6 Helpful Tools to Manage Your Small Business

Management is the most crucial part of running a business. It can spell the difference between success and failure. As a matter of fact, many business analysts attribute business continuity to proper management. Besides human managers, there are management tools that help businesses achieve certain goals without undergoing financial strain. Most of them are specific to certain roles but their output speak volumes. The tools have helped small business cut down on general expenditure, increase efficiency and earn reputation for various roles. To start with, you may want to check the tools listed below and how they can help a small business make big strides.


Financial Management Tools

All businesses have money as an underlying factor. Even the not for profit businesses must generate enough capital to meet basic needs like running costs and employee remunerations. A business cannot survive unless its financial records are sound and hence the reason for regular audits. Unlike in the past when everything was done manually, Xero and QuickBooks constitute an online function that help stream invoice, reports and bank reconciliations for accountants and auditors to work on. These tools have made book keeping easy and quick which is important in determining business progress.



MeetingBurner is a web conferencing tool that help business people interact with customers and colleagues without spending travel money. Using this tool, you can schedule conferences and notify target parties in time for the meeting. Additionally, it will send reminders to invited persons and links from where they can participate.


Mail Chimp

It is the digital era and email marketing is considered one among the most convenient options for client engagement. With mail chimp, your small business can generate a mailing list, manage the emailing process and deliver feedback reports which help track how receptive clients are to your emails. It also enables social media integration which is quite important considering the underlying market potential on sites like Facebook. This tool will take you to the people where business takes place.


Storage and File Sharing Services

Even small business deal with documents that require storage and sharing. Instead of storing important documents on your hard drive, alternative options like Dropbox and Google Drive provide much safer solutions. Due to the nature of these options, stored files can be retrieved on the go and forwarded to the relevant person on need basis. They eliminate the need for physical access to your office computer by having everything stored in the clouds.


Customer Support/Live Support Tools

Almost every other business constitute a website. Clients will most likely visit your website before making that call to clarify or request for the kind of information they seek. Unfortunately, this can happen well past the working hours. To boost reputation, you should hire customer service by players like the ZenDesk. They provide round the clock customer support, facilitate email management and provide support tickets.


E-Commerce and Payment Gateways

For a start, small businesses don’t require physical shops. Initial operations can be done via their business website until such a time when they have generated enough capital to set up a physical shop. To manage an online shop, you have to have an e-commerce solution that supports all payment gateways. You may want to check Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce for e-commerce solutions. They then should be integrated with payment gateways like Paypal, Square, Stripe and Card (credit and debit card) payment options.



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