The Rest-Pause Method: Should you try it?

You need to remember that with any kind of physical activity, it doesn’t have to be all strenuous to be beneficial. Emphasis needs to be placed on rest so that your goals can actually be accomplished. With a rest-pause method, you are able to adjust your levels of activity to your individual capabilities. Certainly the rest-pause method prevents injuries from over-training and it avoids boredom from over training, resulting in improved performance. The rest-pause method has a number of variations and is actually a bodybuilding technique where you rest a few seconds before squeezing out a few more reps.

Achieve a Little More

The idea behind the rest-pause method is to achieve a little bit more even after the muscles have been exhausted. The reason why the rest-pause method is a good try is that leading sport experts recommend it. By resting between reps, you are able to increase your strength and helps with avoiding those training plateaus. Not only that, rest-pause is important in order to recover both physically and psychologically, allowing the person training to maintain a degree of physical conditioning. Symptoms of over-training include boredom with training, loss of motivation, irritability and a decrease or no change in body mass. Another important aspect of active rest is that the rest-pause method provides the perfect opportunity for mental stimulation, avoiding boredom and revitalizing the trainee’s enthusiasm for their sport or exercise activities.

Increase in Size and Strength

With rest pause training, you take short 10-15 second breaks in between each rep of a given exercise. If you are using a bench press, instead of 5 reps straight on the bench press, you will rack the bar after each rep for a 10 second pause so as to recover before you head into the next rep. This method will allow you to take on heavier loads. With rest pause training, it amounts to heavy training loads with intense short breaks, resulting in an increase in size and strength. Mike Mentzer, bodybuilder, said about his rest pause training that doing 4 reps, with a 10 second rest-pause helped him to increase each exercise at least 20lbs per workout until he had improved 66% on each one.

Active Rest to Avoid being Over trained

Prevention is always the key. Well balanced and gradual increases in training are recommended. Rest-pause simply varies the training load in cycles with these welcome and effective rest phases. The rest-pause approach is used by many elite athletes in all kinds of sports. The secret is to do the rest pause training program for 5 weeks and to remain focused with it. Smart training is the road to good health, a healthy mood and a good body, and by monitoring your exercise programme to include rest-pause, you will meet your goals without becoming bored and overtrained.


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