5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Disney


The famous Disneyland theme park has celebrated its 60 year anniversary. It has made several kids, no matter what age, happy. Disneyland made a mark in the lives of several children and it had become one of the most recognized brands in United States of America (even across the world). Aside from making several kids happy, it can also teach entrepreneurs important lessons when it comes to businesses.


Treating Customers The Right Way


Have you ever been to the theme park of the famous Disneyland? If yes, you would know that the customer experience would really be different from any other theme park. Just as you enter the theme park, you will feel like you are a part of something special. The theme park is full of staffs in charge of taking care of the audience or visitors. Their top priority is to make those people feel special and give them the assurance to have a magical time.


The Lesson: Sometimes, most of the entrepreneurs move away from their passion because they are fueled by other interests. What makes the customers or client’s crazy loyal to your business is the passion you show to them.




Innovating the experiences of your customers or clients can draw more clients to your business. The Disney brand always makes sure that their offerings are continually innovated because Disney never wants it to stay stagnant. Nowadays, you can even download a Disney mobile app to help you check how long you will be waiting to ride or you can even skip lines.


Lesson: Even if you think that you are doing what is best for your customer, you should bear in mind that you do not rest until most of their concerns are satisfied. Continually ask for feedbacks or suggestions to improve their experiences.


Empowering Employees


Disney brand has been known to empower their employees. Disney teaches their employees to make reliable and valuable decisions in making their customers happy. The store clerks and other employees do not have to ask the managers or persons in authority to offer any replacement for a broken toy. The employees are already taught to do what is right, thus, most of the things are within their discretion. The customer representatives can even offer extras without asking permission from the managers every time the customer is unhappy.


Lesson: Giving your employees the power to act within their discretion and for the interest of the company will make things easier and can definitely acquire loyal customers.


Behind The Scenes


Disney allows the customers and clients to find out the castle’s secret. Revealing or going behind the scenes will not ruin the magic. It can even make your customers curious and become loyal to your business.


Lesson: Never be afraid to show the secret if it will give your customers happiness and stronger ties. Being frightened of revealing what your show’s secret will only be a burden to you and your employees.


Capture The Child’s Interest


If a business captures the child’s interest, the greater possibility that they will bring their kids. This method or tip may not apply to all business, but it will still contribute to the betterment of your business.


Lesson: What you should remember is to nurture the relationship of your customers in order for them to bring their friends, families, and other loved ones back to your business. If possible, you can also seek ideas to touch their inner emotions so that they will be more loyal to your company.


It cannot be denied that Disney has obviously got the right things and the success is improving every year. The reason for this is that they give importance to their customers, as well as, to their employees.





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