Is Traditional Marketing Dead?


Being a content marketer I have always considered the influence of Content Marketing and its capability to put together a band of loyal customers and to set up an active environment that would allow them to interact with each other.


But that doesn’t indicate that traditional marketing is uninteresting or in that case content marketing is the best marketing out there be it Digital marketing, Content marketing or inbound marketing, whatever you call it, there is no one way of marketing your business to the public.


Why Traditional Marketing is not dead?


Content marketing is just one way of marketing your business. Long-established methods of advertising such as radio programs, printing press, and televised ads are still very much active and moving ahead. Right now there is still a vast majority of consumers that relay on traditional means as a medium of information. Understanding your target consumer and how you can thoroughly send a message to them is a very crucial aspect in marketing your product, using traditional means as a medium would allow you to interact more with your customers than that of any other marketing means. Content marketing is possibly one of the most commonly used marketing method today but the touch of traditional marketing has its own charm.


In this generation only the youth and a few elderly is engaged in social media, this is because not all of your patrons are searching for a quick answer online, and it’s not that everyone could go online and view your content online.


In marketing your product consider the fact the there are more people watching TV than that of people streaming online (most of the households today have televisions), or that there is a certain fraction of the community that still listens to the radio and read printed newspapers.


For some reason not many people choose online payments as a means to pay their bills, maybe because of security reasons that they doubt these methods. Because not everyone could afford to go online, readings blogs and visiting sites would only be limited to these individuals and another reason people use social media is to be updated with friends and family, or simply to find entertainment.


This is why Traditional Marketing wouldn’t die out soon or later, there are still aspects of traditional marketing like availability that any other marketing strategy could not deliver, this method worked before and now it still delivers promising results.


Content Marketing


Given the facts above content marketing is still one of the easiest ways to market your products. You just need to see it in a different way; a lot of inbound marketers tend to stretch that the idea that it is something so immense that it makes other marketing methods just about useless.


When you approach content marketing as a strategy you should always consider the idea of complementing some existing traditional marketing strategies.


Focusing on one type of marketing style doesn’t mean you should ignore other marketing methods. You should use content marketing as a means to enhance your current business by gathering more patrons through supplementary marketing channels. The more channels you have the more it is likely that you would attract customers from various sectors of society; people are more attracted to businesses that have a variety of advertising gigs than others.


With this we can conclude that traditional marketing still has a huge impact in the world of market advertising today, that it is better to have more than method of promoting your products to your consumers than to stick with only one scheme. Traditional marketing still has a long way to go but its race in the world of marketing is still far from over.




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