Work Smart: 6 Ways To Make More Money While Working Less

Most people seem to believe that someone must work hard and long to get a lot of money. However in reality, most successful people do the exact opposite instead by working smarter and not harder.


To try and apply this to your work habit, here are the six tips to get more money by working smarter and not harder:


Befriend People with Potentials

Most people with a huge financial success have come to the realization that they cannot possibly do everything alone, and therefore they surround themselves with people which potentially can help them to achieve their aim. Networking is important. If you actually know people who can join you and make your business better, you can actually delegate more important things to them while you take a break that you deserve.


E-Mail First Thing In The Morning

Contrary to a lot of articles which advise you not to check the email right away, it actually can help you to be more productive throughout the day when done correctly. For some businesses, half of the work is done by someone else while you are asleep, and since you need to monitor closely on the work of others it will be convenient for you to check it before you actually start your work to make sure that you are on the same page as everyone in your team. Dealing with important matters first thing in the morning will allow you to make quick decisions about whether you need to fix and revise yesterday’s load of work or whether you can immediately proceed to the next task that you have already had in line.


Nap More

Napping will make you take in and keep information better as it enhances your learning process by providing a better cognitive function, creative thinking and memory. Naps are also beneficial in avoiding burnout because research has proven that a burnout is your body’s way of screaming for some sleep, and until then it will not compromise to take in more information. The average human’s brain is only capable to focus for only about 90 minutes and before it can resume, it will require a short amount of break between 15 to 20 minutes. Thus, taking a 15 to 20 minutes napping break will actually make you more productive instead of forcing your brain to work all day long.


Prohibit Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a huge distraction to your employees, costing you the employee’s and company’s productivity at the end of the day. That being said, companies who want to work effectively and spend less time in the office while increasing their earnings should deliberately block any sites which can distract their employees from tasks which truly matter. Various browser plugins actually manage your employees and ensure that they only visit Facebook when it is for work purposes.


Spend Time Outdoors

Research has shown that spending time outdoor and enjoying the nature will actually turn you into a more efficient and motivated worker. Spending time is always better in nature because it lets your mind to fully rest and unwind much more than in a crowded city street where quite a high level of attention is required to walk through it.


Use Outsourcing

You can actually save time, money and energy by outsourcing administrative and less important tasks to qualified individuals. Tasks such as putting together the company’s payroll or inputting the data into a computer or the internet can actually be done by someone else, while you should spend time resting at home after a long day of work. This actually prevents you from making costly mistakes which often occur as a result of a very long working hours.




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