5 Facts About Anxious Men to Help You Help Them

Due to technological developments and shifting societal paradigm, mental health issues have been more visible in the current era, aided by various figures ranging from athletes, celebrities, politicians, actors, musicians, and other to come forth and admit their struggles with various types of social anxiety. If you happen to establish a relationship with a man with one of these social anxiety disorders, there are five things that you may need to know to help them overcome anxiety-related issues. Even though it is not as frequent and weakening, these types of anxiety may still impact a relationship.


He May Reciprocate The Feeling, But He Is Scared

Do not feel hurt or disheartened when your efforts to show affection or to say “I love you” only receive indistinct mumble or murmur from a socially anxious man. You do not know what is going on inside, that they may be the happiest person ever to hear you say it, however many thoughts are running in his head and he cannot even understand it clearly.

He Has Been Told To Man Up Countless Times

It is a stereotype of an ultimate male to be emotionally untouched and self sufficient, where the typical ultimate male shall be able to withstand and resolve anything and everything. As laid out in several researches and books, it makes this stereotype to not only makes males handicaps when they are being sensitive to the outside world, but it also makes them more and more anxious about it. As a conclusion, due to historical gender roles and expectation, if a male is socially anxious he will be more and more anxious, drowning in a downward spiral of anxiety.

It Is Definitely Is Not Just A “Phase”

Society still treats mental illness or anxiety as a “phase” that a person will grow out of it. However, anxiety is not something that can be “gotten over”, it must be taken seriously and be treated with long term care and adjustment, because it is as serious as other physical illnesses that cannot be taken lightly.

It Is Hard Enough For Him To Admit His Social Anxiety Problems

Most males are adapted to ignore their emotions and inner problems, which allow them to sublimate their favorite hobbies such as sports or video games to distract them from the reality of thoughts racing in their head. Pressured further by the historical gender expectations and other various reasons, they will be forced to think that most men must be able to grow and cope with their issues, and therefore it will be very hard for them to admit their problems, let alone seeking out for help.

However, Once Impressed, He Will Become Your Rock

It is no secret that it may take time for you to get a socially anxious man to open up. However when he eventually does, he will be very loyal and sturdy as for the past years he had learned to conceal his emotions. Having thought of himself as an emotionally weak person for the past years, he would master the tricks to cope with life and methods to handle negativity coming from both external and internal factors. In turn, he will be your rock when life is hard and everything fails.


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