In making a good video, it is important that there is good audio quality so as not to ruin your video. At the same time, good narration with coupled with extraordinary voice-over skill is as important as having a good audio quality. You don’t need to hire a professional just so you can have good voice-over skills in your video. It will only let you shed out lots of money if you hire one. Just take these 10 ways on how to build your voice-over skills.


Discover Your Voice


In today’s generation, voice over focuses more on the casual and conversational type of skill. Gender no longer matter since every individual is capable to adjust their voices just like that of the opposite gender. Try to find your voice by simply portraying some of the voices of the actors in the movies. You can practice it and you will be able to know where your voice belongs.


No One Goes To The Battle Untrained


It is also crucial that you need to have knowledge on the material before your recording starts. You need to read the material several times so as to avoid any slurred phrases and in order for you to familiarize yourself with how it is constructed and how it should be portrayed. Proportion the time you spend on practicing with the time of the actual video project. Long video project requires long and thorough practice.


Listen To The Playback


When you are speaking normally, it may be fine to listen when it is in person, but once it has been recorded it may seem very different. It will be a good start if you will be able to find the equilibrium between your enunciation and natural speech. Record your voice in any recording device and listen to the playback. Observe the enunciation, intonation, indistinct words, and slurred phrases. Once you have done that, practice it over and over again until you can catch that perfect narration or voice-over. It may seem funny at first, but you will see the difference and changes in your voice if you continue on recording it and changing the quality of your voice.


The Right Gear


You can never deny the fact that what makes a good audio quality is the best equipment. To some, all they need is a pocket recorder, a pair of headphones, and a windscreen. But, some people who are fond of the traditional approach use computer software, separate microphone, and an audio interface to perfect their video project. When it comes to USB microphones, the world market offers a huge array of choices with different prices and quality.




When you deliver a voice over, you should make sure that you are in a standing position because it will help your voice. It will let you breathe more freely and makes you speak consistently and clearly.


Relax And Breathe


You need to relax before and during you are performing a voice-over so as not to exaggerate or downgrade any script that can ruin the video project. You need to exercise your breathing in order not to affect your voice-over. Some microphones can be very sensitive; it can even record your breathing while you are doing a voice-over. While you are practicing your script, you can determine the portions where you can take a breath.


Look For The Ummm Sound


Be careful with umm, uhh, and ahh because it will not give your video project any advantages. It will be alright if your project is more on the conversational type because it will make it look and sound natural. But if your video project does not focus on that aspect, make sure to eliminate those sounds.


Your Health Is Important


Once you have a schedule to do a voice-over, make sure to stay away from coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol because it will impair your voice quality. Cold beverages are likewise to be avoided. You should also drink a liter of water every day to avoid dehydration and never deprive yourself of sleep. A vocal warm-up is also important before you get started with your recording.


Script Editing


While you are undergoing your recording, you should also remember that it is not always good to stick to your script. Although it may be important in order not to lose sight of your focus, allowing to edit the script as the recording goes can be very helpful.


Vocal Inflection


For the first timers, you will more likely to experience vocal inflection. Don’t worry, it is absolutely normal. What you need to do is to learn how to control your voice tone. It may be hard, but you can do it if you just put your mind into it.


You need to learn these top 10 important things when it comes to voice-over because at some point you will have to create a video by performing a voice over by yourself. It will save you money everytime your narrator gets sick or everytime you will be tight on your budget. Do it yourself and see the difference.




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