How to Survive In a Big City: The Ultimate Design for a Tiny Apartment

Life in a big city like New York or Los Angeles can be expensive and may leave you without much money for fun. Rent in such big cities can’t be compared with rent in a small town. In order to stay afloat, you may want to get a smaller place especially if you are single or if your partner/roommate has the same living ideas as you do.


Vertical space is the new trend

The main thing to remember is that you have to think vertically. There is a lot of space above the floor that you are not using. You can have a hanging bed or you can put a mattress on your wardrobe if it is wide and short enough. Add a nice vintage ladder and you have a comfortable place to sleep. You can put furniture under the hanging bed.

Hang everything that can be hanged, you could actually install a clothing rack on one of your walls or even the ceiling, whatever looks better with the other design elements of the room. If you choose the right color, material and design you can install shelves in any room of you house. They are very useful in the bathroom and kitchen, but you could also put them in the bedroom and living room to store books, electronics and magazines.

Make your room brighter

Another thing that makes your place look larger is light. Make your windows as large as possible and choose light colored curtains. The same goes for the parquet floor color and furniture. Dark colors create the impression of small place. Add mirrors that bounce light around and go for glass coffee tables instead of hardwood ones.

Can I live without this?

The third rule to follow is to have furniture that is absolutely necessary. Do you really need a bed and a chair when you could aim for a beautiful sectional sofa? Install shelves wherever you can to maximize space. Smaller pieces of furniture are preferred over large ones in order to preserve space. Get rid of the classic nightstand and install two small shelves on the wall beside your bed.

Get a bed with drawers underneath and you gain a lot of storage space that would otherwise remain unused. You can put out of season clothes in there all year round in order to clear your closet. There is no need to keep sweaters in there during the summer right? If you don’t have a lot of clothes you could actually get rid of the wardrobe and use these drawers. Single men could definitely implement this suggestion.

Small kitchens are bothersome

You may want to get rid of the kitchen door and create an open living room that contains the kitchen in a corner. Getting rid of the wall that separates the two rooms makes even a bigger difference. Go for to-the-ceiling cabinets and use the inside of their doors to hang things. Use rotating inserts, pullout shelves and tilt-out bins to truly maximize kitchen space. You can install stainless steel bars on the walls and use kitchen hooks to hang cooking instruments and mugs.

Never compromise

If it’s not comfortable, you can’t call it home. Therefore, you should never give up on comfort in the favor of functionality and space. It can be quite hard to balance these two parameters but you will find a way if you put your mind to it. Create your dream house design and you will truly feel happy when you are at home. Otherwise, you would just build up frustration and all your effort will be pointless.


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