The Best Free Widgets, Tools, and Plug-Ins for Your Wedding Website

When such an important event is coming up, you want everything to be perfect. Setting up a wedding website facilitates communication with your potential guests. Just think about how much hassle it would be if you sent a SMS notification every time you change something about your wedding. Here are some great free tools that can help you make a great wedding site that works flawlessly and saves you from a lot of problems.


Implement Polls to Know Your Guests’ Opinions

Polls are extremely useful for wedding plans. Maybe someone is allergic to nuts, maybe some people are vegans, or perhaps some don’t like your type of music. If you want a perfect wedding you must know all these, which is why you must ask. You can create polls about the first-dance song, meal choices, wedding location etc. EasyPolls is a great option, but so are Poll Maker and PollSnack. All of them are free and very useful.

Google Maps for Those Coming Out of Town

Once you have chosen a location, it’s important to tell your guests how to get there. Embedding a Google Map into your site is the most effective and straightforward way to give directions. This is especially important for those who live in other cities and for those who come from other countries specifically to attend your wedding.

Guest Book

Online guest books like Bravenet and Brolmo allow your guests to send you a special message before the ceremony or to ask you questions if necessary. You receive the messages publicly and you can then give appropriate answers. It’s pretty similar to when you receive lots of Happy Birthday messages on your Facebook timeline.

Social Media – Stay in Touch at All Times

You can create a hashtag and you can see all the photos that your guests post with that hashtag. Embedding a Twitter or Instagram feed will allow you to see how much fun your guests had. For real time social sharing, Eventstagram is perfect. People can take photos with this tool, write a specific hashtag and then you can broadcast the streamed photos through a projector at your reception. This is perfect for when you want to include photos in your speeches.


Countdown widgets create anticipation and at the same time inform people about the time remaining until the wedding. You can also set reminders at specific intervals. There are great tools out there, for example Gif Countdown takes time zones into account. Other options include: Time and Date, TickCounter, Online Countdowns, and Counting Down to.


Having a timeline of your relationship is very nice and allows guests to know you better. You can talk about how you met, you can post photos of beautiful moments that you spent together, you can share with your guests the moment he proposed etc.

Your story doesn’t have to be dull, you can make it very interactive by embedding a scrollable timeline with text, photos and videos. Here are a few tools to check out: TimelineJS, Tiki Toki, and Dipity.


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