Adele Should Be Everyone’s Best Friend and Role Model!

The sales of Adele’s latest album release called “25” have skyrocketed, reaching a historical 3 million copies sold within one week. Besides being an extraordinarily talented singer, Adele is also a model of determination, passion and authenticity. Reflecting upon her words of wisdom can shift one’s perspective on how to live a fulfilling life. Businesses, marketers and regular people alike can benefit from studying Adele’s road to the top of the charts. Let’s see what valuable lessons we can take from her success.


Embrace failure

Even though, at some point, you didn’t succeed, at least you tried your best. There’s no reason to dwell on your past failures as long as you’ve put all the time and effort into achieving that particular goal. There’s always room for improvement.

Our choices define our lives, so we should not be ashamed of them. Even when we make wrong decisions that affect our lives profoundly in one way or another, we need to draw conclusions from those unfortunate situations and regard them as opportunities to grow.

Value people

Adele’s lyrics reflect her out of the box mindset. Society encourages us to value material possessions more than people, so it’s very easy to fall into this trap, especially when you are struggling with low self-confidence and constantly seeking the approval of others.

Adele backs the idea that each one of us can make the world a better place by spreading love and kindness. We all have the power to bring about positive change, just that we are too afraid to walk down this path.

Be yourself

The truth is that it takes a lot of courage to stay unique in a world where everyone strives to be exactly as the rest. Trying to adapt to society’s expectations is plainly wrong because you consciously limit your creative capacity. Not attempting to stand out from the crowd will cease personal growth and affect your career negatively.

Have you ever wondered how, unlike other artists, Adele makes millions of people purchase a hard copy of her music? The answer is simple: her singing reflects authenticity because it actually comes from deep within. Through her songs we gain insight into her past experiences and we resonate with them.

This is the number one rule for entrepreneurs who want to propel their businesses forward: do not follow the trend. Seek to break the mold. That’s why start-up companies who place emphasis on innovation are often successful.

Take action

Dreaming is beautiful, it can provide the necessary motivation to get you back on track, but when you spend most of your time absent-minded, longing for things that are never going to happen if you don’t put in effort, you risk to lose focus of the bigger picture.

Adele’s career is the ultimate proof that being driven by passion is the only way you can achieve greatness. When you engage in activities that are in alignment with your joy, you are the most productive. Follow your instincts and do not seek permission from others to reach your dreams.





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