9 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Save Money Starting Today

It is very sad to work a whole year and not be able to enjoy a vacation or to save money for your children college tuition. Here are 9 simple things you can do to improve your savings, starting right this moment.


Enjoy a delicious meal at home

Eating at a restaurant is a lot more expensive than eating at home. I’m not arguing with you, it is fun to eat out but it can be awesome to eat at home if you invite a few friends over. As an example, a family of four that gives up on eating out once a week saves up to $1500 every year.

Call your friends at your place to watch movies

Movie tickets cost $10-$15 and this is just to get inside the cinema without any drinks or popcorn included. If you have a full-HD large TV and a home cinema audio system, you and your friends will have a lot of fun virtually for free.

Switch to eco-friendly lightbulbs

This may sound weird, but you can actually save up to $70 every year if you change a regular lightbulb with an energy efficient one. Let’s face it, you have more than a lightbulb in your house.

Stick to your money saving goals

Assess your income and expenses first, and then decide how much money to put aside each month. If you and your partner set aside $100 each ever month, you will already have $2400 at the end of the year. Amazing, right? If you want to take one step further, you can set up automate savings transfer to be sure that you truly put money aside each month.

Look for better interest rates and more benefits

If your credit card interest rates and loan installments are too high for you, try to pay off your debt in a few larger down payments and then look for another bank. Also, if the contract terms for your savings account are unsatisfactory, it’s time to move your money to another bank.

Maybe it’s time to switch insurance companies

High insurance rates can truly damage your budget. Look for companies that offer full coverage with small premium payments. You will save $600-$800 every year by shopping around for providers every 2-3 years.

Switch to basic cable plans

Watch less TV and subscribe for the channels that you are truly interested in. The basic plan saves you hundreds of dollars annually just by giving up on things like Sling TV and Netflix.

Gym subscriptions are not the best idea

If you invest the money that you would pay for gym subscriptions during a year in home training equipment you will save a lot in the years to come. The best part is that you will have a gym in the comfort of your own home.

Ride your bike

Save money on gas and public transportation by riding your bike. You avoid traffic jams and you also take care of your health thus saving money on medication later on.


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