4 Marketing Metrics That Are Imperative for Any Small Business

Marketing a small business is a bit different than marketing a large established business. The smaller business doesn’t have the brand recognition, expensive advertising plan, and reputation of a larger business. This means they have to work a bit harder and approach things a little differently. These are four things that will help small businesses market. The metrics listed below are important because they show you exactly how and when new customers are finding you. If you aren’t tracking your marketing efforts, you are just throwing things out into the wind and hoping something sticks. With careful planning and tracking of data you can use every piece to your advantage.


Getting Referrals

When you do right by your customers and they leave completely satisfied they can become the best marketing you have available. Referrals from happy customers are a great way to get more loyal customers. People are often looking for reassurance that if they choose to go with you they will get what they need. Who better to tell them they can depend on you then their friends and family. Making sure your customers are satisfied is very important. Give them surveys and ask for feedback so you can keep making the experience better. Once you have the feedback of your customers you can make improvements based on their suggestions. A successful small business must be willing to change and grow with their customer’s needs.

Search Engine Queries and Website Visits

The next important marketing component is search engine queries and this leads to the third and fourth components which are visits to your website and visit to conversion rate. These three components are all tied together and have to do with search engine optimization. You want as many people to find you online as possible which means you have to optimize your website to show up when certain keywords are entered. If you aren’t sure how to do this, then there are people you can hire. The search engines are always looking through your site making sure the content is fresh and there aren’t a large number of keywords stuffed into it. Always have up to date interesting content on your website to keep people there longer and turn into a sale for your company.

Once you figure out the SEO needed to get lots of potential customers to your website you need to measure how many people are visiting your site daily, weekly, and monthly. You’ll need to determine where the traffic is coming from and how you are getting it there. Lastly you need to know how many of those visits are relating in sales.

Four Metrics Equal a Successful Business Model

These four marketing metrics are very important and you need to continuously monitor and measure them to see how successful you’re being. Looking at the number of referrals, customer satisfactions, search engine and website hits, and conversion rates will give you the perfect picture of your small business and show you where you need to make changes to bring even more people in to your business.



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