13 Websites to Make Extra Cash In Your Spare Time


An extra bit of money or income is always welcome, especially in this day and age. And the presence of the internet makes earning some cash on the side even easier. What follows is a list of 13 websites to help you boost your yearly income to enjoy or save for future investments!




Fiverr is a website where you can sell your skills and services for a small fee, starting at $5 as the name suggests. This freelance website is mainly for smaller projects, so you won’t be waiting weeks for your extra cash.




Upwork is the joint venture of Elance and oDesk, and is growing into the most popular freelance website available. Unlike fiverr, this tends to be for larger, more expensive projects.


People Per Hour


Yet another great freelance website where you can bid on jobs of all kind, from software development to novel writing to music production.




If you’re looking to invest in new and upcoming businesses, then Angel.co is the website for you.




Weworkremotely is a website for jobs, mainly focusing on full time work but there are plenty of part time jobs available also. Using this website, you could find yourself working anywhere in the world!




Rype is a great website used for teaching languages, mostly through personal coaching. If you can speak more than one language, and have experience teaching, then this could be a great platform to make some extra money.




Handy is similar to other sites except for one main difference, it concentrates on professional home services. Cleaning, maintenance, repair, you name it. Obviously this is location dependent, but it won’t hurt to sign up.




Uber is the place to go when it comes to providing transport service and information. If you can drive, and are eligible with their terms and conditions, you could make some extra money as an Uber driver.




Clarity ranges in topics from raising money, marketing, designing, and most aspects that can affect any entrepreneur. If you believe you have the knack and the skill, sign up now and you could be earning by the minute.




Skillshare is an online platform where you could learn to do pretty much anything that you could think of. Classes about using Photoshop, learning languages and any other life skill you would want to learn. If you are talented or knowledgeable in a certain skill, why not set up classes today and earn right away?




Although this site hosts tougher competition, if you can offer premium services then it could be well worth the time and investment. Financial reward is greater, as it is used by top big businesses. But as mentioned, you need to make sure that you are at the top of your game to be able to compete here.


Freelance Writing Gigs


If you’re a decent writer, and are primarily looking for writing jobs, then this is a great website for you to check out. Updated daily with multiple writing opportunities, but you do need to prove your worth first.




If you have a talent for graphic design, logos and apps in particular, then 99Designs could potentially be a great income opportunity on the side for you. Be wary however, since there is high and tough competition here for you to compete against.


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