6 Apps That Make You a More Productive Freelance Writer

Freelancing is a very tough job since you have to do it all on your own. Although you need to find help from other people, doing it without any experience is a bum. The importance of speed, efficiency, and productivity can be very tough to beat without any help from other individuals. There will always be deadlines to meet, a clientele to prioritize, and a good production. Thankfully, there are numerous applications that will help every freelancer ease up the pressure. It is good that help will not only come from people, but it can also come from devices and other applications. Thus, you need to gather all your resources, may it be a person or thing, in order to build your empire. Below are just some of the 6 top applications that can make you productive.


Daedalus Touch

This application is designed in order to make our file organization and editing more fun and easy. It has the ability to import different folders or files from your WebDAV, Dropbox, or Box.com. Also, Daedalus Touch can open zipped text files. Aside from importing files, you will also be able to export document. It has available export options which can include emailing such as PDF, TXT, RTF, and zip archive. Printing, creating an ePub ebook document, and converting Markdown style are also made possible.


Write is a new and cool application because it has a mixture of Note-taking ability possessed by Evernote, hacker-oriented Sublime tools and Microsoft Word rich-text functionality. It can help you create anything, may it be a short-story sized write-up or an article. It can even give you the ability to make your own grocery shopping lists and to do research. It will give every document a modern web-ish look or a classy bookish look, depending on your taste.



Thoughts are commonly known as one of the most mind-mapping tool made available on iOS. This application is easy and beautiful to use, and it can also help every writer to visually organize his ideas and thoughts. All the pieces of information in the mind of the writer can be consolidated in this application without any stress and worry. iThought can even be used in different iOS devices, may it be your iPad or iPhone. When you are always working on meeting your deadlines, project plans, outlines and other things, iThought can give you a usable and more sophisticated result.


This application will help writers which are more intense and passionate about their work. If you are a book writer, Manuscript can be a very helpful application. It has the ability to offer page count information and a word count, as well. It even has a Dropbox support for easy access. You can even upload any document you may find for you to edit.


iaWriter works best if you tend to write online. This application will help you use a markup language that will help you format every post. It will help you gain your focus on the important things you need to write about rather than giving your attention to the unpleasant and unnecessary distractions. iaWriter also enables you to sync with iCloud or Dropbox if you are the kind of person who prefer to write on other platforms.


WriteChain is also a pretty cool application because it is simple, pleasing to the eyes, and user-friendly. It has a free version and the best part is that it does not come with any fancy quotes or hidden editors. WriteChain is a simple tool that can help every writer track the word count just like that of a Microsoft Word. It can even make you aware of the work you have done and account for your accomplishments during a long week of work.


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