7 Reasons Why People Who Enjoy The Rain Are Happier In Life

There are many things that one can love about the rain. It can be the fresh scent of raindrops touching the ground. It can be the pitter-patter sound of rain and its amazing effects. It can as well be from the breezy cold weather which makes cuddling with your loved ones more romantic. For that reason, there are numerous reasons why someone can become a pluviophile – someone who loves the joyfulness and peace of mind that rainy days may bring.




Pluviophiles cherish every seconds of their experience when it rains. They capture a perfect memory of rainy days in their mind. They hold dear the marvelous way in which every drop creates a scenic picture of the outside world from the window pane. They find the soft noise which the rain creates to be highly musical and relaxing. Whatever it is, true pluviophiles appreciate whatever they have in life because just like rain, not everything can come whenever they want it to appear. They do not take opportunities for granted, and are generally grateful of their lives.




People who love rain are undoubtedly delicate – in a good way! They are tactful as well as considerate; they exhibit a high level of adroitness and sensitivity in handling difficult issues. Weather can very much impact one’s mood in different ways unique to each individual. It is un-debatable that rain can bring sadness and gloominess to people who do not like them. However, pluviophiles handle such gloomy atmosphere in their own unique ways, making rain to be associated with joy and happiness instead of a melancholia which most people feel.




If you think about it, rain consists of multiple things occurring at once. Rain is all about water dropped from a highly condensed cloud which returns back what used to be water evaporation to the ground. Rain is about the sound of minuscular water drops getting in contact with the earth. Rain is about its distinctive fresh-earthy smell. Rain is about cramming up to one small umbrella, and it is also about getting warm hugs from the people you love. Pluviophiles are aware and conscious about every single good thing which takes place during a rainy day. They are mindful of their surrounding; they notice the smallest details that everyone else may ignore.




People who love rain can see the best of even the darkest and stormiest rainy night. In addition to their delicateness, pluviophiles are also able to find hope in the most bitter conditions. Instead of thinking about the negativities that rain may bring, they tend to think about its positive impacts which at the end of the day often cause other people to question their thoughts. Similar to their views of life, they are able to bring about positive prospects when other people have seemed to lost hope and given up. They are able recycle negativity of a rainy day into positive experiences, whereas not many people can do such thing.




As previously mentioned beforehand, pluviophiles are completely all-out and present in enjoying a rainy day. This actually results in a higher level of happiness because research has shown that there is a direct causality between someone’s happiness with them being completely present in their activities and pastimes. As a result, since pluviophiles are always living in the moment, they are actually happier people in life.




Rain always come unexpectedly, and it seems to annoy a lot of people because they are often be troubled by rain because they do not have any preparation of it. Even the sunniest can turn into a stormy day in just a few minutes (especially in several countries), and pluviophiles welcome this probability with open arms. They are realistic and they know that rain and other difficult things in life may come as a surprise.




Last but not least, people who love rain is aware of the trouble which a rainy day may cause. However, they can see the beauty after such rain. Rainbows form, plants grow, and people sleep better. As a result, they are aware that a little challenge in life cannot stop them from achieving their targets and objectives. They even see it as an opportunity: when others are complaining and taking shelter, pluviophiles barge through the storm and reach their destination first.








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