Make Positive Online Reviews Work For You

With more and more customers utilizing online reviews to help in their buying decisions, it should come as no surprise that making use of these good reviews is important to not only getting more, but also growing and thriving.


We have compiled a few tips below that should help you use these positive reviews to build on your success and see happy customers walking both in and out.


Make your website user-friendly


Given the amount of time we spend on our phones and computers, looking at reviews is taking up more and more of the web traffic. Users will often trust positive reviews online before buying and trying something for themselves. Positive online reviews work as well as recommendations from friends. Therefore, when your potential customers get to your website to do some extra research or find out where to go, they need to get that information quickly and not get frustrated.


It pays to have mobile-friendly sites that allow someone to click to call or find a menu or services with relative ease. After all, if they are quick to search your business from positive reviews, only to find it isn’t easy, they’ll abandon ship just as quickly and turn to someone else.


Positive Reviews Can Still Help You Grow and Change


Rarely are reviews so perfect that your business couldn’t possibly change for the better. Check both your negative and positive reviews for feedback that can help you make modifications immediately. Even the positive reviewers will talk about things that were good, not great, or acceptable and still count as a positive review.


By using both the negative and positive reviews to help modify your business, you turn the negative reviews into positive ones, and the positive reviews into fantastic ones that will sell your business like never before. All it takes is you checking out the places that you are reviewed on and responding to those posting reviews for them to clarify. It certainly cannot hurt you to ask your customers how you can be better. You aren’t directly asking for a positive review, but you’re making an effort to get one and believe me, it will not go unnoticed.


Make It Easy To Give Reviews


When you have a happy customer, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to write a positive review. You could have all of the happy customers in the world, but if they find it difficult to write a review, they might not write one at all, or worse, a negative one.


It is important then to make reviewing your business quick and painless. Make it accessible on plenty of review sites, Facebook, Twitter, and even in-person. The best reviewers are the ones who have no trouble getting to where they can give their opinion.



In the digital age, online reviews hae become incredibly important for how we choose where to take our business. Utilizing the negative reviews is easy, but making sure that you acknowledge and grow from the positive reviewers is just part of the challenge. Following these 3 guidelines, your business can be more productive and better reviewed!


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