8 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Pixar Movies

Beyond clichés and scenes that are meant to make us laugh, some Pixar movies are actually full of words of wisdom that can inspire children and grown-ups alike. If you overlooked on the message they try to convey, watch the movies again and reflect.


Disney cartoons have repeatedly proven that sometimes they manage to teach valuable life lessons that regular movies can’t provide. Parents should try harder to instill those principles into their children. Here are a few examples of thoughtful Pixar movies and what they teach us.

Defeat is not an option

In “Finding Nemo”, Dory, the blue fish, is a model of positivity, dedication and determination. Just as the sea is full of sharks and all sorts of other dangers, the road to success is packed with obstacles we need to overcome. Successful people fight their way out of rough situations no matter how hard things get.

Don’t dwell on the past

Edna from “The Incredibles” teaches us not to let our past anchor us down. Betrayal, loss or major failures can affect one’s capacity to focus on the present. Unfortunate past events are sometimes so difficult to let go of, that can even lead to suicidal thoughts. However, self-discipline is crucial when it comes to overcoming a painful past. Don’t let a series of bad experiences get in the way of personal and professional growth.


“Up” is a movie that those who are fed up with everyday routine should watch. It offers a very practical advice: be more adventurous. It seems like the modern man forgot how to make his life more exciting. Having a routine is good because it provides structure, but you need to strike a balance: break free from it when you feel like you’ve had enough monotony.

Keep learning

Even though at the present moment you are not able to perform a specific activity, if you put in the effort to improve, progress will occur. Humans need constant mental stimulation, that’s why continuous learning is an essential part of self-development. In the cartoon movie “A Bug’s life”, Flick’s sayings are full of wisdom: when you lack experience and skill, keep bettering yourself and at the right time you will be able to overcome any barriers you couldn’t manage to get over in the past.

Embrace hardships

The truth is that we like our comfort zones more than we should. Running away from difficult situations makes us insecure, fearful, and weak. With no hardships to overcome, progress can’t be achieved. This is exactly what the Chinese Emperor from “Mulan” referred to.

Believe in yourself

Self-doubt can make one feel miserable. Maybe he has the necessary skills, but due to a lack of belief in himself, he will never end up doing remarkable things. Pooh used to underestimate his abilities, but Christopher Robbin taught him a meaningful life lesson: each one of us has the potential to climb mountains, but you just need to have a little more faith in yourself.

Be yourself

Trying to adapt to society’s demands will limit your creativity and prevent you from living a fulfilling life. In Pixar movies the protagonists always try to change their mindsets because of powerful external influences .However, in the end, the main character is lead to a very interesting conclusion: it is not worth to change your personality due to other people’s preferences.

Have courage

Merida, the feminine protagonist from “Brave” has proven that each one of us decides his own fate. Sometimes a little bravery to take matters into our own hands is exactly what we need. Not listening to your inner voice and doing things half-heartedly will never bring happiness.











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