5 Techniques To Make Better Decisions

People are faced with different decisions to make every day. Some are small, and some other are life-changing. The decision making process itself is vital in obtaining better outcomes, and therefore, here are 5 techniques which may help you to make better decisions.


Mind Map Your Thoughts

Creating a mind map to identify an issue better is essential to make better decisions, especially in a complex and wide-ranging problem. Mind mapping is one way to release the thoughts which are formulated in the brain, and bring them into a visual form. It unleashes your brain’s creativity and potential as information are connected from one branch to another making it clearer for you to see all the details and anecdotes which are entangled within the issue. Mind maps are more helpful than plain notes to people who are more visually attracted with shapes and colors. Mind maps will help them focus and remember things more easily.

Make A List of All Positives and Negatives

If you are not really into drawing shapes and making use of popping colors, you can jot down a list of all positives and negatives of different decisions. Vertically divide a piece of paper into two, write all the positives on the right and all the negatives on the left, or vice versa depending on how you like it. By doing this, it will be visible of whether or not such decision yields more negative results than the positive. It will be useful to spend some time in writing all the positives and negatives of a decision and not do it in a rush.

Seek Out Expert Opinions

Seeking out for expert opinions may also help in a decision-making process. Exchanging thoughts with someone else, especially someone who has more knowledge or experience in the area of issue, will give you more insights and ideas with regards to making a better decision. Seeking out for more than one expert opinions is even encouraged in matters related to making a medical decision, where someone may seek for a second or even third opinion before finalizing the decision taken. Expert opinions may not always have to come from a professional. Ask the people who have known you for a long time may help as well, as they already have a deep understanding about you and what may be the best decision for you to take.

Find A Quiet and Serene Place

For someone to be able to make a better decision, a clear and focused mind free from distractions and noises must be present. In order to achieve clear and focused thoughts, you may need to find a quiet and serene place to spend some time to think. This may be beneficial if for example someone else always tries to interfere with the decisions that you are about to make, although these people may be a figure of significance in your life such as your family, close friends or spouse. Research has also shown the benefits of meditating prior to making a major decision, which affects someone’s ability to examine situation and make a decision which takes into account different factors related to the issue. Meditating and finding your inner peace is also important to avoid being emotional and hasty in the decision making process, which may cause undesirable adverse effects in the future.

Listen To Your Heart

Sometimes you yourself already know what will be the best decision to be taken, and the only way to know this would be to listen to your heart. Throw away all distractions and denials, be honest to yourself and let your gut help you in making your decision.


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