It’s Easier to Finish What You Start Than You Think

Whether it’s business or personal life, procrastination will destroy your dreams. Just think for a while of all the projects you never actually finished, all the ideas that you liked so much but which are still in the phase of concept and all the plans you never turned into action. It is a really bad habit that will prevent any individual from living his dream life. Here are a few tips that will help anybody to complete the projects they have started.


Break down the task

A large project may be discouraging at first, which might stop you from getting the job done. Dividing the task into small, manageable parts is a key step to achieve your goals. Breaking apart lengthy tasks will enhance productivity and will help you focus better on the current work.

Be selective

Don’t embark on personal projects you are not fully interested in. You might give up halfway. Be very cautious about what you will spend your time and effort on. For instance, learning a foreign language is appealing, but make sure you do it not only because it’s useful to know many languages, but because you are truly interested in that specific culture.

Stop being a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can unconsciously overcomplicate things so the project could start looking intimidating. Making unjustified fuss about insignificant things can lead to delays and frustration. Waiting for the ideal moment to act is a very bad tactic because that perfect moment you are waiting for might never show up.

Set deadlines

In most cases, having no deadlines will cause major difficulties. The project will end up taking a lot more than you anticipated or might determine you to procrastinate over it.

On one hand, excessively long deadlines are useless because they won’t motivate you .On the other hand, when set improperly, they can decrease productivity and creativity. When the deadlines are very tight, stress emerges which can have a great impact on your health, both physically and mentally.

Surround yourself with perseverant people

Having persistent individuals around you is crucial to keep you motivated when you are tempted to abandon the project. When your interest vanishes, they can give you the strength to continue what you started. At some point, you can find it annoying to have all those people pushing you all the time, but giving up a project midway through is just wasted time and effort. Just think of how much struggle you’ve put into the project this far and the amount of effort required to complete the task will look so small.

Keep track of your progress

Tracking the progress will give you an accurate idea of how much is left and will allow you to set a new target. This will maintain the enthusiasm level high. When dealing with lengthy projects it is essential to review the progress on a weekly basis. Even though it seems that regardless of how much time you invest, the project will never be finished, keeping a thorough record of your work will help you stay on track. Do not let yourself discouraged by the remaining work and consider everything you’ve realized so far an accomplishment.











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