12 Foods Everybody Should Be Able to Cook by 30

By the time we reach our thirties, we should have accomplished at least half the things on our bucket list, as well as learnt some essential skills that will help us with the transformation into adulthood. One of these skills is cooking, and you never know when you’ll need to rely on your culinary knowledge to get you out of a tough spot. So here are twelve foods that absolutely everybody should be able to cook by the time they hit the 3 0 milestone.




Pasta is versatile, cheap and also fairly easy once you understand the top tips on cooking it correctly. Pasta with some homemade sauce is incredibly simple and delicious, and great if you’re on a budget. You won’t get far in preparing meals if you can’t cook pasta.




Eggs are even more versatile than pasta! Scrambled, fried, boiled, hard-boiled. Eggs can be great either on their own or as part of a meal, and learning to cook all methods effectively is a must once you reach adulthood.




The three most popular grains to cook, and also a great source of protein. Granted the cooking of all three varies, but they are grouped together since grains are kind of staple and are crucial..


Grilled Sandwiches


A quick lunch doesn’t have to be a boring salad! If you know how to make a tasty grilled cheese sandwich then lunches will never be boring again! Once you have mastered the basics you can even start experimenting with extra ingredients such as tomatoes or ham or even chicken.


Holiday Turkey


Thanksgiving and Christmas are a great time to get all your friends and family together, and to stuff ourselves with glorious amounts of food. Therefore once you reach your thirties and are possibly starting a family of your own, you need to get this one nailed pronto!




Pancakes don’t have to be made from absolute scratch, box mixes are fine and sometimes just as tasty. Also pancakes are delicious and great for those beginning to test their culinary skills. Who can’t mix a little batter?



Fish is incredibly good for us, and chances are most of us don’t eat enough of it. It is far better for us than meat, and therefore we should learn to cook it to absolute perfection. It may be a little fancier than grilled sandwiches, but you’re nearing thirty now!



You won’t find many meals that don’t include potatoes in one form or other. Baking, roasting, mashing, frying, you could have them any way you like. Tell people at thirty that you can’t cook potatoes and you will get some very pitying glances.




Salad dressings can be incredibly delicious, but they are expensive and also tend to be left half empty cluttering up your fridge and table. Make your own! It doesn’t require much skill and will save some pennies in the long run.




Ahh, cookies. Unlike pancakes, homemade cookies are much more tasty than those that are store bought. There are plenty of easy cookie recipes out there to get you started, then you can start experimenting with some other variations.


Roasted Vegetables


If you know how to cook potatoes, then chances are you know how to cook vegetables properly. Still they are essential to master and will probably accompany most of your meals, so make sure you get them right.


Sautéed Spinach


This last one may sound a little posh compared to the other items on the list, but spinach is incredibly good for us and can be delicious if you learn how to do it properly. Learn this one before you hit your thirties to impress your friends!


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