5 Steps to Take Control of Your Sales Process


Do you always get hot sales prospect and you tend to spend much of your time working on the perfect sales proposal? When you finally get a thank you email from your prospect and received a message that he or she will let you know if there are any questions regarding your services or products, it only means one thing; you just lost your control over your sales process.


In order not to lose control, consider these 5 steps to prevent it from ever happening again.




Never ever give your client the proposal of your business via email. Emailing your proposal to your walk-in client will only give you less control over your client because you already gave whatever he or she asks in one blow.


If you don’t have the ability to travel and meet your client head-on, there are numerous technology you can make use to give a proposal. The purpose of not giving immediately your proposal to your client is, you will be able to see the interests of your prospects when you are presenting it.


Reason To Submit Proposal


Begin your presentation with an honest summary of the reasons why your clients need the services and products. These should be your main goals. If you have identified your clients, why would you give a broad proposal and expect their preferred provider if were not able to identify your client’s key concerns? As your presentation is going through its course, try to verify whether your clients agree with the key concerns you have mentioned. This is the reason why the proposal should not be immediately emailed.


Determine The Decision Makers


It is important that you determine the decision makers in the room because it is only through them that your efforts will be repaid. Knowing where the decision makers will also let you know on whom you are going to focus when presenting the proposal. Also, don’t be deceived when your clients or prospects say that they are the decision maker because saying these terms are just easy as 1, 2, and 3. If they tell you that they are the decision maker, do a follow up question to determine the validity of the answer. It is never a wrong to make sure.


Determine The Seriousness


Make sure that you will not present your proposal unless you have your prospects settled down and instilled seriousness in the environment. This is the common mistake of most of the salespeople because they are too glad and thrilled to present their products and services without looking at their audience if they are ready or not. Keep in mind that there are other prospects that are not ready to purchase your products and simply want to learn what is going on in the marketplace.


Right Timing


Right timing is always good for the business. Apart from instilling a serious environment, it is also important that you know what your prospect needs. By knowing this fact, you will be able to determine when you are going to exert your full effort. Reserve your energy for the right time and the right time means; it is the time when you know in yourself that the prospects you are talking to are willing to purchase your products or services for a price.


You should never forget to prepare for your sales processes. Forgetting sales processes before you begin to submit your proposal is the number one reason why you lose control of your sales process. Thus, when you lose control over your business’ or company’s control, most likely, you will lose huge number of your sales.




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