How to Blend Content Marketing and SEO to Better Reach Your Customers

Contrary to the obvious expectation, it takes a lot more than just a well done website and rich content for people to find a given blog or website on the Internet. Due to the detailed nature and the vast resources on the Internet, finding anything can only be achieved through keyword driven searches. Using keywords, search engines like Google and Bing are able to filter and forward that which a visitor wants thereby facilitating sharing of information from a rather crowded source.


Upon prompting keyword search, search engines provide a list of web pages bearing the requested information and depending on the resources found, the pages can extend from one to quite a number of them. Unfortunately, research has shown that most people will only visit pages appearing on the first few search engine listings and upon satisfying their needs, assume the rest. This realization prompted the need by website owners to have their web pages rank favorably irrespective of the search engine in use. To manage that, search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO had to be achieved.


The beginning

At first, the thought of having a web page rank top of the search result page was all that counted. This resulted in stuffing of keywords all over the content diluting the initial purpose for which web information is all about, passing quality information to the target person. It became a race mainly focused on acquiring the first few slots that each keyword could manage. While search engines like Google stood against this vice, some sites managed to beat the system and sneak substandard content for the sake of better ranking. Fortunately, nothing last forever as consumer needs are subject to change with the changing social and economic trends. The need to have visitors associate with a given site for various reasons including return business necessitated web pages to carry content that was driven by winning people as opposed to winning page ranks. Today, keyword density remains relevant but not entirely sufficient to win hearts and souls of site visitors.


Emerging Trends

The idea of winning people over page ranks through provision of quality information in the most detailed way possible gave rise to content marketing. Content marketing proved popular in the sense that besides encouraging visitors to spend more time on given web-pages, it also encouraged clicking of other links on the site. At the end of it all, visitors were able to not only find initial content but also access other unrelated information in the process. This led to improved click through rates which analyst interprets as a way of saying the content is relevant, timely and valuable. It also encouraged conversion of new visitors to return ones which is the key to creation of a client base.


Time and again, marketing analyst has unrelentingly encouraged entrepreneurs to focus on quality product and service provision as opposed to chasing the money first. They teach that in so doing, a business is able to offer quality products or services and eventually attract and retain consumers that end up supporting its growth in the long run. In the same way, website owners ought to view their content as their business because it actually is. They then should focus on creating the best content for the client in mind before they can worry on page ranks. With that in place, the content can then be optimized but with the end user in mind.




Content marketing just like SEO are mainly meant to serve the same purpose of winning over people to a given business. However, they aren’t entirely the same and thus when combined, the end result can certainly be massive organic traffic in record time. Creating content that is client oriented yet carefully optimized for best results is certainly the way to go. Statistics have shown that keywords work best when complementing and not working against quality content.



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