A Free Test To Check Whether Your ISP Is Affecting Your Internet Speed

Every computer on the Internet needs a unique identity or IP address so that it is easy to identify. To allow people access to your website, you need to place it on a computer with a permanent connection to the Internet. Most ISPs offer web hosting services to their subscribers. But what if your ISP is affecting your Internet speed? Did you know that some ISPs are delivering download speeds up to some 40% slower than they advertise? In a world which is speed mad, when it comes to broadband Internet connections, with people downloading music and games, the need for speed has meant consumers paying ever larger amounts for ever faster connections.

Fortunately there is a lot of information available as to how to measure your Internet speed, giving you ideas on the different factors that affect your Internet performance. What is a bad result with Internet speed and is there anything you can do to improve your Internet bandwidth? Sometimes your ISP slows down your connection simply because you’ve used too much data, and even ISPs offering unlimited connections do this once you hit a large threshold.

Find Free Tests that Don’t Require Additional Software

To get started with testing your ISP and to see whether it’s affecting your Internet speed, you need to measure your Internet speed. Using a free online broadband speed test is an excellent way to test your connection for download and upload speeds. But does the type of speed test make a difference? Are some more accurate. People who have done tests to see whether ISP is affecting Internet speed claim that HTML5-based tests are more accurate than tests using Adobe Flash and Java.

The most consistent test results were apparently recorded at Speakeasy’s Flash-based Speed Test as well as at estMy.net’s HTML5-based tester. HTML5-based speed tests like the ones offered by SpeedOf.me and TestMy.net have an advantage in that they don’t need any additional software.

Free Means you can Test Internet Speed Frequently

HTML5 Speed test technology lets you test your bandwidth on any PC, table, phone, phablet or laptop without updating your browser or having to install Flash. Simply bookmark Bandwidthplace.com to check the speed of your ISP. Whether you’re testing your broadband at home or work, just access BandwithPlace.com. Click on ‘START’ and the speed test will run. That is how easy it is to manage your broadband connection. Being free, it makes sense to test your Internet speed frequently to measure the bandwidth you receive at different times. Maybe you may need to consider upgrading.

If you think you’re paying for more bandwidth than what you’re getting, with a free test you can check and determine whether you are getting the speed you should be getting. If your download speed is a lot lower, contact your ISP and suggest they do a line test to determine the cause of the speed loss for you. Free broadband speed tests will help you identify problems with your connection and provide this evidence to your ISP is you want to file a complaint that you certainly aren’t getting the speed that you’re paying for.


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