How Explainer Videos Can Help Improve Your Blog Post Traffic

Living in a modern era like this has one of its biggest perks: technology. Compared to living in the 19th and 20th century, the current generation has the privilege to be assisted by technologies and developments which can make life easier and less complicated. However, keeping up with the continuously changing and improving technologies can be a pain in the neck. You can read the step-by-step manual of a gadget and still not understand it because it is too lengthy and complicated. You can also find written information online but at the end of the day it will be left clueless because you cannot imagine how will the steps be applied in real life.

These kinds of difficulties give rise to the popularity of explainer videos. Explainer videos are essentially videos – mostly animated – that are used to explain a product or service or to convey a message through a more vivid manner. Because letters and numbers can be quite overwhelming, the existence of explainer videos bring a breathe of fresh air to internet users because it is really easy to watch and understand. Additionally, online videos have been really popular for some time now and therefore, it will not be hard to get people to watch an explainer video. For that reason, explainer videos can help improving your blog post traffic and here’s how:


It Boosts Search Engines Rank

Explainer videos help boost your blog’s search engines rank through several ways. First and foremost, explainer videos can collect up to three times as many inbound links to your blog. In short, it increases your blog’s visitor count to up to three times the usual. Furthermore, current search engine algorithm give better rankings to blogs who are longer visited although this is not a major factor of a Google SERP ranking system because actually there are around 200 factors in total which includes domain age, content length, keyword density as well as Grammar and Spelling amongst others. By including an explainer video in your blog post, it will actually require your visitors to spend a longer time before moving on to another page. They will be tempted to watch your explainer video and hey, who stops watching a video in the middle of it?

The reason behind making the duration of visit to be one of the factors towards its search engine result page (SERP) mostly lies on viewer’s enjoy ability. Stale websites cannot be fully enjoyed by their viewer’s because they are boring and monotonous. Studies have found that blog visitors are 88 percent more inclined to spend longer time on a blog that puts a video on its page. Longer duration implies that the viewers are liking what they see so much that they do not want to close the tab or to move to another website and explainer videos as a matter of fact increases the probability of your visitors to stay in your blog and browse for more contents. Explainer videos can be considered as one method to please your blog visitors and if you maintain such high level of customer satisfaction, your blog will gain their loyalty and trust in which they will keep coming back to you.


It Simplifies Explanations

Written explanations are often confusing and difficult to understand because they are lengthy and sometimes too technical. Having explainer videos can help simplifying explanations and how-to guides. Explainer videos will get more people to understand things by actually showing them through animation or recorded demonstrations. Interestingly, the concept of an explainer video was first introduced in 2007 by a company called Common Craft to explain how to use Twitter, which was new at that time. Common Craft’s video “Twitter in Plain English” was viewed by millions of people whereas later it was featured on Twitter’s homepage to help the company explain on how to use their sharing platform.

From there onwards, more and more companies and business use explainer videos to help them explain things. People generally understand better when they see and hear other people explain while conducting a demonstration. As a consequence, companies and businesses chose to use explainer videos over a usual written guide because explainer video interacts and engages with the viewers while it is statistically proven to be a visitor-increasing element to most of the websites that are using it. Written guides can also lead to multiple interpretations of doing things, which at the end of the day can frustrate the customers.

Moreover, explainer videos help its viewers to understand explanations faster because it uses two senses at once whereas reading will only require one. By watching an explainer video, viewers will be able to learn by using their visual and auditory learning method. People have different natural inclination towards a certain learning style, hence people who are having a hard time understanding instructions given through a written text may not be a visual learner but they can be auditory or kinesthetic. Explainer videos increase the memory’s retentiveness in which the viewers will be able to remember what they have watched for a longer period of time. Memory retention after watching an explainer video is made possible because video is a two-pronged approach which accesses the brain through several different channels to enter the long-term memory section.

Average people only retain about 10 percent of what they hear but they will keep around 50 percent of what they see, as shown by a study done by Wharton Research Center. For this reason, an explainer video is one of the most effective methods because it combines both percentage and thus, it is more effective than any visual advertisement posting or radio advertisements experienced separately.

12.pngIt Encourages Social Media Shares

Explainer videos can be shared very easily. They are entertaining, fun and catchy and as a result people will not mind sharing them through their social media timeline. Great video content will be commented on and re-shared on the same social media platform, and if the cycle goes on your explainer video will go viral. Once your explainer video reaches a significant number of people through shares and comments, the traffic that goes into your blog will significantly increase. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can upload your explainer video not just into your site but also to video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo so that more people will be able to find them.

Furthermore, you will obtain numerous benefits by having your explainer video shared to a whole mass of crowd. You will be able to introduce who you are, what you do and why the video viewers should go to you for your products or services. It will be even better if your explainer video is set in such a way that it appeals to the viewer’s emotion. A similar approach is trending in Asia where Thai companies and businesses film their advertisements in the most touching and heartfelt manner possible. If you can apply the same strategy to your explainer video, it will be guaranteed that more and more people will share your content and ultimately you will get a whole bunch of new blog visitors.

It Showcases Your Personality

Brand personality is important, and you can integrate the process of promoting your brand personality together with developing your brand recognition strategies. Once your explainer video has gone ‘viral’, more people will learn about who you are, what you do and why you are really good at what you are doing. However they do not realize that after watching your video they will associate a certain personality and character to your company. If your video features pastel colors and girly-cute little drawings it may be the case that your video viewers will immediately recognize your girly and romantic personality.

Personality is also one of the things that motivate your visitors to come back. Even if you are not selling anything through your blog, by knowing your personality and characteristic your visitors will have specific reasons for going back and it would be really hard to find your substitute once they have reached this stage. Strong personality creates a tone that is assuring and trustable but at the same time warm and welcoming.

Last but not least, explainer video also helps to show your personality in a more lively manner that you will not be able to do only from posting static texts and images. A gallery full of photos or a slide show put in your blog is outdated, boring and unattractive. An explainer video, on the contrary, is full of elements which may include drawings, music, witty script, typography and a lot more. Explainer video has been known to be able to grab the viewers’ attention for a long period of time and it is very understandable that people can hardly be bored when they are watching an animated explainer video compared to when they are reading plain text with still images. So use explainer videos and experience the great success!



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