ teaspoons of your chopped and fresh Cinchona bark, and a cup of sugar (preferably cane sugar). Bring your 1 and ½ water to a boil in your saucepan. After boiling the water, add your 1 and ½ Cinchona bark into the saucepan along with the ingredients you deem special. Simmer for about 30 minutes and use your French Press in order to divide the liquid from your special ingredients. Seal it with your glass container and add your sugar, then shake everything up.


This recipe will make about Twelve (12) ounce or so of tonic syrup which is definitely enough to fill up 24 cocktails. Most people would insist on an additional citric acid to your cocktail. However, if you are serving your G&T with a piece of lime, adding citric acid will no longer be necessary. There are different variations when it comes to your classic G&T. Apart from this basic and easy setup, you are free to introduce and add other flavors to your cocktail. You can even use different sweeteners. When you are celebrating during the winter, you can make a winter tonic by simply adding a cinnamon, clove, orange peel, and sweeten it with a touch of turbinado sugar. On the other hand, when it is spring season, the best way is to add lemongrass, Meyer lemon, cardamom, and sweeten it with a touch of agave nectar.


What Is Cinchona?


Cinchona bark is the key ingredient in the bitterness of your tonic syrup. Quinine is its signature bitterness when made as an ingredient in your tonic syrup.


What Are The Benefits?


Aside from satisfying and enjoyable homemade tonic syrup, there are other benefits or tons of reasons why you should make your own syrup. One reason is that it takes a little of your time and it is easy to make. Second, you can get pretty much high-quality tonic syrup compared to those being sold in the market which has high prices. You can also use your pennies to buy more vodka and gin instead of spending it in buying that expensive tonic syrup. Third, you can even customize your drink by adding special ingredients you want and according to the likes of your visitors or friends. Fourth, you will never again carry those heavy bottles or cans of tonic from the grocery store to your home. It can even give more space for you to buy beers and wines. Fifth, it will give a good impression on your part because you took time in making it for the sake of the party and your visitors.






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