Sugar-Glazed Poison: Why Sugary Drinks Are Linked To High Death Tolls

Everyone knows that drinks with high contents of sugar are bad for their health. As a matter of fact, you cannot even survive a day without seeing or hearing any conversation that sugary drinks are unhealthy. In the recent studies, there are about 184, 000 deaths per year, which are closely linked to people having high content of sugar in their body. Here are some of the reasons on why sugary drinks are closely associated with higher death tolls in this modern world.


Heightened Blood Pressure

It has been known that overloading your body systems with sugar can increase the blood pressure of your body. Also, there is heightened blood pressure because sugar consumption is one of the greatest contributors in increasing your weight. According to the CDC, there is about 360,000 deaths in America recorded sue to high blood pressure. Although high blood pressure is not that dangerous when you look at it, do not ever be deceived because it is one of the deadliest causes.

High Risk Diabetes

This effect is widely known to the public and you should not be surprised. Because of a lot of sugary drinks made available to the public, the growths of people who are consuming this product have drastically risen up. Various researchers would even believe that there is an estimate of 133,000 diabetes-associated deaths per year, primarily caused by over-consumption of sugary drinks.

Vulnerability To Cancer

Although sugar is not directly associated with cancer, gaining weight is the culprit. In 2010, there are nearly 6,450 deaths per year due to cancer coming from excessive intake of sugary drinks or beverages. In today’s modern world, it is so much better to stay away from these sugary drinks in order to avoid several diseases or disorders that will result in death.

Your Liver Will Be Ruined

Most people know that consumption of alcohol will create huge damage to your liver, but only few realize that sugary drinks have the same effects. Your liver will most likely become an insulin resistant because of the too much sugar intake. This will also lead to a lot of maladies which includes diabetes. According to the CDC, there are about 40,000 deaths per year when it comes to this effect.

It Will Clog Up Your Brain

Numerous studies have shown that people who are experiencing high blood sugar increases their chance of dying due to stroke. It was also revealed that normal sugar level has a much higher chance to survive from experiencing stroke because nothing is clogging up their brains. The reason on why sugary beverages clog up your brain is this, once there is an excess of sugar intake it will cause the lactic acid in your body to build up. The effect of which is to inhibit the flow of your blood in your brain and cause a stroke. Although this effect may not be that obvious to the common people, the clogging up of your brain will reach 800, 000 people experience stroke per year and 130, 000 will lead to deaths.

Cardiovascular Disease-Related

The cardiovascular disease-related deaths reach 46, 000 and more every year. The main connection of these diseases to the intake of sugary beverages is directly associated with weight gain. When a person is overweight, the risk of him acquiring heart disease or ailment exponential rise up as his weight rises up. In the United States, about ¼ of the total death tolls are caused by cardiovascular related diseases.

The above-mentioned effects are just some of the many effects that too much intake of sugar content will cause to your body. This is why it is very crucial that you should limit your intake in order to avoid any traumatic experience.


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