Six Surprising Habits That Accelerate Fat Loss

The key to losing weight is simply eating less and exercising more, that’s all there is to it. But what if there were little things you could do, habits you could ingrain, that would accelerate this process? Well there are, and we’ll discuss six of the most effective ones with you right now. Are you ready to lose that extra holiday weight?


Drink More Green Tea

You may have heard of this little nugget; perhaps you haven’t. But the fact is research after research is showing us that drinking green tea on a regular basis can help you shift those pounds. This is due to a compound known as EGCG, a compound that reduces fat absorption, which is found in the beverage. Scientists also claim that green tea increases the amount of fat your body eliminates, so consider swapping a few of your cups of coffee for a refreshing green tea instead.

Drink More Water

This tip you have undoubtedly heard before, but it’s an important one. Drink more water! There is so many benefits of drinking a few glasses a day, there is no possible reason for you not to. Among other benefits, drinking water every day, especially before meals, can drastically improve your weight loss struggle. Try and aim for a glass or two before every meal, and around eight glasses overall throughout the day.

Take an Evening Walk

Although it shouldn’t substitute your current exercise regime, a relaxing stroll after your evening meal can be a great accompaniment to your weight loss plan. If you take a walk shortly after your meal, your muscles will absorb most of that glucose that you just consumed. This means that it won’t go directly to your belly or your hips! Therefore taking a nice relaxing walk every evening, only 20-30 minutes or so around the block, will help prevent more fat building up as you work towards your ideal weight.

Eat Slower and Chew More

Most of us don’t realise how quickly we demolish our food. Try to take your time while eating your meals, and dedicate more of your time to chewing your food before swallowing. Studies show that taking your time and chewing more decreases your appetite, therefore prompting you to eat less. In addition to this the more you chew, the more thoroughly you break down your food.

Eat Breakfast

Another easy habit that a shocking amount of people don’t do on a regular basis is eat breakfast! Recent studies and surveys show an alarming amount of people claim they don’t eat breakfast before rushing off to work. Skipping breakfast causes your blood sugar to drop, meaning decreased energy and increased hunger. Studies also show that these people tend to snack more and eat larger portions throughout the day to compensate for this early morning loss. So make time in the morning and eat a good, healthy breakfast!



No Snacking

Finally, the last habit you should develop is to stop snacking, especially late at night. Snacking doesn’t curb your hunger, and you’d be surprised how quickly and easily those calories build up throughout the day. Eating late at night has also shown to affect your sleep, and if you snack on certain foods such as high-carb or sugary foods late at night, it will increase weight gain. Snacking is human and a deserved treat at times, but try to restrict it to before your evening meal, and try to reach for a piece of fruit instead of the chips!

There we have it, six easy habits that could drastically accelerate your weight loss. Of course remember that these habits should be used along with an effective exercise and diet regime to be used effectively, but they will certainly help and are easy to do!


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