10 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Disney Movies

You may not realize it, but Disney movies are filled with hidden messages and real life lessons you never knew were there when you watched it as a kid. Watching them as an adult, you may possibly pay attention to it a lot more rather than just singing along to the songs and watching the bright colors popping out from the television screen. Below are some lessons provided by Disney movies which you may not realize, but may however have shaped you to become the person you are now:


Alice in Wonderland


It is the case that most of adults may feel trapped with their daily monotonous routines, and in this matter they can always look up to Alice who managed to escape to her wonderland. Alice was adventurous and fearless in chasing the rabbit through Pan’s labyrinth. Even though you do not want to cause any trouble while you are out on adventure, sometimes you just have to take the chance and explore the rabbit hole!


A Bug’s Life


This Disney movie teaches you to listen to your subordinates or someone who have been working for you. Even though it may be you that has to make the decision at the end of the day, but it never hurts to listen to your employees. Their great out-of-the-box ideas may be the change that the company needs since a long while.




Cinderella was courageous and persistent in chasing the dreams of her heart even though no one was supporting her at the time. Pursuing your dreams alone with no shoulder to cry one may be really hard, but you have to remember that it is not impossible. However, just like Cinderella, you can always reach out to get a little help and ‘magic’ to get to your destination.




What other people consider as a weakness may actually be a gift when used in the right way. Do not be ashamed of yourself just because you are different. It may be the case that once you show the world what you are good at, they will start to look at things from a different perspective too.


Meet the Robinsons


Jealousy is never a good thing. Even though a little competition can motivate someone to do better, you must never feel bitter or envious about other people when they have greater achievement compared to yours. Embrace it, and learn from their success to create your own success.




Despite the current feminism trend, you may not realize that Disney had been advocating for women’s power and for gender equality way before the feminism wave is rising. To do something big you do not have to be of a specific gender. A woman can outsmart and be greater than her male peers or colleagues, even though working in a male-dominated business may be challenging and scary.


Peter Pan


It is no secret that being an adult is terrifying and difficult. Adult life is full of unavoidable responsibilities and sometimes it comes when you least expect it or when you are not at all ready for it. Just remember that your inner child always lives within you, and therefore it will not hurt to keep your cheerful and childish side instead of letting it go away. Do not let all the seriousness and hardships in life to scare away all your fairytale dreams.




You have the ultimate control of your life, and therefore you must never let other people to hold you back when you know you can achieve greater. Go out of your comfort zone. Achieve your own dreams and objectives because they are much more important than what other people have planned for you because after all the only person who knows you best is you yourself.


The Princess and the Frog


It is important to realize that you will face all sorts of obstacles and hardships in your journey to achieve your dreams. Even though you will not turn into a frog like the story in this Disney movie, but you may face major difficulties that will cause you to rethink the fight. Do not give up. Take those challenges and do your best to overcome them.




It is important to always be kind and generous to others, even if you may not like them that much. You may never know what life will bring, and the one who seemed to be an outcast may turn out to be the greatest friend you will ever have. This way you will earn respect from everyone in your neighborhood and yet you will forever be remembered by the people who you have helped previously.



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