12 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do


Being successful at work or at anything is not just having a high IQ, one must also be emotionally stable and have high EQ. Everything in this world must be balanced since too much can be a vice and too less can also be a vice. You need to weigh things and make it equal. One should never surpass another for a very long time because it will only give negative effects. There are individuals who can easily stay calm and put themselves in an emotionally stable nature despite of all the terrible or horrible things which just happened. Below are just some of the things that emotionally intelligent individuals refuse to do.


No Insensitive Behavior


People with high EQ are keenly aware with another human being’s feelings and emotions. Due to this kind of awareness, emotionally intelligent people make sure that they are sensitive enough to know the feelings of others so not to offend or make things uncomfortable. What they normally do is putting themselves in someone else’s shoes in order to determine the reactions of other people.


No Tempering Of Tantrums


Emotionally intelligent people do not do this kind of act because they have a good grasp of their emotions and they know the after effects when one person’s temper with tantrums. They see things differently because once they give in; they know that they will normally shut down. These types of people know that they can communicate thoroughly with others when they stay calm and keep a logical mind.


No Blaming


Most people blame others for the wrong things they are experiencing as of that moment. To those who have control of their emotions, they never blamed a single soul for the problems they are facing. They like to think of it as a result of the mistake they have done. They take responsibility for their own acts and never depend on someone else.


No Drama


They do not tend to drown themselves in the drama. They would rather perform acts which will do them any better rather than drowning themselves in tears in front of a beer or ice cream. Emotionally intelligent people never enjoyed talking negative things about others because it will only ruin their day and invite negative energies.


No Ignoring


They know that someone is upset or angry because they never ignore the situations surrounding them. They have a very keen way of observing the facts and circumstantial happenings around their environment. And with this trait, they can easily determine the emotions and feeling of the individual they are talking to. They do not even experience unpleasant surprises coming from the situation.


Keen On Body Language


Since they are keen enough to observe the surroundings, they are keen enough to observe body language because this is where they base the emotions, feelings, and reactions of other people so that they will not be caught off guard.


Not Wired Up


Emotionally intelligent people do not say things that they are programmed that way just to escape any blame or make an excuse. They study their emotions and how they react so that they will have a better grasp on it when things go wrong. They program their own emotions, not to get upset easily since they consider it as a waste of time.


No More Guessing When Someone Is Upset


Individuals with high EQ automatically start to think that the person they are conversing with is upset or angry, they no longer guess or ask questions. Since they have a good grasp at their emotions, they tend to apply their methods to someone else and determine their feelings and emotions without a need of asking questions. They only need to observe their actions and other movements.


No Emotionally Unstable Friends


Since emotionally intelligent people are cautious with the circles they have, emotionally unintelligent people are being crashed out from the list. Although it is selfish at some point, still, they don’t want others to inflict any negative vibes into their system and make them lose control of their discipline and daily routines.


Rampant Asking Of Questions


They do not avoid asking others or even themselves when it comes to emotions and feelings. They are never afraid of discovering new things and exploring their capacity.


No Avoiding Of Uncomfortable Topics


People who do not have a good grasp at their emotions tend to close themselves when they encounter difficult or uncomfortable topic because they have that fear that they will shut down.


Giving Importance At Sensitive Topics


People with high EQ always give importance to sensitive topics because they know that it will help them.



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