12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Too Serious About Love In Your 20s


Your twenties is arguably one of the most important decades of your entire life. Sometimes it is impossible not to fall head over heels for someone but maybe it’s for the best to try and avoid any serious relationships during your twenties. Here are 12 reasons why you should avoid being too serious about love during these years.




Patience is not a common trait found among the young, including those in their twenties. However love requires patience above all else. Relationships take time to develop and grow, and you have to mutually grow together in your relationship. Patience is a virtue.




If you are in a serious, loving relationship, then there are no two ways about it: You have to be all in. You both have to fully dedicate yourselves, your time and effort into the relationship otherwise it won’t work. While in your twenties you might not be ready to dedicate so much of your resources and time into a relationship, you are still having fun!




A relationship takes time, and a lot of it. You have to dedicate time to your spouse, and to develop and nurture your relationship. If you still have a long list of things you want to do, see and experience before you turn thirty, chances are that you are not ready for love.


Love Finds You…


A cliche but only because there is an element of truth in it, you usually find love when you are not actually looking for it. Don’t worry and stress too much about it in your twenties, you still have plenty of time to fall in love. Let it happen.


…When You Are Ready


Continuing on from the previous point, love often finds us instead of the other way around, and only when we are finally ready for it. You have to be mature to invest yourself in a relationship, and this usually comes to us during our twenties. So be patient.


You Need To Find Yourself First


Our twenties is the best time for us to fully get to know ourselves, and accept ourselves for who we are. We need to love ourselves before we are ready to be loved by another, and we have to be slightly selfish in order to find ourselves. We aren’t ready for love until we have.


Need To Explore


Without knowing what’s out there and experiencing many of the things that life has to offer, how can we truly know if they are the right partner for us? Our twenties is a great time to explore the world, and other people. Have fun, experience life, and then you’ll feel much more content with your partner when you finally fall in love.


Live Life First


Similar to the previous post, it is important to do many things that you wish to do in life before you begin to think of settling down. Chances are there won’t be much chance to once you have a family. Also none of us are getting any younger, so we should go out and live life to the fullest while we still have youth and energy!


It’s Serious Business


Love although one of the most wonderful things in the world, is actually pretty serious business. You will probably be planning well into the future together, and you will both have to make sacrifices in order to make your relationship work. Are you ready for this in your twenties?


You Improve With Age



Like a fine wine, we all get better with age. Our experiences, hardships and lessons all help define the person we become and we learn to adapt and deal with situations in a much better manner. You’ll have something more to offer someone later on in life.




Not only will you be a better rounded person when you’re older, but you will also probably be more stable. Stability includes financially but also within ourselves. If you haven’t experienced all that you want early on in life, there might always be that nagging feeling at the back of your mind.


Life Is A Marathon


Finally, remember that life is a journey. A decade of your life is simply a sprint, whereas life is more like a marathon. So don’t fret too much about anything in your twenties, love especially. Take this time to enjoy life, learn about the world around you and become the person you are destined to be.


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