Scientist Finds Unexpected Benefits Only People Who Love To Write Experience

If you are the kind of person who would normally turn to writing compared to other people, you will fully realize how clarifying, relieving, and enriching writing down your thoughts can be. If you write down your thoughts regularly to get your personal objectives, you will find yourself feeling so anxious because you have this urge to finish your work so that you can get home and finish your write-ups. Numerous thoughts and ideas flow through your mind every single day and it can be very persistent sometimes.


Researchers in New Zealand conducted a study which is biopsy-related in the year 2013 with 49 seniors (from 64 up to 97). The control group recorded the daily activities, as well as the condition of the room during the conduct of the study. The instruction was to write about upsetting, dreadful, and traumatic personal experiences in the past. The experimental group wrote for almost 3 days (20 minutes each day) in a row. In order for the negative feelings to arose, the researchers waited for 2 weeks before performing a biopsy.

Here are some of the benefits which people who love to write experience.

Fewer Problems

You will notice that most writers experience fewer problems when it comes to diseases and other ailments because it would often fade away. Writing gives them the venue to express what they felt and the best part is that it helps them overcome the obstacles. Also, writing helps those to move on when there are no more left to be done.

In the New Zealand Study, the patients who have cystic fibrosis, asthma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and arthritis have experienced a very noticeable and long-term improvement when it comes to their diseases.

Lower Levels Of Stress

People who normally write tend to experience lower levels of stress because they are able to channel their stress through writing. Elizabeth Broadbent, the co-author of the New Zealand study, found out that expressly writing about something which upsets a person enables that person to find a greater value of their feeling and the result of this is that they reduce the stress which surrounds them.

Health Levels Are Higher

Regardless of the medical condition, people who constantly write have better health than those who keep their emotions to themselves. A professor of psychology, Dr. James Pennebaker, has been working on with expressive writing as one of his focal point of study since he finds it valuable nowadays. People who work with him even found out that in expressing your emotions, the best way to do it is make it in writing. Aside from you will be able to express it; you will also have a record of your thoughts. Some even found out that the works of Dr. James has discovered no limits to the numerous conditions wherein expressive writing can help a certain individual.

Organization Of Thoughts

Writers are good at organizing their thoughts. There is no clutter or mess in their minds since they are able to express it in writing and organize it the way they want it. Aside from the fact that they are able to organize their thoughts, most of them even has the capacity to easily let go of the horrible and traumatic past they had.

Dr. Pennebaker even recommended that a person should write about their critical and deeply personal emotions for a period of 20 minutes without the advent of stopping and repeat this method for about 3 to 5 days a week. You can never deny the great effects that reflective writing can offer to a single person. It will help you find yourself when you are lost, relieve the stress, and ease the pain.



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