10 Ways To Let The Bud Of Creativity Blossom In Your Mind

Creativity seems to be something some people are born with and others have to work diligently to find. We’ve put together a list of 10 ways that you can use to help boost your creativity for any project, whether it is for fun, for a job, or for other aspects of your life. Check them out below!


  1. Learn From A Child

Kids have no abandon when it comes to play and they tend to be incredibly imaginative and creative. As an adult we are reserved and it is harder to be creative and truly open. Take the time to learn from them and incorporate it into your creative output.


  1. Daydream

Instead of filling those empty moments in the day with your phone or other technology, let your mind wander. Put your head on your palm and gaze away into nothingness, let your mind go where it naturally does.


  1. Write Your Thoughts

Take the time every week to just write. Don’t have a plan or a goal; just write your thoughts until everything that was in your head is on the paper. You can read it later and critique it, but most importantly, just keep writing.


  1. Have A Purpose

Unless you are purposely writing about whatever comes to mind, have a purpose in mind. Make it crystal clear to yourself about what you are trying to create. Even if you are working on a large project, define a goal for that one sitting and make sure you accomplish it.


  1. Challenge Yourself

This is an important one. Staying within your comfort zone is great, but it doesn’t push you to be better. If you stretch yourself and work on things you might not be so good at, you’ll see the improvements and know that your hard work is truly paying off. You should still practice those things you’re good at, just not all the time.


  1. Distraction Free

Working while you are continuously distracted or disturbed is difficult. You cannot get into the right mindset where the creative juices are flowing if you constantly have to turn the volume down on the tv or you are answering phone calls. Unnecessary interruptions ruin your creative state of mind and bring you out of whatever zone you have created. Work to minimize those distractions.


  1. Make It Personal

When you work on something creative, instead of it just being for the sake of doing it or for a job, find personal value in the work. What does this work mean to you? The motive doesn’t need to be complex, but the more you are invested into it, the more you will enjoy creating something that is worth being there.



  1. Have A Handy Notebook

Keep something with you that you are able to take notes in, jot down an idea that comes to you, or when you see something you might be interested in. Write it down in your notebook and give it a little context. That way when you go back to look at it, you know where you were sort of heading and you can easily fall back into that creative state.


  1. Lists

Try making lists of things that go together or things that share one or two items in common. Give the list a theme or make it lead from one place to the next. You’ll generate connections between items or ideas that you might want to use later for the basis of something.


  1. Give Yourself A Conducive Environment

The next time you are at a work meeting, try to be creative in something other than work. Difficult right? The best environment for creativity is one that fits you personally. It will take some time to develop, but with some practice, you’ll find an environment that boosts your creativity.


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