All Hipsters Need These Apps on Their iPhones

Hipsters are the type of people who live life on their terms, and are a subculture of women and men usually in their 20’s or 30’s. These people value counter-culture, independent thinking, progressive politics, creativity, an admiration of indie-rock and art, witty banter and intelligence. They like to get away from anything mainstream and when a band becomes popular, they don’t like it anymore. In a way they are trend setters, but they move away from any trend they accidentally set into motion. These apps are all those that a hipster needs to have in order to call themselves a true indie enthusiast.


  1. Rotary Dialer


The first one is more for nostalgia, but it definitely makes a difference in the way you call people. The app allows you to dial like you would on a rotary phone, turning it all the way to the number and waiting for it to spin back; will remind you of good old times of classical landline phones.


  1. Doughbot


Doughbot will find the closest donut shop where ever your nomad ways have taken you. Sometimes hipsters just need donuts. This comes in handy when you travel a lot.


  1. Snapchat


These pictures disappear after a few seconds and allow you to share your adventures with a few friends before they go away forever. Hipsters aren’t always down with other social media, but this one allows you to put things out there for only one person to see, and only if they’re quick. Makes the memories more special somehow.


  1. WaterMinder


You can track the amount of water you drink in a day. You can see by the graphic how much water you’ve put in your body. Hipsters are too cool to exercise the normal way, so they have to find healthy alternatives.


  1. Indie Guides

Indie Guides has hipster written all over it. It’s the app to go to when you’re in a city that will show you the hidden gems including the cultural and artistic things to see you might have to dig for or know someone to find without the app. This way no matter where you are you can find the cool things out about a town that not everyone knows about and that’s worth it.

  1. Filterra

Filterra allows you to edit all the great photos you take of waterfalls and festivals. You can change filters and fix up your photos without taking any time around from whatever hipster activity you’re doing.

  1. Hype Machine

The Hype Machine app has all the songs that an indie lover would like. Nothing too main stream but all the best new releases you can find once you read the Hype Machine app everyday to see what’s happening.

These are the best apps for those who consider themselves hipsters and so far they haven’t been discovered by that many people so they are still cool enough for them to use. Enjoy your adventures and living outside the box.


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