3 Easy Solutions For Hiding Your Public IP Address

Did you ever think of the possibilities on how to hide your IP Address? Or what wonders it can make to help you secure your private files? If yes, then this article will help you find the answer. The internet nowadays is the most common venue where people go to whether it is for some important purpose, leisure, and other things. A huge number of the world’s population is in front of their gadgets surfing the internet as you read this article. Because of the fact that it has become one of the most powerful tools in human history, the greatest risk is laid down in front of you. Spyware, identity theft, utter lack of privacy, and spam all come together as you browse the internet. Because of these mishaps, you have the choice to hide your IP Address from the public for your own protection. Here are the 3 three easy solutions that will help you hide your IP Address.


IPinator VPN

IPinator is a new service to the world of internet security but the reviews as to its capability to secure an IP address are amazing. It can offer a minimalist layout and can hold around 2000 IP addresses. Using this service will help you gain access to a reliable connection no matter what domain or internet network you are in.

Hide My Ass VPN

It is one of the biggest service providers when it comes to hiding your IP address and can offer 3 different packages.

Private Internet Access

This service provider is one of the top best lists, especially when it comes to making it simple to surf. It can offer both advanced options and basic functionalities.

The Basics: What Is an IP Address?

You need to learn the basics before you proceed. IP in IP Address stands for Internet Protocol. Its purpose is to provide a means for one computer to be able to communicate with the other by means of the internet. Your IP address literally has the ability to connect you to almost all of the digital devices which are online during your internet usage. It normally has 4 numbers and contains 1 – 3 digits each. An example would be 62.482.93.65 or Your IP address will allow you to either send or receive data online.

Your IP address can either be dynamic or static. What it means is that your IP address can either be changed or cannot be changed. Your static IP address will remain as it is all of the time and it will always tell others where you are located. On the other hand, dynamic IP addresses are normally being borrowed from numerous pools of options every time you surf the internet.

Anyone can learn different kinds of things about your personality if they can acquire access to your IP address. Whether it is a static or dynamic IP address, it does not matter. They can have a closer view of the kind of provider you are using in order to connect to the internet, locate the province or city you are located, get personal and important pieces of information online, and track you down.

Benefits Of Hidden IP Address

When your IP address is hidden from the public, you can guarantee your privacy and keep all of your data completely encrypted. Even if some individuals would want to look at your private information or infect your device, they could not do so because you are protected. No one will ever snoop around your internet connection and your ability bank online, shop, and connect to other internet network will be secured.


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